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Budget Eye creams that work!

I find buying eye creams and gels a little difficult, I have sensitive eyes and I've had a few products that have really irritated not only my skin, but my eyes themselves. I'm not the only one, apparently many people forgo an eye cream and just use their normal face cream. As I get a little older, let's face other, I'm not in my early twenties anymore, I've been noticing that the skin around my eyes needs a little extra help. With constant squinting and movement the eyes often show signs of ageing faster than your normal skin. This is because the skin around your eyes is naturally thinner and more delicate. Fluids can also collect under the eyes and cause puffiness and dark circles for some people, so a dedicated eye cream that is designed for thin, delicate skin to target your concerns is very important for skin health.

If you are suffering with dark circles like I am, I would recommend the CeraVe Moisturizers Eye Cream to treat swelling and dark circles. CeraVe is a brand that work very closely with dermatologists to ensure their products deliver results. This eye cream is nice a light, just what you need for your delicate eye area, and it seemed to hydrate the corners of my eyes where I cam get dry very nicely, probably as this contains hyaluronic acid. Not only did it seem to help the condition if the skin around my eyes it did seem to slightly help with my dark circles. It was pleasant to use and as a person who doesn't like eye cream, I was shocked when I found myself discussing it with a friend. I would recommend this to anyone with dry skin around their eyes who suffers with dark circles.

(on the left is the CeraVe Moisturizers Eye Cream & on the right is the FlosLek Laboratorium Eye Care Eye Gel with Eyebright and green tea)

Now for a budget alternative I would recommend the eyecreams by FlosLek Laboratorium. They have different variations containing different ingredients to suit your needs, the one I have used is the FlosLek Laboratorium Eye Care Eye Gel with Eyebright and green tea. This contains ingredients that help smooth, hydrate and brighten, and I've found it so cooling and pleasant to use, and when you see the price it will become a must have for you! This is the cream I use in the morning as I find it so hydrating and the cooling gel feels nice to help wake me up.

If you didn't know FlosLek Laboratorium is a polish cosmetic brand, and since 1994, it has been creating the quality dermocosmetics and cosmetics for the care and protection of sensitive and demanding skin (basically, skin like mine). This is eye cream is the only item from them I have tried, but I'd certainly try other items from them after really enjoying the easy to use, hydrating and cooling FlosLek Laboratorium Eye Care Eye Gel with Eyebright and green tea (wow, that's a mouthful!).

The eye area is delicate, so it's really important to make sure you use products that are specifically designed for that area. Using an item not designed for eyes can cause irritation to the thin skin around that area as well as irritation to the eye itself. You can also make issues such as dark circles, swelling and wrinkles worst if you don't use a product designed for the sensitive area, but as I've mentioned above. There are many alternatives to the high-priced items available on the market, you don't need to spend a fortune to try a new eye cream, and look after our skin.

Please note, this post is in collaboration with Notino and features gifted items and links to their store.