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Kiss Event with Billie Faiers...

When the invite to attend the Kiss Products x Billie Faires event first arrived in my inbox I initially thought I wouldn’t be able to attend, and proceeded to sulk for the rest of the week. Not many people know but I actually have a day job doing admin within the NHS, and I have recently changed jobs, and as the Kiss event fell on my first week of my new position, I thought I’d have to decline. To cut a long story short, in my new role I only need to work 4 days a week, and therefore, I managed to bag the day off I needed to attend the fabulous Kiss Party.

The Kiss event would be held with Billie Faires in attendance as she is now one of the brands official ambassadors. Billie is a reality star and social media beauty who has starred in shows such as The Only Way Is Essex and The Mummy Diaries. She is now a brand ambassador for Kiss Products and the event was to showcase this, as well as the new collections from Kiss’ nail and eyelash ranges. I was really excited for this event and decided that I needed a killer outfit so that I could confidently sashay around the room mingling and making friends, all with a glass of prosecco or two. I had a blue, oversized jacket that I had picked up from a PreLoved Kilo sale that I was saving for London Fashion Week, and I decided that this was its time to have its fashion moment. I teamed this with all white, wearing a H&M shirt and trousers with statement denim thigh-high heels from that matched the jacket perfectly. Staying true to my aesthetic I belted the jacket with an Off-White belt so that I was synched at the waist and styled it all with a Louis Vuitton Monogram Clutch.

I personally love the Kiss brand and the products they create and as I arrived at the event in my fabulous outfit I headed straight to the part of the room that contained all the new designs. For amazing quality lashes that not only last but are easy to apply and cruelty free look no further than my trusted fashion week favourites by Kiss. They also do a fabulous range of nails, my favourite are the Impress range. These are stick on nails in an array of amazing colours & designs, the reason I love them is that they’re not only super quick and easy to apply (they can be applied within 5 minutes) but the quality is outstanding, and they last 7 – 10 days easily for me. The nail stand is where I found myself first, they had manicurists in place ready to apply whatever design you liked, and I went straight for my favourites, the ‘Lighten Up’. These are so cute with the ring finger manicure in glitter and a pale matte nude. I sat and had the design applied, but just as quickly had I picked my nails and sat in place, it was time to get up again, they really are that quick! The manicurist cleaned my bare nail, then size matched the false nails with my own nails to get the right size, then it was simply a case of peeling back the tape on the back of the nail and firmly placing it over the nail of your choice. The tape is so strong and firm that they last over a week, and they even stay fixed while having baths, or doing the dishes where usually nails would pop off!

The brand also has many other fabulous designs, in different styles, shapes and colours. Some of the nails are stick on and some you apply with glue. The brand really does cater for everyone, and I’m sure no matter what your style is, you’d find a pair you’d love. Below are a few of my favourite styles currently available.

With my nails freshly done, and several glasses of prosecco already consumed, it was time to strut over to the Lashes area. This was absolutely heaven for me as I am a big false-lash fan, far more than nails. It was Kiss’ Faux Mink Collection in the Lash Couture range that originally made me fall in love with not only lashes, but the Kiss Products Brand. I walked straight over to the huge display of lashes that had the full range that Kiss Products supply, I picked a pair of my favourites and had them applied.

I picked from my favourite Faux Mink Collection in the Lash Couture range, and it was the Gala style that I decided to have applied. The Gala lashes are the most fabulous out of the whole range, they’re thick and full, voluminous and long so perfect for all out glam. My lash technician was lovely, and just like my nails, the lashes were quick and easy to apply and after waiting a few minutes for the glue to dry I was able to walk around the event fluttering my lashes and drinking champagne. Kiss actually have a huge range of lashes, from more subtle styles like the Natural Blooming Lash range to the styles I usually wear for events such as Lash Couture Faux Mink or Lash Couture 5th Avenue Collection. 

 The Triple Push Up styles from the Lash Couture range are new and come in an array of cute designs, perfect for red carpets, parties or date nights! They’re so full, long and glamorous they make you feel fabulous whether you’re wearing them for an event or to do the weekly shop. 

After having my nails and lashes done, and checking out all the new styles that have recently launched it was time to party. It was on the dance floor that I got to meet Billie Faires herself, and I must admit, she is absolutely stunning in person! We had a good giggle as music played and a few snaps together while gossiping about busy schedules and families, all over a glass of bubbles of course!

The whole event was fabulous, and I was really proud to attend, not only to support one of my favourite brands (Let’s face it, I wouldn’t look as glamorous at London Fashion Week without them!) but to be able to mingle and gossip with such lovely likeminded people. Below are a few more snaps of the event, plus some links to check out the new collections by Kiss & Impress Nails. "Everyone is beautiful without make-up, but with the right make-up they can be pretty powerful too..." @KissProducts @ImpressManicure Products are available at Superdrug, Boots, Asda and Tesco stores. 

With thanks to Alex Silver PR.