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Taking some time to relax, featuring JustMyLook…

During the closing shows of London Fashion Week all I could think about was how exhausted I felt. After a crazy week of running around in heels, barely eating, drinking too much champagne and not sleeping, I felt like I was in need of some much needed pamper time to relax and recuperate. I always take some time out after fashion week, and this season was no different. When you are working so hard you sometimes don’t notice how much stress you are putting yourself under, and that’s certainly the same for my hands and feet. I usually have nicely conditioned hands, nails and feet, but a week in London for Fashion Week has certainly put a stop to that. My hands are chapped and dry, and my feet look like they have been in several rounds with a boxer, so it’s time to sit at home, with a glass of wine and have a pamper session as the cool autumn season draws in.

As I’m very much an online shopper, I went online to in search of some foot treatments and to replenish my hand cream stock. JustMyLook are one of the UK's fastest growing beauty retailers and since launching in early 2015, have rapidly grown and now have over 4,000 products from 150+ prestige brands. From salon-exclusive hair care ranges to on-trend cosmetics, they’re trusted by hundreds of thousands of beauty lovers to deliver cutting-edge products directly to their doors (oh and trusted by me too!).

Direct link to the JustMyLook website

To help pamper my feet and get them back into tip top condition, I picked up the Babyfoot Original Exfoliant Foot Peel. These are little booties filled with a formulation containing 16 types of natural extracts which exfoliate and moisturise your feet at the same time. The principle ingredient is a fruit acid, which is extremely gentle when compared to other acids (apparently!). The boots help gently remove dead skin cells that have built up using its special process, so that dead skin can effortlessly be peeled away, leaving soft, supple and healthy feet. So you can say goodbye to rough, dry & cracked soles.

Baby Foot Exfoliating Boots at JustMyLook

These little booties were lavender scented (oh and they’re cruelty-free & vegan-friendly too!) so were a pleasure to use, and they really were just what my feet needed, a treatment to get them back to perfect condition (ready for the next season on fashion week!). I had wanted to try a product like this for a long time, so I was super happy to see that JustMyLook stocked them, I was also happy that the delivery was super-fast and I could dive into my pamper session within a few days of ordering! These however weren’t the only item that I got myself. As winter draws in I have noticed my hands and cuticles have been looking a little red and dry also. This may sound silly, but I like to have elegant hands and feet, especially as I like to wear fabulous shoes and as many diamond rings as I can fit on my fingers, so it’s important that mine are in good condition. Therefore I also picked up a new hand cream from JustMyLook and some cute little nail polishes to help see me through the festive season, now that my feet were looking better and ready to be photographed in a killer heel again, it was time to get my hands looking nice.

JustMyLook actually had a huge range of hand products so it took me a while to choose (I love having lots of choice instead of no choice like other websites!) and eventually I picked the Opi Pro Spa Protective Hand, Nail & Cuticle Cream. This is an ultra-nourishing, high-performance cream which helps protect, replenish and strengthen dry, brittle nails. It felt so good applying and it didn’t feel sticky or gross like some creams can, it smelt nice too. I must admit, after a week of applying the hand cream several times a day my hands look far healthier and in better shape, no more red chapped parts!

Ahhh and now to the fun part! With my hands looking a little better it’s time to paint my nails in sassy shades to match my outfits. If you see my social media pages you’ll notice I attend lots of different events, and as I get ready for these, I always make sure my nails match my outfit, just so that I look well put together and polished. JustMyLook actually had soooo many nail polish colours I found it hard to choose, I’m so indecisive that I often get other people to help make decisions for me (I get that from my mother!). I browsed the website and came across a really cute set of minis by OPI from the Peru collection. The shades are perfect for me as you have a more neutral to a pop of pink, as I unwrapped these I remember thinking how perfect these little sets would be as gifts during the festive season. JustMyLook stock a good selection of these OPI sets with a wide range of shades they really are worth a look. My favourite shade from the collection I purchased is 'somewhere over the rainbow mountains' and I have worn it several times already. The reason I picked the OPI brand from JustMyLook is because I know the quality will be fantastic as I have used their products before. I can paint my nails on a Sunday night and know they will last all week looking perfect.

It has taken me a few weeks to write this article due to illness and other commitments (I told you LFW had made me ill!) but I took that time to try each of these products out, and now that a few weeks have passed, with little doses of TLC and the high quality items, I’m feeling much better, and thanks to JustMyLook, my hands, nails and feet are feeling, and looking, much better too! are the perfect destination to order your beauty and cosmetic items direct to your door, with a huge range of items from high-street to high end, they have everything you could need to look and feel fabulous, plus they are competitively priced so you know you’re getting a good deal too!