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  • Stefan Howarth

Lockdown Skincare Supplies

During these difficult times of self-isolation, social distancing and store closures across the globe, like many people, I have found it difficult to stock up on basic skincare and chemist items that we all used to take for granted. I personally had a look online for some essentials recently, and luckily managed to grab some items that I was in need of from Notino, one of my favourite online cosmetic stores. I thought I would tell you all about it as I know many people are also struggling, to help you if you are in need of purchasing essential items, or if you are stuck in isolation due to COVID19 and therefore unable to leave the house and go to a store.

While browsing Notino’s chemist's section this month I found they had many basic items such as soap, razors and toothpaste in stock ready for home delivery, and in an age where these items are difficult to source, I thought it was a good idea to grab some as I was running low. I was so thankful when the parcel was delivered to my house several days later, and like many people going through a difficult time, I felt relieved! So if you are like me, do check some of the stock available at Notino, as you can have some basics delivered right to your door, at a fantastic price, saving you leaving the house and searching at this difficult time.

Now as I shopped online for my essential items, I also picked up a few new products by a brand called Dermacol. I have been suffering with bad skin recently as I have had a sudden resurgence of Acne, not hot! I added a few products from the AcneClear range, a selection of products designed for Acne sufferers which contains ingredients such as Zincidone and tea tree oil. The products are designed to help problem skin by treating infections, reducing excessive sebum production which can cause acne, and to help calm the skin.

I have the whole range, and have been using them all for over two weeks now. The cleansing gel I have found to be a nice and gentle, yet powerful cleansing wash. I notice it washes excess oil as well as dirt and grime from daily life without stripping my skin. I did find after continuous use that this made my skin a little dry, but it is designed to help combat the overproduction of sebum (an oil you produce) that can contribute to acne and breakouts. A few times a week I also added in the exfoliating face cleanser. This helps get rid of dry skin to stop you looking dull and also helps keep pores unblocked.

Teamed with the Dermacol AcneClear washes I have also used the Intensive Care Treatment on specific spots and also the Dermacol AcneClear Moisturizing Gel. I personally found that the Intensive Care spot treatment as a lifesaver, as when directly added to new spots or acne it helped reduce redness and size within 24 hours! An item that I will definitely repurchase. The Dermacol AcneClear Moisturizing Gel also worked well on my skin. The gel was a very light weight, non-greasy formula that sunk into my problem skin adding hydration but it did not leave my suffering with excess oil and like many other products, plus with its ingredients, it helped treat my acne also.

While using the Dermacol AcneClear I have noticed my skin has slightly improved, but I still have a way to go till I have fresh, clear skin again, but so far I am super happy with the products, and would recommend any others to try them. Pricewise these are perfect, as they don't cost a huge amount but the quality is great, and the treatment seems to work for me.

While you are stuck at home doing your essential shop online, why not add a few extras to help treat your skin, like me, you can use your time to make yourself not only look better, but feel better too!