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LFW: My Starsica journey, from a fan to FROW...

This season I served some amazing looks during the shows, and many of them were thanks to one of my favourite new designers, Ike at Starsica.  

Ike Seungik Lee, who is originally from Seoul, studied BFA sculpture at Seoul national university before then completing the MA Fashion course at Kingston University in which he graduated in 2016. Single ce then, Ike has created his label Starsica, and in a few short years gone from strength to strength due to his artistic flair and story telling presentation. After being named a One to Watch for SS18 with FashionScout, Starsica has gone on to show with them his innovative collections in London many times, and it was here I learned all about his brand. Ike takes his inspiration from the philosophical reasoning of phenomenon with an emphasis on a concept of the “everyday wear of luxury with an anxiety of a modern society” and each season he shows his collections with a story in a true theatrical style. It was his amazing Autumn/Winter 2018 collection that caught my attention. Starsica was one of those shows that blew guests away, left them wanting more, a show so fabulous it played around your mind in the weeks following. I sashayed into Freemasons Hall with my friend @StyleGrimoires and we took our seats in great anticipation. The title of the Starsica AW18 collection was “seiren sings for a mad king”. Ike took his inspiration from observing the behaviours of everyone around him, the unspecified masses for his AW18 show. Translating people’s egos, characteristics and visions through models as they performed and danced down the runway in a picturesque, dreamy, fairytale style. We are all the ‘Mad King’ singing similar sirens. Simultaneously moody and dramatic, dreamy and ethereal, it was a standout show for me of London Fashion Week that season, and my love for the brand grew.

Above: photos I took during Starsica's AW18 show. 

Fast forward several months I was still in a total trance, and as I prepped for the following season of London Fashion Week in September 2018, I knew I wanted to emulate Starsica’s dreamy aesthetic, and ultimately wear his pieces I had just seen the season before walk his runway. I had my eye on a few key items that I adored, and thought I’d send a few emails in the hopes of loaning at least one piece. I don’t know whether it was luck, or the fact I had true love for Ike and his brand Starsica, but the fashion gods (probably Gabrielle Chanel!) must have answered my prayers, as after lots of PR work and a few emails I had managed it!!! Not only was I able to loan several items to wear during the whole of London Fashion Week, but I had received my ticket to his SS19 show, and I was front row! You can image my excitement as the realisation set over me that I was about to wear Ike’s designs while sat front row at his show, but as an industry insider and fashion writer I knew I had to suck it up, enter work mode, and go with the flow.

Above: Myself wearing a Starsica AW18 coat and clutch bag. 

For his SS19 show I chose to wear a full runway look seen below. I picked a stunning short dress which had absolutely amazing textured details which created volume around the sleeves and bottom of the dress. I also used the bag Ike had styled the dress with during his AW18 show, and I teamed these with a black shirt, ripped skinny jeans to complement on the texture of the dress, a black waist belt for my skinny frame and super cute black slingback heels. Oh and a killer pair of shades!

Above: myself wearing a Starsica AW18 dress and clutch bag with Saffy from @Stylegrimoires. 

Below: The Starsica AW18 runway look I wore. 

Starsica’s SS19 collection was entitled ‘Doctored Evidence: Be True to Yourself’ and its a ‘story’ inspired by the current realities of life learned through a variety of different experiences. Ike was inspired by a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ concept where a variety of seemingly different objects and experiences are gathered together in a ‘wonder room’. The conceptual design of the collection began with a question. “What if, the beautiful memories of the past which allowed me to be who I am today, are actually the outcome of manipulated evidence?” The collection is a journey searching for the truth of memories. The journey involves: digging, recording, categorising and regenerating the hardened and fossilised fragments of our memories. Just like his previous show, we felt the anticipation in the air, and as the music played and the first model slowly guided through the room in a green structured dress, we were all hooked.

The stunning collection was once again simultaneously moody and dramatic, dreamy and ethereal, and it was another standout show of the season. We saw a a range of looks including a tropical printed dress, a leopard print skirt and a green woven dress with structured balloon sleeves. The models twisted and turned down the catwalk with red lipstick and bold eyes with slicked back hair. We saw free-flowing fabrics layered upon each other to create a multi-dimensional garment. A pastel colour palette was set against deeper shades of red, teal and navy, creating a rich colour palette that epitomised the mood of spring. Click here to watch the full Starsica SS19 collection walk the runway (don’t forget to spot me in the #FROW) I watched in awe as the models took their final walk and Ike energetically ran in the room and down the runway to huge applause. I usually then sashay out the show venue in style, sunglasses on, ticket for the next show in hand (afterall fashion week is work for me so I can’t waste time!) but on this occasion, following the amazing show, my friend Saffy @StyleGrimiores and I took a few moments to stay behind and gossip. We’d yet again adored the show, and we spent time discussing how obsessed we were with next seasons pieces, and which ones we wanted to absolutely steal from the models. It was at this moment that I got totally starstruck. I had a little tap on my shoulder mid sentence, and as I turned around there he was, the designer behind the brand, Ike Seungik Lee. Saffy and I had a good gossip with him, and I can assure you he’s just as sweet as he is handsome. That little moment totally made my whole season, and I truly felt like I was living the dream, not bad for a freelance fashion writer and social media personality, right?!