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  • Stefan Howarth

Festive Fragrance Gifting with Notino

"No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory..." - Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel

In the words of Gabrielle Chanel herself, fragrance is the ultimate accessory, and I must admit, I totally agree! I have been a fan of fine perfume since being a teenager, and because of this I buy a lot for myself as a treat, and as the festive season approaches, I will be buying a lot for gifting. It's now officially that time of year, where we all desperately searching the highstreets, and online stores, for the perfect gift. I often spend some time looking around for sweet little gifts that the recipient will love before I actually start buying things, and gift guides are the perfect place to look and gain inspiration. This year, my favourite online beauty store have launched there own guide discussing the Best Perfumes for Women a helpful guide for selecting a perfect fragrance gift for a friend, family member or loved ones.

I have picked up two of the fragrances from the super handy fragrance edit at Notino, one for myself and another to gift to one of my best friends. The first fragrance I got was a little treat to myself after a horrible year. A fragrance I have smelt before, and after reading the handy description on Notino's guide, I repurchased for the festive season ahead. It was the Calvin Klein Euphoria scent, a strong, sensual fragrance with top notes of Pomegranate, middle notes of Lotus and Orchid with complementary base notes of Amber, Violet, Musk and Mahogany.

Euphoria by Calvin Klein is described as a mysterious world with exotic flowers and sensual appeal. I personally adore the warm floral hues that transport me to Amazonian summers. A beautiful scent that will linger on your skin, attracting complements without being overpowering. Its the perfect fragrance for a person of character and depth (totally why I got it for myself!), that also enjoys complex florals with an oriental twist. Did you also know it also won the prestigious FIFI award? So it's not surprising this has been a popular fragrance since 2005 and at Notino its currently at a great price, so I would definitely recommend this as a beautiful and welcomed festive gift.

The next fragrance I decided to get after browsing Notino's list, is the Lancome La Vie Est Belle This fragrance is going to be for a good friend of mine. Its described as a fruity floral, with top notes of pear and black currant, middle notes of Jasmine, Iris and Orange Blossom with base notes of Vanilla, Patchouli, Tonka Beans and Praline. This is definitely a youthful, energetic and sparkling fragrance that would make a perfect gift for a young, confident, elegant woman. It is described as a symbol of freedom and happiness, and when I first smelt this fragrance, I totally understood that!

Unlike the previous Calkin Klein scent that was mature, understated and softly elegant, the Lancome La Vie Est Belle is young, playful, bubbly and sweet. So if you know a character that is similar, this maybe the perfect scent for them.

The guide of Notino's Best Perfume for Women 2020 is a perfect reference point for festive shopping and picking beautiful gifts tailored to suit the recipient of your choice. I definitely found it useful, and also enjoyable as I looked into new fragrances I'm yet to try, so grab a hot chocolate and your laptop, and delve into some fun festive shopping.

*Please note, this post is in collaboration with and features gifted items and links to their store.