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LFWM: The Outfits...

I can’t believe that I am doing another Fashion Week post as it feels like it wasn’t long ago I was writing up the last collections, but again, another fashion season once again is upon us, starting with London Fashion Week Men’s (though it’s more of a weekend than a week!). LFWM as its abbreviated to, hosts all the men’s collections, and they show separately to the women’s collections that will be in just a few weeks’ time starting February 15th. As a very gender fluid dresser, I often mix men’s and women’s wear together within my outfits. During LFWM, I try and make a conscious effort to feature more masculine styles and cuts during the men’s shows. This season, I wore 3 different suits, but styled them with an array of accessories and some fabulous shoes to elevate the pieces into my style. Day One London Fashion Week Men’s (LFWM) kicked off on Saturday, and I sashayed into the city wearing a grey check, straight cut blazer with matching skinny fit, ankle length trousers. This outfit could look pretty plain, but I styled it up by teaming it with amazing thigh-high boots for some fashion week sass and a cute Lulu Guinness lip clutch bag in red to add a pop of colour. Under the blazer I wore a burgundy polo-neck jumper not only for the high necked style but for extra warmth during the chilly January day. The burgundy colour also helped complement the tone of the clutch, despite it not being the same colour, and added a focal point to my clothing as a small pop of colour, so that the look wasn’t all monotone. As the blazer was straight cut, I belted it with a thick black waist belt to help create more of a figure, then for extra warmth I draped a long cotton shirt in black over my shoulders while walking from show to show. The draped shirt not only added an extra but of comfort while outdoors, it also flowed in the wind beautifully as I strutted past photographers into the show space at Truman’s Brewery, not only drawing attention, but it created a presence and added some extra much needed sass to the look, oh and my whole vibe!

Grey Checked Blazer: New Look Matching Grey Checked Trousers: New Look Cotton polo-neck jumper in burgundy: H&M Long, black, cotton shirt (worn off the shoulder): H&M Red, lip shaped clutch bag: Lulu Guinness Waist belt: New Look Thigh-high boots: Koi Footwear Sunglasses: New Look Black Faux Leather, Half Hand Gloves: eBay (from a selection) Day Two Another day and another outfit, and this was a stunner! I’ve actually had this outfit planned for several months now, and I’ve saved it in secret ready to slay at LFWM. On the Sunday of the shows, day two, I wore an amazing Haute Couture suit in black and gold, which had flared trousers and a slim fit jacket, made by designer Hasanova. Designer of the brand Gunel Hasanova was born in Azerbaijan and after finishing her studies at the Academy of Art in Baku she moved to England to continue her higher education. Gunel founded the brand in 2015 after obtaining her BA degree from Kingston University in Fashion Design (CSVPA) and MA at University of Westminster in Fashion Business Management. The brands design ethos is based on combining the idea of resilient, powerful silhouettes with the delicate aesthetic of handcrafted details, something I’m totally happy to see more of in fashion. Through the appreciation of creative effort and craftsmanship involved in the making of each garment, Hasanova not only aims at providing individually made premium clothing but also supports the concept of timeless style and quality against fast-fashion. Each piece is handcrafted individually, adding value at every stitch, and boy aren’t they beautiful. The piece I wore felt luxurious but effortless as I wore it, and the more I strutted around fashion week, the more confident and powerful I felt in it.

The suit jacket was slim fit, but I belted it in a contrasting yellow street-style belt to add a focal point to the look, and to create more of a shape by syncing me at the waist. The pop of yellow also helps add depth and keep the look appealing and interesting to the eye. The suit was beautifully made head to toe but it was the trousers that were the scene stealer, they were cut to flare at the bottom, and as I walked they seemed to float with the movement of my legs. I wore some lovely black sling back heels for extra hight and elegance, adding a strut to every step I took. Under the suit jacket I wore a black shirt and to contrast with the other colours, I added a bold red clutch bag and matched that with a red lip and a smokey red eye for my make-up.

The suit was elegant, absolutely stunningly made and a total show stopper. It gathered lots of paparazzi and press attention as I entered and left Truman’s Brewery which is where this seasons London Fashion Week Mens was held, stunning pieces that I’ve totally fallen in love with.

Black & Gold Thread Jacket: Hasanova Matching Black & Gold Thread Flared Trousers: Hasanova Black Shirt: New Look Men Belt: Off-White from Black slingback heels: V by Very Sunglasses: New Look Red Lip Clutch Bag: Lulu Guinness Day Three London Fashion Week Mens is a few days shorter than the women’s collections, and this was the final day of the shows. I still wanted to serve a modern and gender fluid look by mixing menswear, such as a suit with feminine accessories, so I picked another trusty set I already had in my wardrobe.

For Autumn 2018, H&M teamed up with fabric designer GP & J Baker for a limited collaboration. The collection when launched flew from stores, as GP & J Baker had adorned clothing with statement floral prints and geometric shapes. I did manage to get a few pieces from the collection, and one of the looks was a geometric weave print blazer and matching trousers in red, black and white. The blazer was straight cut and double breasted and when worn with the matching trousers certainly made a statement.

I teamed the set with a black shirt, black waist belt, and black thigh-boots. I also wore a faux fur scarf around the collar to elevate the look, which was tucked into the waist belt. All this was finished off with a pair of sunglasses and my trusty Lulu Guinness Lip Shaped Perspex Clutch. For this look, the print did all the talking, but the muted tones meant it wasn’t screaming for attention. A killer look to end the last day of LFWM.

Print Blazer: JP & J Baker x H&M Matching Print Trousers: JP & J Baker x H&M Black Shirt: New Look Men Faux Fur Scarf: Dorothy Perkins Black Waist Belt: New Look Black Thigh-high Boots: Koi Footwear Sunglasses: New Look Red Lip Clutch Bag: Lulu Guinness

A special thanks to Alex Silver PR, Lulu Guinness, Koi Footwear and Hasanova for your support and help in making me look fabulous during the shows, and therefore gaining so much paparazzi and press attention. Your support is always appreciated.