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My AIM Magazine Feature...

I’m currently featured in AIM Magazine and I couldn’t be happier, and with my excitement I thought I’d tell you all about how the article came about and what we discussed.

It all started in October 2017, when I was lucky enough to be appointed one of the judges for the FDC Young Designer Award. Following the presentation I got to sashay around the room wearing Vetements and drinking wine (this is how most of my stories start!). It was during my mingling that I was introduced to Amelia, a beautiful writer who explained how she was gearing up to launch AIM, an online magazine.

Amelia launched AIM on January 6th 2018 to some fantastic applause, it was fun and fresh and totally from Amelia’s point of view. I remember reading the first edition and I was captivated by the images Amelia had shot, little did I know I’d personally be in the second issue. The request came just before London Fashion Week and the AW18 collections in February, it was perfect timing actually, as I was totally engrossed in fashion and in total work mode. I met Amelia at Oxford Street Tube Station, had a microphone fitted to my blazer, camera pointed in front of us and off we went. Not only was the interview to be published in print, but Amelia was creative enough to shoot a video to later launch the AIM Magazine YouTube Channel.

For the interview I wore a New Look checked suit, with a black New Look shirt, a Dorothy Perkins coat worn off the shoulder and belted with a New Look belt, all teamed with black Boohoo killer heels and a Chanel Boy Bag. The basis of the interview was fashion from my point of view, how I got into fashion week, why I started my blog and what fashion means to me. We walked down the city streets as Amelia quick fired questions and before we knew it the interview was over. It was a fabulous experience, and I gossiped about it for ages after with my friends, all I needed to do now was wait for the finished product.

Some time had passed when Amelia emailed me just before I left my apartment to attend London Fashion Week Men’s in June (another perfectly timed moment!) to explain the magazine had been published and so had the video in YouTube. I was super excited and I shared it a few times on my social media, however due to it being LFWM I didn’t post about it as much as I wanted, and I guess that’s another reason how I’m mentioning now. The interview read fantastically and it explains why I wanted to get into fashion week, why I started my blog, which designers inspire me and also how social media plays a part in getting into the fashion world. It’s a great read, and also the video is fantastic, though I now feel I need media training and voice coaching, just another day in the life of a fashion blogger! Below are the links to the magazine and the walking interview which can be found on YouTube if you’re interested in watching. I’d like to also thank Amelia and the AIM Magazine team for featuring me plus Saffy @StyleGrimoires for her constant support, and helping shoot most of my fashion week antics, of which some were featured in the magazine.

AIM Magazine: Second Issue featuring HOWSTE

AIM Magazine YouTube Channel: Walking interview with Stefan Howarth of HOWSTE