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LFW: The Outfits featuring Irynvigre...

I always like to start my posts with a little story, and this is a story that starts back in September 2016. When I was a new and totally clueless blogger trying to grow an Instagram following and having fun with fashion and styling. I had a small following of friends, and I would spend my free time blogging about H&M collaborations and what I had styled that week. All I had was a busted feed on Instagram featuring poor quality photos that certainly weren’t curated, but I did have a thirst, a thirst for all things fashion. As it was September, all the major brands were prepping for fashion week but I was totally oblivious. At that moment in time I certainly didn’t know about PR companies, or how the industry worked, it was just me, with a killer personality and a passion for fashion, so when I got a message about attending a runway show during London Fashion Week I was blown away. I never ever thought I would get to attend a show during London Fashion Week and little did I know it would start a whole new career in the process, that brand? It was Irynvigre. The invite came via my social media which at the time, now that I look back, was pretty poor. I was full of excitement and shock that little old me from the middle of nowhere was going to a runway show, but I grabbed the opportunity, my Louis Vuitton clutch and made sure I arrived at the show venue early. The rest was a blur of excitement and anxiety, it was totally out of my comfort zone, but I knew it was exactly what I wanted in life. Back in 2016 I certainly didn’t have the confidence, or fashion knowledge that I do now, and I can’t stress enough how basic I was. My clothes didn’t push boundaries, I didn’t know how to make money from fashion and I had a rubbish NHS job, writing blog posts at the weekend just to give me some fulfilment. That Irynvigre show filled me with passion, held at Freemasons Hall with Fashionscout, it was a perfect venue for a beautiful show, with floaty dresses in pink and blues, sombre music portraying water powerfully played and I watched from the back of the room in total awe. The show then lead to drinks, which I awkwardly stood alone in the corner, trying to spark conversation with “the fashion set”. A glass or two of prosecco and a quick few hello’s and I found my stride, I had stumbled upon something great, and I knew I needed this to be part of my life. Irynvigre SS17 Collection Review When I got home I wrote all about the show and that become my first ever fashion week show review which you can see in the link above. Little did I know at the time, but Irynvigre had started a flair for fashion journalism, and that I would then grow and develop into a freelance fashion writer and media personality. From that one show I self-taught myself the industry, how it works and how to be relevant. I then actively created a niche for myself and worked hard on developing my brand and media image. From that one amazing show I have become a regular at London Fashion Week, now attending for 6 seasons and one season of London Fashion Week Men’s. I have written for countless magazines and also been featured for my style and personal point of view on fashion and trends.  I have also developed relationships with brands and last year was appointed a Judge for the FCD young designer awards. Irynvigre now has a place in my heart as the first ever runway show I attended, and the catalyst for my future career, and that leads me on to the present day, and present season of London Fashion Week…

With the stress of hunting for killer outfits to wear during the shows this season becoming too much, I decided to reach out to some of my favourite designers in the hopes of loaning some fabulous pieces. One of the brands I reached out to was my beloved Irynvigre. Now Irynvigre is a London based label created by designer, Iryn Vi. Iryn founded the brand as a student in 2015 before graduating from Istituto Marangoni London with a degree in fashion design in 2017. She is also a qualified musician and before studying fashion she received a degree in piano which shows creativity certainly runs through her veins. Direct link to the Irynvigre website Irynvigre’s collections are usually minimalist featuring deconstructed designs in flowing and draped forms to create an eclectic aesthetic that showcases the brand’s independent spirit. The brand helps champion the tradition of using ateliers from globally renowned couture houses, and therefore attracts conscious consumers who appreciate fine craftsmanship, authenticity and moral transparency in fashion and clothing. All of Irynvigre’s collections are ethically manufactured in Europe and garments are made from high quality Italian fabrics which is fantastic! The collections by Irynvigre usually receive a good response from the press too, and the brand has received editorials in Elle, Vogue, Volant Magazine, The Upcoming Magazine, Elluxe Magazine and many more, so when they replied to my email I was ecstatic!

I sashayed into the Irynvigre studio in Covent Garden a little stressed. It was day one of LFW and I had a packed schedule and nothing was running smoothly. The studio was a lovely hive of creativity with samples, sketches and fabrics darted around the room so I instantly relaxed as I gazed at pieces I could wear and future collections that were top secret (but exciting to see!). I didn’t spend long trying pieces on as I had a show to dash two, but I did pick two killer looks! The first was a long beige gilet, the wool felt sumptuous and it was a dream to wear, immaculately made with crystal button details on the shoulders. I quickly popped this on and tottered in my heels to Freemasons Hall just a quick walk away from the studio for my first show.  

Now the second look I chose to wear was my avant garde statement maker! I always like to rock a statement look for the first day of Fashion Week as it sets the momentum going for the rest of the season, plus it helps make your mark and stand out on the day everyone is most excited. I had already eyed this piece up before I’d attended the studios, and as soon as I tried it on and belted it at my waist I knew it was the one.

It was an amazing handmade, floor length knitted gown as seen on the AW17 runway (full AW17 show review available in the link below!). I teamed the piece with all black wearing a black shirt from New Look, black skinny jeans from Rubina Roo, heels from Boohoo, belt by Off White with an equally quirky, avant garde clutch by Starsica as seen on the AW18 runway show. Irynvigre AW18 Collection Show Review

In true diva style, I had a car hired to get me from Covent Garden to The Strand, the home of London Fashion Week (well, I couldn’t get the tube in this gown!). As we started to pull closer to the show space I noticed the amount of people outside, and along with those fashionable people I could see press, and got more nervous the closer the car got. I knew the gown would go down a storm, but I didn’t realise how much I’d be photographed! The car pulled up causing a backlog of traffic and as elegant and confident as I could, I eased my legs out of the car, clutch in one hand as the gown trailed to the floor. I only managed to take 3 steps before photographers had surrounded me, all I could hear were camera clicks and I could do nothing but fire looks down the photographers lenses.

It took me 15 minutes to be able to slowly walk into 180 The Stand, and I was blown away with the amount of attention the gown created. The beautiful piece, with its raw material, craftsmanship and unusual design was loved by so many people, and the more I talked about the gown the more people fell in love... So that’s my story, all about how a brand that helped shape my future and opened doors for me in the fashion world back in 2016, went on to loan me a gown that made me one of the most photographed streetstyle stars of the season for September 2018 a mere 2 years later...

Oh, and I did I mention I got interviewed by Brooklyn Beckham and his team while wearing the gown? I certainly can’t forget that! So thank you Irynvigre and your fabulous team, you’ll always have a place in my heart!