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  • Stefan Howarth

LFW: What I might have worn

Most of you know by now, that for this season of London Fashion Week I have decided to take a step back, and I will not be attending, which will be the first time I have been absent from a Fashion Week in London in 5 years, gosh how time flies! My absence is mainly for personal reasons, and for the fact I need to ground and refocus my work and energy, skipping any drama's and the fashion week stress. Now I must admit, I will miss the fashion week fun and fabulousness that usually occurs, and naturally I don't want to miss out, so I have decided to do a post dedicated to the looks that I possibly would have worn this season. Most of you probably think that I have my looks pre-planned for many weeks before LFW starts, but this isn't the case. I often run into the studios for fittings and to select what I am going to wear the day before fashion week is due to begin! Due to this, I don't know exactly what I would have worn this season, as I usually follow my gut feeling at the time, but I have a good idea of the kind of thing I may have styled.

One of the designers I would have definitely worn during Fashion Week this season is Uooyaa. Now Uooyaa is a premium Chinese streetwear brand, which was founded by Jinxia Yin, who launched the brand after he left his post as vice president of the once unrivalled Chinese fashion brand Meters/Bonwe in 2014. The Uooyaa brand mixes high fashion and street culture together to create an unconventional collection with Chinese elements.

This stunning Kimono would have been a welcomed addition to any of my London Fashion Week Looks this season if I had attended. A Kimono for those that aren't aware is a traditional Japanese garment, and the national dress of Japan! It is a T-shaped, wrapped-front piece that is usually adorned in fabulous traditional prints. The stunning vibrant print on a cream background was creative on the Uooyaa piece I wore, eye catching from afar and stood out when worn with a base of all black. Plus the silk-style fabric felt amazing when worn as I sashayed around. I actually wore this to the launch of a new art exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary, the famed gallery in the city. I had many complements and I really did enjoy wearing this piece with its 'east meets west vibe', mixing traditional cuts from different cultures within the full look worn. My favourite part of the print that attracted attention was the wording on the shoulder that read "Stay Weird, Stay Different". I loved this little saying that's all about being unique, your true self, and being fabulous in your own style, something I champion. I teamed my Kimono with a base of all black, with black skinny jeans, a black shirt and patent heels. During fashion week I probably would have styled this in a more avant garde way with statement accessories, but no matter how I wear it, it's a beauty that will have many admirers.

Shirt: New Look

Jeans: New Look Kimono: Uooyaa (with thanks to the Crescent Agency) Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Another look that I would have worn to fashion week, probably at after-parties around the city, is also by designer Uooyaa. This double-denim jean set in a muted red tone is perfect for running around the city, it's comfortable and easy to wear, yet due to the statement colour, exposed slits on the legs and encrusted REVOLT across the back, the look certainly has some edge and packs a punch!

I teamed this edgy set with a black shirt, knee-high suede boots and a black Louis Vuitton clutch. Personally I like to play a little with proportions with my clothes and I decided to wear the jacket over my shoulder to channel a 'street style' aesthetic and to add some extra sass.

The statement at the back of the jacket really attracted me to this piece with its REVOLT wording encrusted in pearls. The fashion industry is well known for being one step ahead, and very often our clothing trends are used as a precursor to political and social changes. Fashion and politics often go hand in hand, with fashion and street style that people wear often mirroring what is happening in the world. People choose to express themselves in what they wear when facing individual aspiration and cultural diversity as well as social and political revolution. At this current time across the world, women and men are reaching for their armour again, and this was a perfect fit for me!

Jacket: Uooyaa (with thanks to the Crescent Agency)

Matching Trousers: Uooyaa (with thanks to the Crescent Agency)

Shirt: New Look Bag: Louis Vuitton

Boots: MissGuided

Ahhh tulle, my old favourite! Now this little gem of a gown is from the Giambattista Valli x H&M collection that launched late last year, and if you follow me on social media, you'll know I had lots of problems getting this piece into my collection. It started with the pre-launch of select pieces, which in true H&M collaboration style, sold out instantly!

I refreshed and checked back online several times a day following this, in the hopes of bagging myself the bright pink tulle gown which I had fallen in love with. Well, over a week and a half later, I was a very lucky boy! One pink tulle Giambattista gown, in my size, was available. So I quickly added it to my account, and completed my order as fast as my little fingers coulder go. Great, I have my gown I thought, little did I know it would be then stolen several days later. In my haste I had my gown shipped to my home address, usually I have things sent to work for ease of delivery. The delivery driver then attempted to deliver on a day I was not at home, no problem though, I just rescheduled for a day I would be at home.

The day came, and I casually sat on my balcony with a cup of tea, it was early Saturday morning and in true Carrie Bradshaw style I had been out partying all night, and had actually just got home, still fully dressed in my partying couture. I watched my Hermes delivery guy enter the car park, and he came into the building, I excitedly awaited my parcel. I waited, and waited some more, then watched him leave and drive away. Well, I thought, where's my gown?

Well my gown had been delivered to the wrong apartment, and that apartment decided to keep the gown and not return it to me. I kicked off, big time at the delivery company and H&M, but i got nothing but a refund and a £50 voucher as a "Sorry". I was not amused. I even found the thief had then used my own bin to get rid of of the delivery box and packaging!!! I then mourned the loss of my gown, and decided that was it, after all the issues I have faced shopping these high profile collaborations with H&M, I was done! Months passed after this, and Christmas came. My boyfriend at the time has listened to this drama several times, and as I unwrapped one of my gifts, I realised that he must have been listening to me (for once) because he had tracked down, probably on a resale site, 'THE' Giambattista gown, in my size! Naturally, this statement look would be perfect for fashion week, and with the story attached, I could have yapped on all day about. I would have styled it with my usual all black core basics that I usually wear, then would have probably lived my Carrie Bradshaw fantasy around the streets of London.

Pink Tulle Dress: Giambattista Valli x H&M

Ear Cuff: H&M

Make-up: NYX Cosmetics from Notino

The final piece I would have taken with me to London Fashion Week if I had attended this season would have been this beautiful organza and felt scarf that was a gift from my mum at Christmas. The scarf was handmade and purchased at a craft fair that she had attended, with beautiful vibrant colours of green and pinks.

To showcase the beauty of this piece, and to try and promote new ideas on how to wear pieces differently, I wouldn't have worn this scarf as a traditional scarf, I would have in fact worn this as a sash type top, belted, over my usually black basics.

I teamed this with a super cute wicker bag and killer heels when I wore it recently to an event, and would have style it similarly at fashion week, possibly for an evening or more casual event.

Shirt: New Look Jeans: New Look Scarf: Handmade Gift Bag: Topshop Heels: Jimmy Choo

So, these are some of the pieces I would have taken with me to London Fashion Week, as I have said, I often run into the studios for fittings and to select what I am going to wear the day before fashion week is due to begin! Due to this, I don't know exactly what I would have worn this season, as I usually follow my gut feeling at the time, but these pieces would certainly have come with me to London to have been worn.