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LFW: The Outfits featuring Wear the Walk...

I’ve mentioned this on my social media, and it’s absolutely true, this season of London Fashion Week has been the most stressful I’ve ever worked. Not only did I take on too many responsibilities, I packed my schedule tighter than Kim K’s dresses and faced countless issues with travel and hotels. I usually live for fashion week, but this season was a killer! 

As LFW approached, like every season, I started my hunt for fabulous fashions, fashion forward pieces that were relevant but sassy enough to grab the attention of the hoards of paparazzi that attend. I usually manage to style several outfits using a mix of highstreet pieces, designer finds and items from my existing wardrobe, this season however, was hell. Not only could I not find a single wearable piece on the highstreet, I’d worn all the clothes I already owned and as for designer items? I simply couldn’t afford to buy anything new. I literally spent days walking the highstreets laughing at there version of ‘fashion’ and grimacing at the poorly cut fabrics, cheap craftsmanship and boring colours, and as LFW approached I became increasingly frantic! I took to the internet in search of inspiration, first I took to online stores, then I started hunting on google, typing random phrases such as ‘fashion forward clothes’ and ‘avant garde’ but to no avail. Luckily a few days before the opening shows of London Fashion Week someone from the heavens above (hopefully Coco Chanel!) decided that I needed a little help, probably before I had a melt down, and I stumbled upon a brand called Wear the Walk. Wear the Walk is an online store where you can loan designer garments for whatever occasion you have for a small fee. Simply, it’s the ultimate revolving wardrobe, providing an endless library of luxury clothing without the hefty luxury price tag! I browsed the website at length, oohing and ahhhing over the extensive designer list and the kick-ass pieces they stocked. Loaning clothing is increasingly popular these days, something that has been done in the fashion industry for some time. Why would you spend £3,000 on a piece of statement clothing for an event when you know it will just sit in your closet for the next 3 years never being worn? In an age where we need to all be financially savvy and take matters such as sustainability & over production seriously why not loan designer clothing instead of buying? Loaning garments from places such as Wear the Walk is increasingly popular, and many people are choosing loan for many reasons: 1 - It’s more affordable to loan/rent several designer pieces than buy. 2 - It’s nice to loan if you don’t have space to buy and then store clothes. 3 - If you like to wear and be seen in lots of different pieces that you’d never be able to afford to buy. 4 - If you don’t want to wear the same items more than once. 5 - If you have a special event and just need to loan something beautiful for the day instead of buying it. 6 - You’d like to try a new avant garde style for a few days before you commit to buying. Fashion Week was the perfect time to test out Wear the Walk and I’m now so grateful I did. They stocked many of my favourite brands such as Starsica and I also learnt about new designers such as Minnanhui all of which I loaned from this season. Now to loan you have several choices to sign up. You can pay per piece you’d like to borrow, or you can sign up to a subscription in which for a small fee you could borrow up to 5 pieces a month. I decided to join up using the Wardrobe Revolver Package. It’s the perfect solution for fashion-cravers like me that want an ever-changing wardrobe. For £90 a month I get to loan 5 items for 30 days, plus that fee includes free dry-cleaning, insurance and shipping so you can have a relaxed time with your rental service. For more details on the packages they offer and the loaning service with prices, hit the link below: Direct Link to Visit Wear the Walks Website As for my outfits worn during London Fashion Week? Well here they all are. This season I didn’t just wear pieces that I felt absolutely fabulous in, I selected pieces that pushed the boundaries of gender and dressing plus I made sure I got pieces that the press would love, and they sure did! Starsica Clutch Bags from AW18 I arrived the evening before London Fashion Week started and I quickly grabbed my loaned Starsica clutch and sashayed off to my first runway show of the season plus some fabulous pre-show parties. Now this look isn’t actually from Wear The Walk, they’re pieces I already owned, but I teamed the look with a super cute Starsica clutch from Wear the Walk. The clutch gained lots of attention throughout the whole of London Fashion Week due to its novelty coffin/urn shape and eye catching silver & blue finish. My fellow blogger and fashionista @StyleGrimoires also loaned a Starsica bag so when we attended shows together we were a Starsica power-couple! Sometimes its the accessories that really finish an outfit, so I think it’s great the Wear the Walk have thought of this and stock a great selection of designer accessories to loan. I’m a huge Starsica fan and loved these back in February when I sat and watched his AW18 Runway Show, little did I know I’d be loaning one several months later!

Minnanhui Skirt Now when I first tried this beautiful geometric skirt at the Wear the Walk showroom it was a show stopper and I was super excited to loan it. The skirt is by designer Minnanhui who has a fashion meets architecture philosophy towards fashion, and you can really spot this in the statement skirt with its architectural ruffled peplum. I teamed it with black skinny jeans, a small heel, plain black shirt and Dior saddle bag to serve you some powerful business style sass. I felt a little awkward as I left for the shows, but as soon as I caught up with my friends and the paparazzi cameras started clicking, I felt killer!

