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  • Stefan Howarth

LFWM: The Outfits

I don't know why they call men's fashion week a week, as it's definitely not a week long, more of a long weekend really, but alas, another one has arrived and left us in a blink of an eye. I am calling this season of London Fashion Week Men's the season of Uooyaa, for no other reason than because its all I wore throughout the shows, plus a few added accessories of course!

Uooyaa is a premium Chinese streetwear brand, which was founded by Jinxia Yin, who launched the brand after he left his post as vice president of the once unrivalled Chinese fashion brand Meters/Bonwe in 2014. The Uooyaa brand mixes high fashion and street culture together to create an unconventional collection with Chinese elements.

Photos by

For my first look of the season I wore an outfit that was true to the DNA of Uooyaa. Pieces that infused traditional Chinese elements into a modern yet fashion forward look. My first outfit started with a green dress in a shift style which had sleeves. The fabric was embossed with the designers logo mixed with a cartoon style dragon print inspired by Chinese culture. I wore this over black skinny jeans with black heels, and then I paired this with a jacket also by Uooyaa. The Jacket also features the same print as the dress, with a padded, oversized fit and beautiful traditional buttons.

Photo by @Pietro_Recchia

As the jacket was a little bulky, plus I wanted to show off the dress I was wearing underneath, I styled the jacket by only wearing one half. I had my arm in the jacket on my left and then draped the jacket so it draped down my back with the spare arm folded in so it did not stick out. To keep it in place I used a black waist belt which held the jacket where I wanted it, and to give definition to my figure. Wearing the jacket like this meant that I could showcase the beautiful dress on one side and the jacket on the other. The unusual styling also helped give inspiration to others, showcasing that you don't need to wear garments in a traditional manner, you can mix and match pieces, wear them in unusual ways etc which I think helps represent the ethos brand, wearing things your own way.

Jacket: Uooyaa from The Crescent Agency

Dress: Uooyaa from The Crescent Agency

Jeans: New Look

Shoes: Primark Bag: Artty

Make-up: Wearing a mixture Pixi Makeup, POP Beauty and Cult Candy Cosmetics with Kiss Lashes

As for the bag I carried throughout this season, that was a beautiful gift from my friend over at @Kyoon_bag_design who helped design the piece. I wore this everyday with all my looks and while travelling to and from London. The bag is made by a brand called Artty (@Artty_brand) and is created from beautiful cow leather with stunning mother of pearl sides, a luxurious burgundy microfiber lining, studded in gold studs with a gold link chain which can be adjusted in length. The bag was a huge hit during LFWM and it gained many compliments as I strutted from show to show. The piece really is a perfect mix of classic design with fashion forward and contemporary elements, such as the mother of pearl sides and statement, white embossed leather.

Photo by @_Alessandro_Riccarelli

Now on the second day of LFWM, which ended up being my last day of attendance (I told you men's fashion week wasn't a week long at all!) I decided to wear all white in contrast to the previous days darker green and black look. I wore a statement Uooyaa printed white top with fabulous Avant Garde dragon shaped shoulders and teamed this with plain white skinny jeans, a silver and light pink glitter stiletto and my new favourite bag by Artty (@Artty_brand) designed by @Kyoon_bag_design. As I was wearing such a fabulous top with exaggerated dragon shoulders, I thought I would keep the rest of my look simple to keep myself looking chic and not overdressed. When wearing something statement like this, it is best to pair it with more simple pieces so that the clothing doesn't compete with each other for attention. You want people to gravitate to the one statement, and not be looking at you wondering why you are wearing so much. Keep it simple, don't overpower the look!

This outfit turned out to be a huge success, mainly because of the Uooyaa top and the fact that I kept the look simple, and therefore more of a striking statement. The look so far has been featured in various publications and it remains one of my favourites of the season.

Photos by @_Alessandro_Riccarelli

Top: Uooyaa from The Crescent Agency

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Jimmy Choo Bag: Artty

Make-up: Wearing a mixture Pixi Makeup, POP Beauty and Cult Candy Cosmetics with Kiss Lashes

Photo by @_Alessandro_Riccarelli

So that's it, another season of LFWM is over, and as always I had a fabulous time, but this is the time where the real work begins. As I start writing my show reports for the magazine and posting about next seasons trends on social media, I'd like to send a quick thanks to The Crescent Agency who loaned me the stunning Uooyaa pieces, you are fabulous!

Stay tuned for all my show reviews and more Uooyaa looks coming soon to my instagram @HOWSTE and also here on my site. Fashion week maybe over, but I have so much more to come.

Photo by @_Alessandro_Riccarelli