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  • Stefan Howarth

LFW: The Outfits

This season of London fashion week was one of the busiest and most stressful seasons that I’ve ever attended. I must admit, despite making lots of effort to attended as much as possible, I missed a high number of shows and was left feeling exhausted as I ran across London to all the various locations. However, enough about my time keeping skills and stress levels, this post is all about what I wore.

Once again, during this Septembers fashion week I was lucky enough to loan some amazing pieces from Fashion Crossover London. I have dealt with the Fashion Crossover team before as I worked with them during the February shows, pulling some epic looks from hugely talented designers which gained lots of press attention, with photos of me running in the Independent and PopSugar, as well as on welsh TV.

Established in 2015, Fashion Crossover London is an online showcasing platform, which includes the e-commerce function, with a physical showroom in the financial hub of London. They provide showcase, retail, PR, and marketing services to introduce, promote and engage emerging designers and graduate talents within the fashion industry internationally. They state it is their mission to assist the most innovative designers in raising their international profile and selling directly into the fashion markets, something I am happy to champion!

Fashion Crossover London believe in Slow Fashion where hand craftsmanship, individuality, and sustainability are the main directions for the future of fashion. They make it their mission to discover, promote and connect the designers who support and share the same vision from all over the world, and because of this, they stock some epic pieces!

Day One: My Carrie Bradshaw Moment

The first day of London Fashion Week was all about feeling cute and having fun, and I decided to finally have a Carrie Bradshaw fashion moment! While at The Fashion Crossover showroom I spied a beautiful tulle dress in brown by designer Maria Streang (@ma_rir_a). I tried the dress on in the showroom and was left disappointed, it was everything I wanted, a conservative colour, full of huge tulle and in my size, but it just didn't fit my tall long body very well at all, cutting my waist too high for my body (I hope that make sense to y'all!). However, having always trusted my gut when it comes to fashion, when I left the showroom I decided to just grab it, and that's what I did, I stuffed it into a bag, literally, and sashayed away to my hotel room. The piece was a beauty, and something in my gut told me it needed a fashion week moment!

Back at the hotel, knowing I needed to alter where my waist was in the gown, I picked a thick, black leather waist belt and placed it on my natural waistline, which was lover than the gown was originally cut, which you can probably tell in some photos. I did a quick look in the mirror, and that was it, my day one look of fashion week was sorted. The belt helped synch my waist in its correct place, and it also tamed the some of the tulle at the top of the gown, so that it flowed and puffed out exactly where I needed it to on my tall frame.

The dress was a beauty and I enjoyed dashing around like a ballet dancer from show to show, and I must admit, being a huge fan of the show, the Sex and the City theme tune did crop up in my mind many times. The dress was in a muted shade of brown, so it was wearable enough to wear around the city without turning too many heads. It wasn't till you took a closer look, or gazed down till you noticed the huge tulle skirt. A perfect outfit to sashay into the first day of London Fashion Week.

I teamed the Maria Streang (@ma_rir_a) brown tulle dress with my usual uniform of black basics. A black shirt and jeans which I usually always wear as a base, layering my "look" on top. I then accessorised with a Louis Vuitton Pochette used as a clutch, sunglasses, statement sky-high Lost Ink heels and faux leather gloves. I felt absolutely killer in this outfit, and as I wiggled myself out of the piece at the end of the day I smiled at it, and ultimately, thats what good fashion should make you do!

Brown Tulle Dress: Maria Streang (@ma_rir_a)

Black Skinny Jeans: New Look

Black Shirt: New Look

Black Heels: Lost Ink

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses: Asos

Belt: New Look

Make-up: From a Selection at Notino

Day Two: Here comes the bride

For day two of London Fashion Week I had a mission in mind. My mission? To not wear my uniform of black! Something I blog about and can be seen doing all over the city, wearing black basics and layering fierce, statement pieces over the top. I do this as its easy, its looks chic, and as a journalist it helps me remain professional looking (well, somewhat...). So for day two, I abandonded my uniform of black and picked the complete opposite, white!

This season I had a love for tulle, and with tulle dresses and skirts emerging as a trend throughout the shows, I felt like it was the perfect time to wear as much as I could find. Having worn a tulle dress on day one, for day two I found something a little different, with it still giving me my on-trend tulle fashion moment. I spent the whole day calling this outfit my Wedding Look, with it featuring all white, tulle, and a long train, almost everyone agreed!

It was a beautiful bib created from soft white leather, emeblished with white tulle and a shredded train in cotton by designer Biblos Glasgow (@Debsbiblosdesigner147). I teamed this with white slim fit jeans, a white shirt and black Lost Ink heels and I carried a silver, circle shaped bag by designer Starsica to complement the look, and carry all my show invites throughout the day. This stunning piece would genuinly make a fabulous alternative wedding outfit, and I felt very angelic, and also bridal as I strutted into day two of fashion week. Out of all my looks, this was by far the most popular, with photographers all scrambling to grab a photo of the unusual bib, and the look was featured in many publications during fashion week, such as NotBasic Magazine which you can see below.

