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  • Stefan Howarth

Seasons Greetings

Well that's almost a wrap for 2020, and as I sipped my cheap wine, continuing to argue with my extremely ill-mannered cat, I couldn't help but wonder, have we all been changed by 2020 forever? Following everything we've encountered this year; lockdowns, loneliness, restrictions, lots of stress & anxiety, plus that stupid virus that's lasting longer than my ex boyfriend, have we ultimately changed the way we live and act forever?

The life I had at the beginning of the year now bares no resemblance to my life today, and I am at peace with that, because 2021 is around the corner, and though I may not be running around the city pretending to be Carrie Bradshaw in shoes that cost more than 3 months worth of mortgage payments anymore, I still have my friends and family. This year has taught us all what is truly important, and it's those friendships and connections we have created, our family that we couldn't live without, our freedoms, our passions and ultimately happiness and love.

Its a fact, that the time will come when we can sip cocktails in bars past 10, meet as many people we'd like, and shop till our platinum cards get declined, all without a mask. But never forget this year, no matter how ridiculous or hard it was, because it was the year that put lots of things in perspective for us all. Its the year we got back to looking out for friends and family instead of being "too busy" and that's one thing we should keep when life starts getting back to normal in 2021. Embrace the simpler things, where family and friends are treasured more than Jimmy Choo's and living in the moment, making the best of any situation in the search for happiness is the daily norm. Life without love and happiness, is no life at all.

I truly hope your Christmas season will end on a cheer with positivity and excitement on the horizon for the following months. Bella and I send you all love, happiness, unexpected moments and contentment for the future.