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Why a red lip, is the best lip!

A crimson red shade of lipstick is famed for being the most glamorous and seductive shade to wear, a shade made famous by style icons such as Marilyn Monroe to Frida Kahlo throughout history, but why is red lipstick the best lip shade? Well I am about to dish the tea.

Clearly Red Lipstick is seen as attractive, seductive and simultaneously powerful, mainly due to the bold colour on the face that stands out, drawing attention to people as they pass you. Having attention drawn to your lips, which some people see as a seductive entity means subconsciously a red lip is seen as sexy, perfect for date nights, or those moments when you want to feel good about yourself. Throw on a red lip and you are good to go. A red lip is also perfect against your teeth, the colour palette makes your pearly whites look even whiter (it's scientific you know!) which instantly makes the wearer look better, and therefore feel better. My go to shade of lipstick is a bright red, but I often change the shade of red depending on how I feel, and what plans I have throughout the day.

The Revolution Pro Lipstick Collection is a perfect addition to your makeup bag as it contains a whole palette of shades for all eventualities. I selected the matte reds collection, as the matte shades give an edgier vibe to your makeup, but are still a perfect red. The collection contains 5 different shades of lipsticks that all complement each other, perfect to wear alone or to mix and match to create that famous ombre lip trend. I found the lipstick was super easy to apply, richly pigmented (which is what we all want!) and it lasted most of the day which was fab.

Reasons to love & rock a Red Lip:

  • Makes teeth look whiter

  • Is seen as seductive to some

  • Is viewed as powerful

  • Can boost your confidence

  • Balances your face & makeup

  • Adds depth of colour to your makeup

  • Draws attention to you

  • It's complementary to all skin tones as everyone has red undertones

It’s a style choice that can be worn on the street, to work and red carpets alike. A traditional red lip looks as fierce now as it did back in the days of old Hollywood and will remain an icon for years to come. With the Revolution Pro Lipstick Collection you’ll always have a stock of the best vibrant red shades in a quality lipstick for every possible outfit or event you may face. A red lip, is truly the best lip.

*Please note, this post is in collaboration with and features gifted items and links to their store. Photos have been edited to be lighter and contain a better visual contrast for easier viewing.