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7 different ways to style a wrap dress

As I nurse my wine induced headache following last nights antics, I thought I’d be a good little blogger and write a few tips on styling a wrap or shirt dress. You may, or may not have noticed, but I often wear shirt dresses, and because they’re so versatile, it’s super easy to style them in many different ways. Perfect for traveling light when you want to maximise the amount of looks with minimal pieces, or if you’re simply trying to rewear pieces you’ve already been photographed in. Reworking or restyling clothes can give them a new lease of life and can help maximise the amount of wears you can get from a garment, plus it’s so easy todo! Number One: As a dress, durh! This is pretty obvious but I had to add it in the list. So you’ve brought yourself a killer wrap dress? Well you’re naturally going to wear it as it’s meant to be the first time you step out in it, but once you’ve worn it to an event do not panic, with some clever styling you can rewear the piece again and again, without it looking like an outfit repeat. This cute wrap dress is a Primark piece I picked up for £20. I loved the bright and colourful print and here’s a few different ways to wear it. I wore black jeans and a shirt under the dress which you can do for a layered look which feels a little more relaxed for daytime, or simply wear it properly as a dress to make it formal, perhaps for night.

Number Two: As a duster or coat Want an extra layer to your outfit but don’t want a heavy coat? Or you just love the print of your dress so much you want to wear it again? Well just wear it! Shirt dresses are great as they’re usually straight cut so you can style it as a duster or a long thin coat, leaving it untied or buttoned for ease of wear and a loose silhouette. Number Three: As a cape This is such an easy tip and done well can totally transform a look. Simply drape the dress over your shoulders for a relaxed but chic vibe, perfect for evening events as the extra layer on your shoulders helps keep you warm. Number Four: As a top This is a cute idea, and very Carrie Bradshaw in styling! Put the dress on and pull the bottom into two bunches to your left and right, and tie at the front. Wrap dress to wrap top! The weight of the fabric also keeps the simple tie in place, perfect!

Number Five: Belt it! I literally belt everything, why? Because it creates a killer silhouette and looks super chic. For another styled look, leave the wrap/shirt dress untied or unbuttoned and belt it with whatever belt you fancy. I belted mine with my vibrant yellow off-white belt for a synced waist and a little Streetstyle flair.

Number Six: Off the shoulder I also do this a lot also, especially when I’m layering clothing. While having the dress belted, why not pull one side off your shoulder so it drapes down your back, this is great if like me you’re wearing a shirt under the dress for example. Number Seven: As a sarong or skirt Ever thought about turning that dress into a sarong or skirt? This tip is perfect for holidays, especially if you’re in a bikini or shorts, however can totally be statement making if in jeans also. It’s super simple but a great tip, you simply grab the arms of the dress and tie at the waist, ITS THAT EASY! The dress does all the hard work for you. My printed dress really has a summer vibe and once tied creates a fabulous look. The fabric is light so moves beautifully as you walk and the way it’s been cut means it flows elegantly down at the sides, and on top of that it’s easy to wear. So then, would you give it ago?