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LFWM: My trusted grooming products for Fashion Week...

Looking good and being well groomed isn’t something that comes naturally to me, having problematic skin and a T-zone that could cook chips, it takes an army of trusty products to keep me looking good and feeling confident. During London Fashion Week Men’s I wanted to look and feel the best that I could, so I took with me a select few items that I know I can rely on to keep me in tip-top condition during the busy shows at a time I know I will be photographed within an inch of my life. Below are some of my new favourites that helped me slay during LFWM, and if they can help me look good, I’m sure they can help transform you too. MMUK Man Pressed Powder I’m obsessed with this product and would happily say that it was one of the best items in my pocket during the shows at LFWM. I use this everyday all over my face to finish off my foundation and matte my skin, as sometimes I can look very shiny and it’s unpleasant. The powder doesn’t cake, clog pores or oxidise and helps leave a perfect, matte finish with no horrible powdery look. A super high quality at a low price! One reason that I always use a face powder is that during the shows when I am photographed, or papped on the street as I was several times a day this season, the powder helps airbrush my skin when a flash is used, helping me look flawless and blemish free, a great tip! It also keeps you from looking greasy in the hot weather so you not only look groomed but feel fresh too.

Kiss Lash Couture Triple Push-up Lashes Yes I wear Kiss lashes, blah blah blah. I know I say it over and over again on my social media platforms but the fact is, when you’ve found the best, why wear anything else? This season at Men’s Fashion Week, or LFWM, I wore the Kiss Products Triple Push-Up Lashes from the Lash Couture range in Corset. These are a new launch for Kiss which were inspired by Elizabeth Taylor and her iconic double layered lashes. These lashes have 3 designs all in one lash, giving them volume, high impact dimensional lift & curl plus killer length! I teamed these with tamed black smokey eyes and black eyeliner everyday of the shows during Men’s Fashion Week and they never let me down. The lashes looked amazing everyday and they were easy to apply, as always, and super long and thick. Plus they helped frame my eyeline making me look wide eyed, awake and flawlessly seductive. The new range is a must have for me for sure, I mean, could I get anymore obsessed with Kiss Lashes?

Profusion Cosmetics Pro Conceal & Contour Palette I didn’t want to have to take a huge haul of make up products with me to LFWM, so this little beauty was perfect as it contains 19 professional pieces all in one palette. The Pro Conceal & Contour Palette has everything from highlighting, bronzing, contouring, colour correcting and brushes for use all over the face (and body too!).

The powders contained in this palette were perfect for me for contouring my trademark cheekbones as the powder was so fine I could build up coverage or keep my contour light for more of a day look. The highlighters in this palette are also a huge strength giving you everything from a slight shimmer to all-out high glam with one powder and one cream glitter highlighter shades and two others without glitter which were perfect for contouring as well as highlighter parts of your face. As this set also had colour correcting creams plus concealers it’s become my go to palette every morning whether I’m off to the office or an event, the two brushes included work perfectly with the products helping them be smooth to use, easy to blend and give killer coverage. The palette really did save my life as I was certainly having a few bad skin days during this season of LFWM, but as the products helped give me a blemish free looking base and lasting coverage I was able to look back at the photos with a smile! (Oh and Profusion products are cruelty free, hurray!)

Caudalie I’ve had this Caudalie set for a while, and I’ve been meaning to test it out with my problematic skin. It wasn’t till I took some of the products to London with me that I realised I’d been missing out!

To London Fashion Week Mens I brought 3 Caudalie products, the make-up removing cleansing oil, the instant foaming cleanser and vine active overnight detox oil. As I packed them I thought to myself that if I didn’t like using the products I could leave them in my hotel room when I left to save packing again, something I often do, but I can assure you each product came home with my and are now some of my favourites. This is the first time I’ve used any Caudalie products, and I’m super impressed with the ease of use, plus their simplicity yet high performance and quality.

The two items I first fell for were the Cleansing Oil and Instant Foaming Cleaner. As I was planning on wearing heavy make up during the shows, plus knowing I’d be around that dreaded London pollution, I knew I’d need to double cleanse everyday and these two items are PERFECT for that. Not only did my skin like them, which is a rare occurrence, they effortlessly cleansed my skin leaving it clean, glowing and feeling moisturised. The oil which has grape and sweet almond helped gently melt my make-up and it felt nourishing as I massaged it gently over my skin. I usually stay away from oils as I naturally have oily skin, but I’ve heard that sometimes a good oil cleaner can help balance your skin and they’re less likely to strip your skin of its own natural oils that it needs, and this certainly helped! It didn’t feel like it stripped my skin, and it’s cleansed in such a lovely way that my skin felt even more moisturised after I’d used it than before.

