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  • Stefan Howarth

Testing out Eyebrow Products

Eyebrows have been a big trend in makeup now for many years, and they are known for helping to enhance your makeup and your face shape. Having good brows helps make you look groomed and polished and it really can enhance your natural beauty and your face shape, as well as framing your eyes, which to some are known as the window to your souls!

Before many parts of the world went into lockdown due to COVID19, I did a little shop at Notino to test out a few new eyebrow makeup products as the one I was currently using had been discontinued (don't you just hate it when that happens?!). I personally, usually use a brow powder, as I naturally have very large, thick brows, and I find that a powder is quick, easy and efficient in filling in my natural brows to have them looking polished, and thick. I picked three products in total from Notino's range of eyebrow products to test, and I have now found a new favourite.

The first item I tested out was the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Perfect Eyebrows Kit. This handy little kit had everything you need all in one place, so would be perfect for travelling or for someone new to doing their brows. The kit has a mirror, small tweezers, an applicator as well as three brow powders and a clear wax for setting the brow hairs. I found this super easy to use, and the powders very buildable, however I did find it took longer than my old product to gain the brows I like to rock! I applied it to my brows using the applicator brush from the centre of the face outwards and mainly used the darker shade as I have dark brows. I loved using this and would recommend the perfect little palette for new starters to brows or as a kit for travelling.

The second product I tested out was the Makeup Revolution Duo Brow Definer. This is a pencil product that helps you create perfectly-shaped and full eyebrows. I used this to draw on and fill in my natural eyebrows using short strokes to create the desired shape, which for me is big and bushy. I did like using this product, and I know from experience that so many people would find this perfect for them to use, however for me, it took too much time to get the desired thick and luscious look that I personally like. If you are used to using a pencil or have smaller brows than me then this would be perfect for you, as the pencil is perfectly angled and with small strokes it glides on, but for my big brows, it took too much time, and let's face it, I usually already 45 minutes late to everything!

The next product I used is now my new favourite and it's by Rimmel. The Rimmel Brow Shake Powder is similar to my previous favourite product, and as soon as I started to use it I knew I would be a fan. It's basically a long stick that has an applicator at the end full of special brow powder, you use this to apply the powder over your brows. This product I found was super quick and easy to apply, and within a short period of time I had thick and full brows. I found that using a product like this also helps add some texture to your brows.

For me, I found my new favourite brow product in The Rimmel Brow Shake Powder thanks to Notino, who have a huge selection of brow products to suit everyone and their brow needs. Whether you are a fan of powders, pencils or gels. Notino has various brands and products in stock, and while you are stuck on lockdown like me, it's probably the best time to shop and have a play in the comfort of your own home.