Starsica Dress from AW18 Having been a huge Starsica fan for a few seasons now, and being lucky enough to have bagged a front row seat at this Spring/Summer19 Show this season, I knew I wanted to wear a runway when I attended to make a statement. Having raided the Wear the Walk rails of Starsica pieces I had an idea of what I wanted in mind, and I stumbled upon this amazing dress. I’d already loaned a Starsica bag and the beautiful texture and ruffles this piece had meant it was perfect. Little did I know, I’d actually picked and styled a whole runway look seen at his AW18 show without realising it, however that leads to a very important question, who wore it best?

Hemcya coat Hemcya is a new brand on my radar that I discovered while looking at the Wear the Walk website. This coat really is a beauty, and out of all the pieces I loaned, remains one of my favourites. The piece is immaculately designed from the synched waist with matching belt to the stunning volumed skirt, this coat is beautiful. Pieces like this, although less avant garde than other items I wore this season, are classics. Amazing quality and design shines through and this coat has both, and I haven’t even mentioned the materials used and those beautiful blues with silver detailing through the fabric. An elegant piece that made me feel like a modern day royal, teamed with super cute sling backs, a feathered clutch, sunglasses and a killer strut.

Starsica Coat Another day and another Starsica look. This time I opted to channel a little geisha with a stunning Starsica coat, belted with a red obi belt, plus a second rope belt layered on top. I loved the masculine silhouette of this coat especially when synched as it then took a more feminine form, and flowed beautifully as I strutted in 6 inch heeled boots. The coat also had elevated details on the back, with a blue panel below my tiny synced waist which helps draw the eye to the slimmest part of my body and the puff cuffed sleeve in blue also adds extra flair. Making a coat that could be bulky and very masculine feel fabulous, fitted and totally fashion. I teamed this coat with a super cute Starsica clutch to finish the look, both from Wear the Walk.

Minnanhui Faux Fur Coat Wow now this was a show stopper and my second Minnanhui look of the season. This stunning faux fur gillet was all the statement I needed and I paired it with all black so that the ombré fur could do all the talking. My friend wore this piece on day one of Fashion Week and got papped so much that it took her 15 minutes just to walk 7 steps into the show space at the strand. A stunning piece that I felt fabulous sashaying around in, as for the paps? They loved it just as much on me as my beautiful friend @StyleGrimoires. Minnanhui really knows how to create statement pieces, and luckily Wear the Walk stock several!

Krasimira Stoyneva Hair Jacket ‘Wear hair not fur’ is Stoyneva’s motto, and a motto that I’m happy to live by! Established in 2014, Krasimira Stoyneva’s signature use of hair in her designs have become globally recognised. Her highly commended debut collection ‘Future Queens’ helped create her signature style, with innovation and confidence for an inspiring reinvention of designs for the fashion industry. You may have seen many of her fabulous pieces without realising it as they’ve received a lot of press attention and been worn by a huge amount of bloggers and fashion insiders. The last day of LFW was my turn! Once again, this stunning jacket did all the talking as I teamed it with all black to showcase the stunning colours and hand cut hair. The problem with this jacket is that it makes you want to dance and move, hence the 49,000 papped shots of me voguing around the strand, but my gosh it was worth it! Do you agree? Serving you a Paris is Burning attitude mixed with Ricki Lake reruns of wig wars, ya’ll feeling me?

Endra Devi Swarovski Quilted Jacket A piece for the bold, modern, sexy and the edgy, this jacket has statement and power written all over it. Encrusted with crystals it’s also extremely beautiful. Endra Devi designs with a purpose and aspires to be a responsible designer, hence she believes that sustainability and technology is the future. Many designers with this message have a similar aesthetic, but not Endra, she creates stunning but edgy street clothing that serve you all the power you need. Forget power dressing for the boardroom, this is power dressing for Oxford Street! I shouldn’t say this again, but I’m going to, I teamed this jacket with all black, as I did with many items this season. When you have such a beautiful and statement garment it’s a waste to have it compete to be noticed with other items of clothing, so I like to give it centre stage on my body by wearing all black.

A huge thank you to Wear the Walk for hooking a bitch up this season, I’m truly thankful. The whole concept of the brand means I genuinely never need to panic again over what I’m going to wear for my next event, whatever that maybe. If you’re like me and seemingly never have anything to wear then please do consider contacting Wear the Walk. Not only do they stock such killer pieces for all different styles and aesthetics, they’re extremely well priced too! This season I saw a lot of fashion on the runways, but fashion is nothing unless you live your life in it, which I managed to do all season, from show to show, all thanks to Wear the Walk!