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Finding hidden treasures at Notino, a post for the #LittleHiltons…

Do you know what a “Little Hilton” is? If you do, you’re not the only one, as there are millions of us across the world. If you have never heard the phrase before, well you must not be a diehard Paris Hilton fan. Little Hiltons are a group of Paris Hilton fans, fans that love and support the heiress and her career, and as you’ve guessed, this post is for them (and me!) I don’t need to introduce Paris Hilton, as everyone from even the far reaches of the globe knows who she is. She’s the Hilton heiress turned reality star, model, actress, singer, DJ, designer, perfumer and business mogul with the sassiness and glamour of a movie star but with the heart and grace of a true elegant princess. This girl has got it all, though I’m a fan, so I’m absolutely biased! I actually met Paris Hilton back in 2015 when she came to Liverpool. She’d just launched a new fragrance, one of now 25, and I was one of the lucky few in attendance at the Liverpool Superdrug store. I was super excited as I stood in the huge queue, not only because I loved the new fragrance, but because Paris is an icon, and she didn’t disappoint! She was beautiful in person, kind natured, attentive and extremely regal. A true princess.

Anyway, back to the present. Now as a total shopaholic (something I’m not ashamed off!), I was once again flicking through the website on the hunt for some amazing beauty finds, adding some of their deals to my basket as I went along. Notino are an online beauty store that stock amazing luxury brands, as well as industry products that can be hard to find in usual high-street stores. Founded by Michal Zamec back in 2004, Notino has quickly established itself as a trusted online seller of cosmetic and beautycare products. In just over a decade Notino has expanded into 19 different countries! You may have heard me mention Notino in the past, either in person, in other blog articles or on my social media, but that’s simply because I have been so impressed with the products I have manage to source from them at pretty amazing prices. On my late Sunday browse of Notino I decided to go through the brand list, to see what array of brands Notino stocks. I must admit, being a fan of the site I wasn’t surprised at the huge array of diverse brands, from high-street to high-end and the more exclusive. This is where I spotted the Paris Hilton name, and with one click I was blown away. Now as a “Little Hilton” living in the UK, I know that it can be very difficult to source some of Paris Hiltons products, so I was shocked and excited to see that Notino had a great selection of hard to find pieces. This is something I find Notino absolutely fabulous for, bringing hard to find beauty and fragrance items that I totally adore. I quickly added 3 more items to my online basket and checked out as quickly as I could with excitement.

My parcel arrived very quickly, all packaged beautifully with the 3 fragrances I purchased, Can Can Burlesque, Rose Blush and Fairy Dust. Rose Blush is one of Paris’ newly released perfumes, and it’s impossible to find in UK stores. I have spent so long lusting over the fragrance and beautiful bottle after seeing lots of photos online, posted by people in other countries that were able to buy the perfume. The bottle is stunning, in a rose gold pink colour, in the shape of a gown with pink glitter adorning the bottle. The fragrance itself is just as good, a lovely warm but fresh, fruity floral, with hints of rose on the top notes. This fragrance also contains white musk, may rose, Amber and cedar.

Buy Paris Hilton Rose Rush at Notino Here

The second fragrance I managed to get was Fairy Dust. When I added this to my basket I imagined a sparkling fragrance that would fill me with excitement as I wore it, and as you can imagine, I was super excited when it arrived in its big Notino box. The bottle is elegantly shaped, made of crystal clear glass and decorated with an etched image of Paris with fairy wings and a wand. The fragrance itself is described as a floral, but it’s not as you’d expect. It’s got beautiful notes of orange blossom, peach, gardenia, vanilla and patchouli and I must admin, the beautiful composition gives the fragrance a sparkling quality. A lovely scent for daily wear, and one that I adore, as for the price? Outstanding!

Buy Paris Hilton Fairy Dust at Notino Here

The third fragrance I managed to pick up and add to my ever growing collection was Can Can Burlesque. Now Paris actually has two formulations of this, the original is called Can Can and this version, Can Can Burlesque. Having fallen in love with Can Can many years ago with its young and playful sweetness, I was extremely excited to see this version available (thanks Notino!). It’s so hard to find in UK stores as I’ve mentioned before, and I knew of its existence, but I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get a bottle myself. Having similar notes to Can Can, the Burlesque version is very similar but with a slight difference, so if you’re like me and love Can Can then try this. Burlesque to me seems tamer and slightly more mature, and doesn’t have the dizzying girliness. Although still a young fragrance, the Burlesque version is toned down, and easily worn throughout the day, as for the original Can Can, that’s totally my go-to fragrance for parties! Burlesque is described as a floral fruity, and it was a candy like quality, but don’t think candy perfume, it’s more seductive and elegant than that, with nectarine & raspberry scents and a woody base.

Buy Paris Hilton Can Can Burlesque at Notino Here So for all you Little Hiltons and fragrance fans, Notino have fragrances, not just Paris Hilton ones, available to buy in the UK which are hard to find, or sometimes impossible to find on the British high-street. As for me, I am obsessed with my new fragrances, another successful shopping haul with my trusted favourite,!