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  • Stefan Howarth

Make-up Trends: Coloured Mascara featuring Notino

Whilst streaming the ethereal Haute Couture shows in Paris, filtering through the trends for work and gazing in ore at the creations from some of the worlds best designers I noticed something a little unusual. Mascara was a "thing", namely coloured mascara and Avant Garde designed lashes. A trend that has very quickly filtered through to the highstreets from brands such as Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel cosmetics. Its a trend I have wanted to try as soon as I saw it hit the runway, the thought of powerful pink mascaras, gold glitters and the potential to create fun eye make-up looks fills me with joy. Not to mention that the trend is perfect for the summer and festival seasons!

Yves Saint Laurent was first to bring a collection of multicoloured mascaras to production. With an array of shades from gold glitter to pinks, green, blue and even a white, they have a daring shade for most people to play with. I went to Notino, who are my favourite online retailer for cosmetics and fragrance, and I treated myself to the Yves Saint Laurent gold glitter mascara.

As always with Yves Saint Laurent make-up products, the packing was beautiful in glass with a metal gold lid. The gold mascara looked beautiful in the see-through packaging and I excitedly tried to while I got ready for a night out. The application brush was thick with many bristles, and as I applied the mascara they were gentle to eye, very much a traditional style mascara. As I applied the formula, a lot may I add, I did notice that the colour in the bottle was certainly not what I got on my lashes. This was definitely more of a glitter, adding gentle speckles of gold over my lashes and it also separated and lengthened them. Once finished, I stood up and look in the mirror, and up close I could see beautiful, if not delicate glitter over my lashes, but from afar, you could really tell if I was wearing anything. This may have been expected as this product was more of a glitter, but I was still left a little disappointed. Not to fret though, Yves Saint Laurent have a huge selection of mascaras, and while the gold glitter may have not been as much as of a statement as I'd wanted, they have many other products to try, such as a white, green and vibrant blue that are well worth a look.

Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Couture Mascara

While browsing the huge selection at I could spend hours adding things to my online basket!) I also found that Dior had a selection of coloured mascara in stunning pink and purple shades. I have never thought about trying a pink mascara, but as I am one to push boundaries of fashion and make-up, I added one to my basket to try. They had two available online, a bright hot pink and a lilac shade, I went for the hot pink.

When I first tried this product I was impressed with the pigment of the mascara formula, as the stunning pink shade glided onto my lashes. I shouldn't have been so surprised at the quality of the mascara but I was, not only was the colour absolutely stunning and vibrant, but the formula lengthened and thickened my lashes, it also helped curl them at the edges making my eyes look larger and more defined. The brush was a soft plastic with plastic humps which gently glided over the lashes, gentle and super easy to use on the eye. I first wore this out for lunch with family and received so many complements. From afar it looks like I have a hint of pink around my eyes, perhaps from a shadow. However up-close you see long luscious pink lashes, certainly a statement, but one that you could easily get away with in day to day life.

Dior Diorshow Pump'n'Volume

Overall I was extremely impressed with the Dior Mascara, the colour, quality and ease of application was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone that was interested in trying a statement shade. As for the Yves Saint Laurent Mascara, I had high-hopes, but it didn't live up to what I expected, I was a little disappointed, perhaps because it was more of an eye glitter than a full colour mascara. So I have no choice but to buy another to test and have some more fun...

Would you dare to play with coloured mascara? Be bold, be brave and have some fun!

Who is Notino?

Notino is an online store that I'm always mentioning, they stock amazing luxury beauty, high street favourites and home fragrance brands, as well as industry products that can be hard to find in usual high-street stores. Founded by Michal Zamec back in 2004, Notino has quickly established itself as a trusted online seller of cosmetic and beautycare products. In just over a decade Notino has expanded into 19 different countries! You may have heard me mention Notino in the past, either in person, in other blog articles or on my social media, but that’s simply because I have been so impressed with the products I have manage to source from them at pretty amazing prices, so here I am again, ordering something new and falling in love with game changing beauty products.

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