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Concealing the truth with Notino

I do love my social media and blog pages, and sometimes I will just have a quick flick though all the amazing photos I have from various events and fashion weeks, admiring how I managed to scrub up so well and slay whatever outfit I'm wearing. This may sound a little vain, but knowing how far I have come out of my shell and boosted my confidence, it makes me feel a little proud. My feed is full of airbrushed photos and sassy poses, and sometimes even I look at myself and think wow, you look perfect, but in reality, like many people, that's not the case. I actually suffer with really problematic skin, and I have done since the age of 13, something that used to really get me down and cause anxiety. As I grew up, I learned how to flawlessly cover any imperfections on my skin so that I could confidently nail any event I had, with a smile on my face and a sass to my walk. I am always on the hunt for the next best thing when it comes to concealers, and as the airing of my Channel 5 episode approaches, I thought I would head over to to try out a few concealers that I haven't used yet in the hopes of finding a new favorite.

Notino is that online store that I'm always mentioning, they stock amazing luxury beauty and home fragrance brands, as well as industry products that can be hard to find in usual high-street stores. Founded by Michal Zamec back in 2004, Notino has quickly established itself as a trusted online seller of cosmetic and beautycare products. In just over a decade Notino has expanded into 19 different countries! You may have heard me mention Notino in the past, either in person, in other blog articles or on my social media, but that’s simply because I have been so impressed with the products I have manage to source from them at pretty amazing prices, so here I am again, ordering something new and falling in love with game changing beauty products. Laura Geller The Real Deal One of my current favorite concealer's is by Laura Geller. This fantastic cover-up is the ideal antidote for all those flaws that plague your complexion (of which o have many!). It helps to improve the look of scars, birthmarks and much more which it's hugely pigmented cream texture which literally covers anything and never goes thick or caked. For me it really improves the appearance of dark under eye circles, spots and other blemishes and they always say you only need a tiny amount, this time it's the truth. Due to the fantastic pigment a small amount can be worked across the whole face targeting those problem areas you want to cover. Score: My score? A high 8 out of 10. It may have scored a little higher but at £18 RRP it's not the cheapest, but one tube does last me three months or so, so I can't complain at all! Characteristics: * Extreme pigmentation * long-lasting all say wear * evens skin tone * easy to apply * creamy texture * Heavy duty yet light to wear How to use: Apply a tiny amount to your finger from the tube and pat gently on skin imperfections till they're covered to how you'd like them covered, whether that's lightly or heavily.

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define The Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define concealer masks all blemishes and gives your skin a flawless appearance. I tried this due to the hype on social media, with so many people raving how good it was. I wasn't expecting much, like most social media hype, I'm usually left disappointed, but not in this instance! I was blown away with how light the coverage felt on my skin, yet how hard working it was. It didn't feel as heavy duty as some products yet magically made imperfections disappear and it felt so fresh and light through the day with a flawless "barely there" look. A new product to me, and now it's a new favourite. Score: I'm giving this an 8.5 out of 10. It's just as good as the Laura Geller concealer, yet the price is far better hence the extra 0.5 score. The main difference is that this product isn't as heavy duty. The Laura Geller concealer will cover ANYTHING, though I suspect due to its light texture this product has its limits, though even my skin is yet to test them! A perfect high street concealer to rival high end alternatives. Characteristics: * highly pigmented * Extremely light * long-lasting effect * evens skin tone with a flawless finish * easy to apply with built in wand * creamy texture How to use: Apply to different skin imperfections with the practical applicator and pat.

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define SuperSize Freedom Pro Conceal Stick Concealer The Freedom Pro Conceal Stick concealer masks all blemishes and gives your skin a flawless appearance. This is my budget friendly concealer, but don't let its price fool you, it's pretty damn good! A product that you can directly apply to your face, the creamy texture then can be patted or worked with a brush. This product is the heaviest of the three items I've chosen to discuss (three of my favourites can I add!) but it's earned it's spot in my post for three reasons. The first is the killer price, the second is that it does exactly as you'd expect, it helps conceal those hideous blemishes, and thirdly is so quick and easy to use. If you want a very light texture then this one probably isn't for you, but I like a full coverage make-up and found this gave me just that, and it lasted all day long without sliding. The texture is a little thick too but with some blending it worked fine. A fantastic alternative to higher priced products. Score: I'm scoring this a 7 out of 10. It's not as easy to work with or as flawless looking as the other products but it does the job, the price is fantastic and unlike other similar products this lasted all day without sliding down my face or caking. Characteristics: * reduces skin blemishes * long-lasting effect * helps get rid of imperfections quickly * easy to apply * evens skin tone How to use: Apply a thin layer of concealer from bullet directly to the affected area then either pat or use a brush to blend in.

Freedom Pro Conceal Stick So these are some of the concealing products I wear everyday, rated for your convenience in the hopes that you'll find a new love to boost your self esteem and confidence to face the day, especially if you have bad skin like me. Problematic skin issues can plague you, but don't worry, in this day and age you can use fantastic products to put your best face forward. Visit for a huge selection of concealers, and if you have a favorite you think I should try then drop me a message over on my Instagram page, after-all sharing is caring!