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  • Stefan Howarth

Nail polish that actually lasts featuring Notino

I don’t usually paint my nails, but as summer sweeps across the UK I have had the urge to add a pop of colour to my hands as I attend those summer soirées. In the past I used to wear nail varnish most of the time, reapplying new shades every Sunday for the week ahead. In recent months however, as trends have changed and I’ve grown up with a busy job and time constraints, I find I wear nail polish less and less and I’ve become somewhat out of touch with good nails polish brands. This lead me to recently purchase a well known brand in the search of new season nail colours, only to be left horrified. This brand that shall remain nameless, which was a luxury brand my I add, was the worst polish I have ever tried. It was watery in consistently and chipped within an hour. By the next day my hands looked a mess, and I vowed to never spend £22 on their nail polishes again. It didn’t suppress my need for nail colour this season, but it did make me want to do a public service announcement to all my followers so that you don’t have the same anguish and disappointment I felt. So that’s why I’ve tried and tested many nail polishes over the last few weeks and I’ve picked two of my favourite brands. Both stock amazing colours, will be gentle on your nails and have formulas that are long lasting, self levelling and fast drying. My first recommendation? Dior.

Dior Vernis

In recent years, Christian Dior has been one of my favourite high-end brands, not just for their fashions, but for their good quality and luxurious cosmetics, so it isn’t a shock I tried their polishes to see what they were like. I picked the Dior Vernis in shade Palais Royal 403, a very light nude mocha shade and in Yact 210 (pictured below). I find Dior polishes to be great quality and they are self levelling so apply really nicely also. After two fast drying coats my manicure was complete and it lasted the whole week! As Dior is a fashion brand they often bring out on trend and fashion forward colours every season, such as this statement nude which is perfect to complement the light and airy summer clothes we’ll all be sporting over the next few months. I’d definitely recommend the Dior polishes for the ease of application, luxurious feel, fast drying qualities and length of wear.

Dior Vernis


Another brand I trust is OPI, a dedicated hand and nail care brand. The OPI collections bring fashionable, trendy nail polishes to you every season at salon quality. They’re light in texture and have a unique brush to help create a beautiful and smooth nail surface when you apply. OPI nail polishes are popular thanks to their long-lasting colours and chip-resistance (just what I needed after my previous nail issue!). On my Notino shopping trie I picked up shade ‘Red my fortune cookie’ from the Classic Collection. As per all the collections, OPI nail polishes give your nails intense shine and irresistible colours and this stunning classic red did just that. The large bottle will last for a very long time so good value for money, and the formula lasted almost a full week which was the reason is made it to my recommended nail polish list. That isn’t ten only plus point of OPI polish, I also noted provides intense shine the wide choice of colours they create, the fact it dries quickly and the easy and precise application you get with the brush, a true winner! Below is a photo of my ring finger manicure using both the OPI red and the nude Dior shade, certainly a statement look. How will you do your nails this week?

OPI Classic Collection Nail Polish

Who is Notino?

Notino is an online store that I'm always mentioning, they stock amazing luxury beauty, high street favourites and home fragrance brands, as well as industry products that can be hard to find in usual high-street stores. Founded by Michal Zamec back in 2004, Notino has quickly established itself as a trusted online seller of cosmetic and beautycare products. In just over a decade Notino has expanded into 19 different countries! You may have heard me mention Notino in the past, either in person, in other blog articles or on my social media, but that’s simply because I have been so impressed with the products I have manage to source from them at pretty amazing prices, so here I am again, ordering something new and falling in love with game changing beauty products.

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