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PreLoved Kilo: Round 2

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with PreLoved Kilo, and not only have I written a blog post about them previously (I’ll link that at the end of this one) I’ve also featured them heavily on my social media, constantly wearing looks that I managed to find at their sales. Why? Because they source the most amazing stock and sell it at an equally amazing price, in short, they simply are amazing!

The Pre-loved Kilo Sale is an event that travels across the county, hosting at two different locations every weekend! The concept of the sale is simple, they supply racks upon racks of pre-loved or vintage clothing and you simply pay for what you have chosen by weight, at £15 per kilo. A few weeks ago I attend my second event in Nottingham, which was held at The Nottingham Contemporary, and as normal I was given a clear bag as I entered to fill up with whatever items I fancied. As usual the atmosphere was buzzed with people happily hunting for hidden treasure around the room. Just like the last event, I was amazed at the amount of stock they had available, from denim to dresses, lots of menswear as well as women’s wear, plus accessories such as jewellery, sunglasses and bags were available. With hordes of people attending, the stock soon depleted, however the friendly staff were on hand restocking the racks with fresh garments throughout the day. 

You may have been to vintage fairs, or clothing sales before, but I’m sure you’ve never experienced anything like the fun and fashionable PreLoved Kilo sale. The first reason these sales standout amongst others is due to the variety of stock they have available. They literally hold pieces for every style, from every genre of fashion for every size of person, so no matter who you are, your style or size you will be able to find something to love. They’re also super friendly and fun, with staff happily gossiping as they replenish the stock and helping find any specific pieces of clothing you’re looking for. PreLoved Kilo also offer a place to try your finds on to make sure they’re just right for you, with mirrors on hand around the room. I also want to note that despite some of the items being vintage, all the pieces are in fantastic condition, and before they get sold PreLoved Kilo ensure they’re of high quality, that they’re unique, and they get laundered so they’re fresh for purchase.

This time, I was on the hunt for a few statement pieces to add to my wardrobe. Sometimes on the highstreet it can be hard to find special and more unique pieces of clothing, so events like PreLoved Kilo are the perfect alternative. I came out of the sale having achieved my goal, with several lovely statement pieces. Below are some photos with them styled amongst pieces I already had in my closet. There was no theme for this shoot, a friend and I simply took my PreLoved Kilo haul, several pairs of shoes and a camera around the area I live, styling beautiful and elegant looks in normal surrounds, proving that hidden gems can be found anywhere, you just need to search for them… 

Beautiful Yarell jacket above in the style of a vintage Yves Saint Laurent piece and teal blouse in the style of the current Gucci aesthetic, both sourced at the PreLoved Kilo event.

Teal blouse with ruffles above in the style of the current Gucci aesthetic sourced at the PreLoved Kilo event.

Green pussybow blouse above sourced at the PreLoved Kilo event.

Andre Luciano jacket above with silk panel front sourced at the PreLoved Kilo event.

Stunning Pierre Balmain top above sourced at the PreLoved Kilo event.

Green and blue jacket by Brenda Goode above sourced at the PreLoved Kilo event, styled in the current Balmain aesthetic.

Yarell jacket in the style of a vintage Yves Saint Laurent piece above sourced at the PreLoved Kilo event, styled with all black.

Very on trend snakeskin print shirt, in hues of blue above was sourced at the PreLoved Kilo event. Overall the sale, for me, was a huge success as I managed to bag some amazing items I’d struggle to get anywhere else. The whole event was a great day out, plus the prices you pay for what you come away with is fantastic! An amazing event that I can’t wait to attend again, and if they’re holding one in your area then I urge you to go and check them out. They stock tonnes of PreLoved, vintage and retro clothing so you’ll be sure to find treasure you’ll love forever. They visit two cities every weekend and below is a list of the cities they’ll be coming to soon. Please follow them on Instagram and Facebook @PreLovedKilo for more information of when they’re in your area.

PreLoved Kilo visit Coventry, Leicester, Dundee, Glasgow, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Preston, Middlesbrough, Durham, Wimbledon, Hackney, Ipswich, Norwich, Guildford, Nottingham, Northampton, Bristol, Swansea, Cardiff, Bath, Brighton, Birmingham, Cambridge, Colchester, Reading, Portsmouth, Stoke, Carlisle, Southampton, Newcastle and Liverpool.  For my previous PreLoved Kilo Article, please hit the link below:

My Previous PreLoved Kilo Article from April 2018