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  • Stefan Howarth

Tooth Health Tips for that Perfect Smile

Did you know that the tooth is the only part of the body that can’t heal itself? I haven’t really ever thought about my teeth in that way, but it really does highlight the importance of good dental hygiene and looking after our pearly-whites.

I have always tried to look after my teeth in an attempt to have that perfect smile, however ultimately having healthy teeth and gums is super important, and a relatively easy thing to achieve. So if tooth health is not something you have ever thought about, take note of these simple tips, as you will thank me later in life! I mainly use Oral-B products in my bathroom, and my first product I have found has made a big difference to my tooth health is my Oral-B electric toothbrush.

The difference between an electric toothbrush and a manual one (well apart from that one is electric!), is that the electric brush is far more effective, and can thoroughly clean your teeth faster, and reach those harder to get places between teeth and at the back of your mouth. Oral-B have many electric brushes at an array of different price points to suit all budgets and tooth concerns, so it really is an effective way to clean your teeth. Mine has a little function that vibrates after one minute of brushing, and then again at 2 minutes, so that I know I have spent enough time keeping my mouth fresh. You will be surprised how little time you spend with a manual brush brushing, so the aid really does help. However, it’s not just brushing that can aid great tooth health.

A good quality toothpaste is also needed, and I use the Oral B Gum & Enamel Repair Original. Not only does this mint-fresh formula keep my breath in check, but it helps neutralise harmful acids in your mouth from food. This in turn helps take care of your gums and stops tooth decay. Remember, your brush cleans your teeth, your toothpaste helps aid that and adds extra protection for your mouth and gums. This formula also helps strengthen tooth enamel, this is the white coating on your teeth. This means that you will have lovely white healthy teeth, as well as reducing sensitivity which can be caused when this enamel is eroded.

My last step in keeping my mouth and teeth healthy and fabulous is a good mouthwash. This step also helps kill bacteria in your mouth that can lead to decay and bad breath. It keeps your breath fresh, and the formula that I use also helps remove stains from teeth. I drink a lot of tea (and wine!) so like to take steps to keep my teeth pearly-white! This step is super easy but important, it only takes a few seconds to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash, but after you feel super fresh and happy knowing you have taken a small step to great teeth and healthy gums.

Remember, life is better with a smile, and it feels even more fabulous when that smile is pearly-white, super healthy and fresh!

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