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Easy & Safe Home Hair Removal

Hair removal is a very personal choice, some people like to remove it all, some people like to keep it. If you’re a remover like me, you may get lost in all the many different ways to do this, and also looking for a safe, quick, and pain free alternative to some of the scarier options on the market. For a pleasant hair removal experience in the comfort of my own home, I usually use the Veet Depilatory Hair Removal Cream.

A depilatory cream, or hair removal cream is an alternative to shaving and waxing areas such as legs and arms. It’s safe to use and simply dissolves the hair leaving you hair free and silky smooth in around 10 minutes. Sounds perfect right? I use mine on my legs and sometimes arms to be smooth and feeling confident in my outfits and looks. Thought about trying a hair removal cream but unsure how it works? Well it’s super easy.

How to use hair removal cream:

It’s best to do a small patch test to make sure you don’t suffer from any reaction or irritation from the product. Hair removal creams are safe to use, but like all cosmetics, they contain ingredients so it’s best to check, especially if you have sensitive skin.

24 hours after your patch test, if you’ve had no reactions, all you need to do is apply a medium to thick, even layer of the cream on the hair you want to remove. Do not rub the cream in as this can cause irritation, but simply apply over the skin and hair.

You leave the cream on for approximately 6 minutes to work it’s magic. You may notice a slight smell but this is simply the product working. Remember, don’t rub, just let the treatment work.

After 6 minutes you can shower off the cream with like warm water using a wet cloth of flannel to buff away any hair. The cream advises not to use soap or rub the cream in, simply to not cause any irritation with the ingredients.

Once showered, simply pay dry, and enjoy being silky smooth and hair free. It’s that simple.

There are different types of Hair Removal Cream on the market to suit your skin and your needs. From creams that give skin extra moisture, to ones designed for more sensitive skin. They’re a great alternative to shaving which can irritate people and be time consuming. It also saves you from the pain of waxing and can save money compared to specialised laser hair removal treatments. It’s something I use often as it’s well priced, quick and easy, with great results. I now have silky hair free legs for when I’m partying with the girls.

I’m definitely a fan of hair removal creams, would you try them?

Please note, this post is in collaboration with Notino and features gifted items and links to their store.