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  • Stefan Howarth

The Best Budget Mascara

As my current mascara came to the end of its life last week and I went to replace it, I thought I would try something new and look at all the killer budget buys currently on the market. If you don't know, you are meant to replace your mascara every 3 months due to hygiene, whether your mascara is running out or not, as daily use can create a build up of bacteria in the tube. Below I have picked out some of the budget Mascara from Notino whom I have been collaborating with, that I have tried at home, and described my favourites.

The Rimmel Extra Super Lash Lengthening Mascara was the first item I tried, and straight away I noticed a strong, perfumed scent, which isn't something I have really noticed with a mascara before. This Rimmel mascara was easy to use and to apply to the lashes, after two coats I achieved a gentle lengthening to my lashes, which was perfect for day time wearing or running into the office. I also noted that I didn't suffer with any smudging or crumbling like you can with some highstreet mascaras. Overall I found this budget mascara would be a great addition to wear during the day if you want a more natural look to your lashes so a great option.

Next I tried the Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara in Shade "Blackest Black". When I first opened this I noticed the wand was smaller than expected, which made it great for getting into the corner of your eyes to help coat ever lash. It was also easy to use and apply to my lashes without being messy. I remember this mascara from when I was younger, and I enjoyed using it, out of the three I tried this probably would be one I added to my make-up bag permanently due to the small applicator to get those little lashes some large brushes miss.

Bourjois Mascara Volume Glamour Ultra-Curl Lengthening and Curling Mascara was another budget mascara that I tried from Notino. This had a lovely curved wand which is something I am used to handling and get on with well. This I found didnt coat my lashes as well as the previous two mascaras I tried, however I still managed to create a subtle look perfect for daytime wear, or for people that prefer a natural lash look.

Are you in need of a new mascara, or would like to treat yourself to something new? Then I hope my little advice above was useful. Now remember, to keep your mascara's clean, don't use other peoples, and to replace an opened mascara after 3 months, no matter how little it was used. This will keep your delicate eyes safe from bacteria, and gives you a cheeky excuse to buy a fabulous new one.

This post is in collaboration with and contains gifted items.