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Yankee Candle Favourites

And just like that, autumn draws in as we approach the winter months. I love autumn, but like many of you, with the change in temperature I feel that I just want to snuggle up at home, all cosy and content. One of my favourite things to cosy up with are beautifully scented Yankee Candle products.

I adore candles and home fragrance, and I am relying on them for comfort, ambience and to inject a little happiness into my home this winter. I burn candles all year round, choosing to have heavier, cosy scents for the winter and more fresh scents for spring and summer. Candles can add style, ambiance, light, fragrance as well as a little warmth to your home. I have been using the Yankee Candle Cranberry Ice Large Jar Candle in my living room over the last few weeks. The cool fruity fragrance adds a touch of comfort and freshness to the air, perfect for feeling clean yet comfortable. I personally only ever use scented candles as they are a wonderful way to subtly add a wonderful fragrance to your home. These days there are a huge number of scented candles available for purchase, wonderful mixes of essential oils that work really well and can be used in any room of the house to give a lovely, but not too overpowering scent that will immediately make you feel delighted to be home.

However, I have found a new item that I’ve fallen in love with that you may want to know about. That’s the Yankee Candle Scenterpiece Noah which is an electric wax warmer with a built in timer. This so so easy to use and as there is no flame, which is safer if you have children or pets. With this device, you simply plug it in, place a Scenterpiece wax melt inside, and the device gently heats the wax releasing luscious fragrance into your room.

The wax refills can be changed when you want, meaning you can always create an atmosphere in your home exactly to your liking and mood, which I think is perfect with the festive season approaching. Unlike tradition melt warmers there is no mess either, as the wax stays in the wax cup and is simply placed in the device to be heated and melt. When you’re done, you simply turn it off and let the wax cool and harden so you can change fragrance or put it away.

The black ripple design is also pretty nice. You can get other designs of course, but I felt this was a nice neutral to have around different areas in my home where I like a nice bit of fragrance. Areas such as the bedroom as I’m getting ready for those holiday parties, the kitchen to help with horrible lingering food smells, and the living room where I am relaxing with a good book or festive film. The black ripple design seems to work and blend in most areas, and I do rather like the look.

As the nights get longer, the days get darker and the temperatures cool. My plan is to cuddle up at home with good tv, my cat cuddled by my side, lots of good food and a festive smelling fragrance filling the air thanks to the trusted Yankee Candle brand. Whether it’s a candle jar, a wax melt in my electric wax warmer or some tea lights. I’m ready for those cosy winter evenings ahead.

Are you a candle fan? Have you tried an electric melt warmer before? Let me know!

*Please note, this post is in collaboration with Notino and features gifted items and links to their store.