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Greetings I never knew I wanted to give with

Do you know what I really dislike doing? its shopping for greetings cards. That dreaded isle in the supermarket that's full of fluffy cards with nice sentiments attached. Its not that I don't like a sickly sweet card full of love and candy kisses on the odd occasion, its just that sometimes, a card like that just isn't suitable. Would you rather send your best-friend a sassy card that makes them laugh, reflecting your friendship, or a generic card that they’ll throw in the bin the moment you leave? Sometimes you just need a greetings card that is a little bit special...

I'm not the only person that is bored with the traditional style greetings cards on the high-street, its an increasing trend that people are shopping for cards online, hand picking customised or more fitting cards for friends, family or loved ones. There’s a huge trend for fun avant garde cards that certainly pack a punch, and with such an amazing selection to be found online, the high street once again, remains redundant. Direct link to the Rude-Cards website As Valentine’s Day approaches, I did a quick online search for some funny cards to send to my single friends. Every year, me and my friends give each other little presents to celebrate our friendship and enjoy Valentines despite being single. In my search I stumbled upon which is an online store based in the U.K. that sell sassy, fun and hilarious greetings cards

Within a few seconds of visiting the website I was literally crying with laughter, as I was faced with super fun cards with naughty statements that are perfect for putting a cheeky grin on the recipients face. Easily offended? Then look away, but if you’re anything like me you won’t be able to resist. From innuendos to outright cheekiness, the brand has it all with cards ready for every occasion, whether it’s a birthday, Valentine’s Day, leaving card or simply just because, they’ll have a perfect one for you. I picked some of my favourites and had them shipped to me with certain people in mind, and as soon as they arrived I just KNEW I had to tell you all about them in a blog post! Below I’ve showcased some of the killer designs for your amusement. You will NOT be able to resist (insert shocked laughing faces here!).

Well, we all know how Valentine’s Day usually ends right? And there’s no better way of telling your other half how special it’ll be! Or what about that twat in the office that thinks everyone likes them, but in fact most of you can’t stand the person, save this bad boy for their last day and be an office boss.... or send it to your favourite collegue to make them laugh on their final day.

Now for those birthday cards, who wants to receive the same generic “Happy Birthday” greeting with a balloon? Not me, fine if you’re five, but I know me and my friends want something a little more humorous...

All the cards are funny, a little naughty and extremely cheeky, but they’re also super high quality and they'll standout from all the rest. Gifted as part of a gift or simply sent to someone that you’re thinking of, I’d certainly recommend a quick look at for something just a little bit special. If you’re interested in the brand then do check them out online at or visit their social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @RudeCardsUk.