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Spring Home Fragrance with Notino

"I glanced out the window at the signs of spring. The sky was almost blue, the trees were almost budding, the sun was almost bright.” — Millard Kaufman Spring is finally here, and as March turns into April we welcome lighter mornings, longer evenings, spring flowers and tweeting birds. I adore Spring and everything that it brings us. Its the time of year that we usually start cleaning our homes and welcoming lighter duvets, fresh floral scents and opening our windows and doors to enjoy the spring air and glorious sun. I spent last weekend doing a big clean, the spring clean as they call it, changing my bedding to lighter sheets for the warmer weather, and getting out my lovely fresh and floral scented candles to burn on the long summer evenings. I adore candles, and burn them all year round, choosing to have heavier, cosy scents for the winter and more fresh scents for spring and summer.

I've recently picked a few new home fragrance pieces up from Notino. Notino are an online store that stock amazing luxury beauty and home fragrance brands, as well as industry products that can be hard to find in usual high-street stores. Founded by Michal Zamec back in 2004, Notino has quickly established itself as a trusted online seller of cosmetic and beautycare products. In just over a decade Notino has expanded into 19 different countries! You may have heard me mention Notino in the past, either in person, in other blog articles or on my social media, but that’s simply because I have been so impressed with the products I have manage to source from them at pretty amazing prices, so here I was again, ordering something new!

My favourite pieces from Notino were purchased from their huge selection of Yankee Candles. They had everything from wax melts to large jar candles, so I stocked my basket with an array of goodies, and below are some of my favourites. Style Candle's have many different benefits to your home and lifestyle. They can be great finishing touches to any room of the house. You can choose from soft subtle colours to add a feminine touch or go for bold bright colours to really make an impact. Candles are so versatile and look great in any room of the house. Put them in the bathroom for a spa-like feel, the living room to make it cosy and calm, the kitchen to set up for a romantic candlelit dinner, and you can even use candles in your garden to give it a magical, fairytale feel.

Fragrance Another candle benefit is fragrance, now I personally only ever use scented candles and they are a wonderful way to subtly add a wonderful fragrance to your home. These days there are a huge number of scented candles available for purchase, wonderful mixes of essential oils work really well and can be used in any room of the house to give a wonderful, but not too overpowering scent that will immediately make you feel delighted to be home.

Drama and ambience The most popular reason that candles are so loved is because of the atmosphere they can create in your home. The flickering of candlelight produces a lovely ambience that simply cannot be replicated. If you are looking to create a cosy or intimate atmosphere, lighting a few well-placed candles in your home can really add to the effect. Adding a candle here and there will create softness in your room, which will instantly make it feel warm and welcoming.

Candles are both stylish, relaxing and make a fantastic addition to any room of your home. They also make great gifts too! For more details on the products I picked to showcase around my own home, and for details of Notino visit the Notino website on the links below where I’ve picked some perfect treats! The Perfect Gift

Yankee Candle Everday Gifting Set

The Ultimate Summer Fragrance Yankee Candle Midsummers Night

The Fresh Classic Yankee Candle Clean Cotton

The Perfect Floral Yankee Candle True Rose