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  • Stefan Howarth

Nivea for Men: A bathroom must have!

When looking after your skin, it’s clear that you need trusted skincare, and you can’t get a more well known or trusted brand than Nivea Men. Nivea has been taking care of our skin for over 100 years and in this time has become a true member of the family to millions all over the world, and it was certainly used in mine as I grew up.

One of the brands core products is Nivea Men Universal Cream for face, hands and body. As the name suggests, this nourishing cream is a one-stop tub of hydration, and with so many different uses is a staple in your cosmetic cupboard. I’ve used mine for my dry lips, on my face in the winter months for extra hydration, on the back of my hands and I’ve even used it to moisturise my elbows in the past! This cream really does do it all. The Nivea cream is a product specially developed for men’s needs, with a fresh masculine scent which nourishes skin effectively, just what we’ll need in the coming winter months. It’s also super easy to use as you simply apply to clean skin on your body and massage it in, and you’re good to go. Now you can probably understand why it’s one of my favourites.

As for the price? It’s super cost effective due to it being a multi-use item which I love. So, I’d recommend grabbing one before we get those harsh winter days, so you’re ready to give your skin serious hydration when it’s needed. The cream has vitamin E to help maintain healthy skin and is light in texture yet heavy in moisture, perfect! Is it something you’d try?

Another Nivea staple in my bathroom is the Nivea Men Protect & Care Moisturizing Shave Cream I have recently found my skin has become extra sensitive to shaving, probably from the change in weather we have been facing, so I want to keep my skin protected. I like this shave cream because it moisturises and does not dry out my skin, plus it helps make the shaver glide over my skin more easily, helping the whole process. I dislike shaving completely, but this Nivea Men Protect & Care Moisturizing Shave Cream is a joy to use, and makes shaving a little more pleasant.

I personally apply using a shaving brush, applying the product to my damp face and neck, this helps spread the luxurious feeling cream really quickly and easily. I’ve noticed it also has a nice fresh yet masculine scent so helps make me feel clean and fresh too! After shaving I just wash it off, and unlike other products, my skin isn’t left feeling dry and prickly. As for the price? Once again, being a Nivea product it’s perfectly affordable, and for me is a great addiction to my bathroom. Is it something you’d try? Let me know!

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