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  • Stefan Howarth

La Roche-Posay from Notino

In my search for fabulous skin I have decided to test out the french brand La Roche-Posay, a dermo-cosmetics brand which is famed for its collaborations with dermatologists in its commitment to helping improve the lives of people with sensitive skin. I picked up a few pieces of La Roche-Posay from Notino to test out and slot into my daily skincare regime to try and help my own skin.

I tried La Roche-Posay Effaclar K, which is a refreshing mattifying cream specifically for oily and problematic Skin. This is an anti-sebum cream that helps stop the production of sebum (excess oil) which can help regulate oiliness and therefore spots, something that I definitely need myself! I found it sunk into my skin fantastically and didn’t leave me oily later in the day. It also smelt very refreshing when applying which was a surprise benefit for me when testing the product. It leaves skin finer, cleaner, and softer and I found is very useful as a base under your make-up. It’s also meant to not clog the pores which could also lead to spots, therefore making it a perfect moisturiser, and one id definitely recommend to up your skincare game!

The next product I tried was the La Roche-Posay Effaclar H Moisturising Cream Cleanser, which is a products also for problematic skin. This cleanser felt so luxurious and creamy on the skin when I first used it, and I’ve enjoyed washing my makeup of every evening since. It’s very delicate on my face yet cleanses all makeup and grime very well. However, not only is this a joy to use, it has a powerful formulation which means it’s good for the skin too, especially people with oily or acne prone issues like me. It’s PH Balanced and also Non-comedogenic so won’t block pores your pores. A joy to use, so why not try it yourself?

The third product I tried from the range was the La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I. which is a treatment cream against imperfections and acne that you apply directly to effected areas. It’s a little like a spot cream but definitely a next generation in skincare, and nothing like a spot cream you’ve tried before. The white cream is gentle and is designed to sooth irritation and promote natural regeneration. It reduces skin imperfections, has regenerative effects and suppresses signs of acne. When used with the rest of the range, this little tube becomes part of a powerful range which really has helped settle my skin, and for that I’m so pleased!

I’ve really enjoyed trying the La Roche-Posay range from Notino and I’d definitely be repeat purchasing the above products, and perhaps trying a few news too. They not only make yourself look better, but feel better too, and that’s what a good quality product should do.