Not Basic Mag: Best Streetstyle of London Fashion Week

Now another one of the reasons I picked this was because of how unusual it was. The designer, Deborah (@Debsbiblosdesigner147), had clearly thought out of the box and created something unique, and fashion forward, and I felt like this needed to be worn, loved, and ultimately championed during the craziness that is fashion week. Fashion isn't about sticking to rules, its about having fun, creating new and unusual things, using your imagination, and pushing boundaries. Fashion and style isn't about dressing the same as everyone else either, so why not fling on a beautiful Avant Garde bib over plain clothes and stand out in the crowd?! This look was a statement in all white, featuring a beautifully designed accessory-come-top and I loved every minute it it, who knew bibs could be this fabulous?

Bib: Deborah (@Debsbiblosdesigner147)

White Skinny Jeans: H&M

White Shirt: H&M

Black Heels: Lost Ink

Bag: Starsica

Sunglasses: New Look

Lace Gloves: eBay

Make-up: From a selection at Notino

Day Three: Channelling my Inner Goth

In contrast to my all white day two outfit named my wedding look, for day three I decided to channel a vibe you wont often see me rocking: Goth Chic!

While hunting the racks of amazing designers and fabulous clothes at The Fashion Crossover London showroom, I found a super heavy, black leather and fabric gilet by designer Molly Wade (@Mollykathryn_design). The gilet was full of volume with leather and fabric featuring yellow and orange printed details, a large lapel and ruffled shoulders, with a velvet collar and exposed zip and chain details sewn in amongst the voluminous piece. The look to me screamed a gothic vibe, and I knew I could create a look that was out of my confort zone, that would be absolutely fabulous enough for Fashion Week.

I started with my core basics of a black shirt and jeans with the gilet layered over the top. I belted the piece as it then fit my very slim body a little better and give myself some definition, as the gilet was so large, without the belt it did look overpowering. I then custoimised my make-up to match the outfit, and its vibe, with a black lip and strong black smokey eye. I also used the black eye shadow to create a grey-black contour, helping to take the look to the next level of fierceness.

I don't often go for such a strong and masculine look as my body is petite and I am naturally feminine, so usually I gravitate to clothes that are similar and reflect that, however it was nice to have a complete change to serve a different vibe. I think I carried the look well, and successfully, do you agree?

Gilet: Molly Wade (@Mollykathryn_design)

Black Skinny Jeans: New Look

Black Shirt: New Look

Black Heels: Lost Ink

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Belt: New Look

Faux Leather Gloves: eBay

Make-up: From a selection at Notino

Day Four: The Editor Wore Texture

By day four of Fashion Week I was in full journalist mode, and I think my outfit resembled that. I teamed my usual aesthetic of all black, a shirt and skinny jeans, with a long dress worn as a coat by designer JU-NNA (@ju_nna_). The dress featured a textured silk-like material which had been pressed or heat treated to create ruffled texture within the fabric, the fabric itself was multicoloured in print with oranges, blacks, pinks and yellows. The piece also had a feathered lapel trim and asymmetric cotton insert below the knee adding to the eccentricity of the dress.

Another unusual piece that attracted attention, however it was far less Avant Garde than my looks for days one, two and three. I accessorised the multicolour, and multi textured dress with a Louis Vuitton Pochette used as a clutch and black suede sling-back heels by Very. The look was wearable and chic, but still fashion forward with its mix of textures, prints and fabrications. A statement piece for everyday wear, not just London Fashion Week!

Oh and did I mention the look got featured on the official London Fashion Week Snapchat feed? Loves it!

Dress: JU-NNA (@ju_nna_)

Black Skinny Jeans: New Look

Black Shirt: New Look

Black Heels: Lost Ink

Clutch: Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses: New Look

Heels: Very

Make-up: From a selection at Notino

For more details of my outfits, The Fashion Crossover London or any of the designers featured please visit or any of the Instagram pages featured above.

Day Five: Sassy in Starsica (A Wardrobe HQ Look)

Now this look was the only outfit of the season that was not loaned from The Fashion Crossover London, and it was actually borrowed from My Wardrobe HQ, a rental service that you can borrow pieces from, or rent out your own designer pieces earning you an extra income. Starsica is one of my favourite brands, and I have worn their pieces many times. This beautiful organza coat with rose appliqué detailing from the brands SS19 collection.

My Wardrobe HQ Website

I wore this piece with a simple black shirt and skinny jeans teamed with Lost Ink sky-high heels in black suede. I also carried a Starsica bag in silver to complement the look, though half way through I did switch to my friends Balenciaga grey triangle bag, because, well, you've gotta' grab some pictures for the 'gram in some Balenciaga darhhhlinggg!

This piece, despite being one of my more tame looks during fashion week did gain lots of attention, with my image featuring on Reuters and its Fashion Week Streetstyle post. The reason the coat was so popular was its delicate and almost ethereal organza with statement fuchsia-coloured rose detail, and because of how it was beautiful constructed, with pleats around the waist for a perfect fit and impeccable stitching. A stunning piece that yourself could also loan, from My Wardrobe HQ.

Reuters: Streetstyle at London Fashion Week

Black Skinny Jeans: New Look

Black Shirt: New Look

Black Heels: Lost Ink Coat: Starsica Circle Bag: Starsica

Triangle Bag: Balenciaga

Sunglasses: New Look Make-up: From a selection at Notino