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  • Stefan Howarth

Designer compacts worthy of the FROW featuring Notino

It's nearing the end of May already, and the fashion world in London is gearing up for Graduate and Men's fashion weeks at the beginning of June. Among the mountain of emails, event planning and outfit preparations for the busy month ahead (gosh I do love a fashion week!) I have done a quick shop at Notino for some fashion week worthy compacts.

During the mad rush of Fashion Week with a day full of runway shows, press events and meetings, one of my tips is to have a good quality compact for touch-up's on the go. There's always a lot of press and photographers around, so you never know when and where your photo will be taken, so having a good quality compact will not only help keep you looking your best but it always looks good to have a design piece on show instead of your usual messy powder compact that you usually use. I have several designer compacts that I save "for best" as they say, products that are special and I feel special using. Whether its for a fancy dinner, a red carpet event of fashion week, its always nice to treat yourself to a fancy designer compact to match the occasion, and below I have listed some of my favorites.

Chanel The Chanel pressed powder compact is a classic, with its chic black lacquered case and white interlocking CC logo. This is the compact that comes with me everywhere as its small enough to fit in clutch bags and the powder is perfect for blotting excess oil and stopping that dreaded shine. I find that the powder doesn't cake if you lightly dust it over your skin and it doesn't alter any other make-up on your face or oxidise, which unfortunately some powders can. The quality is great, and if you are using this for touch-ups only, then it will last you a very long time indeed. Personally? this is my favourite!

Dior Now this compact packs a punch due to its large size and big Dior logo on the front. I find that this compact has a lovely feel to it with its dark blue lacquered case, magnetic closure and substantial mirror. As you open you'll notice that one end of the compact contains powder and the other side as a make-up sponge, so in one compact you have everything you need for touch-ups on the go. The Dior Compact is described as a powder foundation, and because of this the powder is heavier and more dense than others on the market, so its not one I would use to blot often with as I find after two or three touch-ups your make-up can look a little heavy. After using the product I also noticed it slightly oxidised and changed a shade darker, so that's something to bare in mind. Overall its a beautiful compact that would look great at any event, perfect if you like a heavy coverage.

Yves Saint Laurent This is my newest purchase from Notino, and after using it a few times its quickly become one of my favourites (though it hasn't quite beaten the Chanel compact!). With an elaborate gold case, logo detail and large mirror, this case is more of a showstopper than the others featured. Just like the Chanel powder, this Yves Saint Laurent compact is small enough to fit into clutch bags and the powder itself is perfect for blotting excess oil and stopping that dreaded shine! I find that the powder doesn't cake for me if you lightly dust it over your skin and it doesn't alter any other make-up on your face or oxidise. I did use it on a hot day and find that after several uses (I used it alot thorughout the day) it made my make-up a little dull, but that was due to heavily wear and for light touch-ups at fashion week it would be perfect. As the casing is gold, it also stands out more than traditional cases from other designer brands so could be used as a talking point when mingling with a glass of champagne at events. You certainly would not be ashamed to get this out in public to check how you look!

I love all the compacts mentioned above for different reasons, but my all time favourite has to be the Chanel for its classic style case, good quality powder and the small size for easy transporting. If you want more details on the items above or to find your perfect designer compact worthy of the FROW, then visit