My next step was to double cleanse using the instant flaming cleanser. This is my favourite out of all the three products, as it’s so easy, smells great and my skin seemed to really enjoy using this. The foam melted over my skin and helped cleanse any excess oil from the oil cleanser plus with the water it was mixed with seemed to help open and cleanse my pores. After using both products together my skin not only was double cleansed, but felt healthier, it wasn’t dry or tender like some products can make it, plus my skin seemed to have a lovely fresh glow. My new cleansing favourites!!!

The last item I used from this set was the overnight detox oil. The oil had a herbal fragrance that felt relaxing as I massaged it over my skin before bed following my fabulous cleanse (yes I know I say fabulous a lot, but you have no idea the amount of products I buy, try and then bin because my skin hates it, so to find items I like to be able to review for you is rare!). I applied a few drops before bed just before I added a light moisturiser, it had an easy to use pipette which helped regulate how much I used. Now as I’ve said before, using an oil scares me as my skin is oily itself but this oil is slightly different in the fact it’s a dry oily. So it doesn’t feel like an oily mess on your skin, the dry oil sinks into the layers of your skin like a moisturiser and helps the skin regulate itself during the night. The box says it helps your skin detoxify and keep your complexion refreshed and I personally found it helped with my oiliness. Helping my skin regulate its oil production is a priceless treasure, and if you’re like me, I really think this dry oil (dry is the selling point) could be worth a try!

Hempz Herbal Hairspray After I’ve blow dried my hair I like to brush a little hairspray over my ends to stop any flyaway strands sticking up and looking messy, plus I add a little to my fringe to keep it from flopping down during the day. The Hempz brand is new on my radar and having seen them on social media I thought I’d give some of their products a try, and I’m thankful I did. I’ve mentioned before that I’m always trying new items and many end up in the bin as I just don’t like them, so if a product makes my blog, you know it’s earned it’s place here. The Hempz brand uses natural extracts to create hard working products. They often use hemp seed extracts which you may have noticed via the press, is a product on the rise as we constantly learn how many amazing uses the oil extracted from the seed can have. This Hempz hairspray has hemp seed extracts infused in its formula but don’t worry, it smelt lovely as I sprayed it over my hair with its fruity scent. The hold was fantastic without any horrible sticky “hard hair” situation, the hold was firm yet totally workable, and my hair felt like it could breathe and wasn’t masked in spray. I was really impressed with how light the spray was yet how good the hold it gave was too, plus with its lovely fragrance, it became a winner for me, and I’m glad it come with me for fashion week.

Winky Lux Lip Pills I have many lip products and really struggled to pick what to take, however due to their super cute size and high quality when I tested them I knew these were my top pick. The lip pills are in Winky Lux’s favourite lipstick shades and I used almost every pill during the shows. I’d wake up in the morning and pick the lipstick pill that matched my outfit best, then pop it in my Dior Bag for touch ups throughout the busy day. They were super cute, everybody loved them, and they gave my lips killer colour without any bleeding, drying or smudging. I also only needed to top up once during the day as the colours seemed to last for ages which was great. My tip is to add some colour from the pill to your lip and use your little finger to rub and glide the colour over your lips creating a gentle, perfectly painted lip for natural colour. If you want you can even add a gloss over the top!

Hempz Vanilla Plum Body Wash Another Hempz product that came with me to Men’s Fashion Week in London. I choose the Vanilla Plum body wash as I wanted something that smelt great and was easy to wash with. The scent was beautiful and it was rich and luxurious to use with its nourishing cream texture. It left my skin feeling clean, hydrated and smooth. I loved that is wasn’t drying, as some cleansers I’ve used in the past seemed to strip my skin, not this, this was a beauty to use and I never got bored of the light gentle fragrance.

LQ Liquid Health Supplements

This is an unusual grooming product, but as fashion week can be an unhealthy time of not eating, barely sleeping and working too hard, plus drinking far too many free glasses of champagne, I often make a conscious effort to take healthy steps for my body. These little drinks are something I can easily add to my busy lifestyle to ensure I’m getting a little bit of extra vitamins, not only for my body and general health, but to aid the health of my skin, hair and nails.

The liquid food supplements are simple glasses of juice that you can drink containing marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol (from red grapes), silicon, glucosamine, selenium and vitamins C and E. All of those have health benefits to aid healthy skin, hair and nails and if added with a health diet and lifestyle can work wonders. The drinks taste of a very strong orange to me, and I had a little bottle mixed with fresh orange juice every morning just to make the drinks really enjoyable, and the 50ml bottles are so handy and small enough to run out the door with for days where you just don’t have time for breakfast (which is very often what I do!). A perfect supplement for a busy person who wants to take extra steps towards a healthier lifestyle, oh and better skin, hair and nails, which is something we all want, right?

For more information on collagen, LQ has produced an Ultimate Guide to Collagen that provides everything that you could possibly want to know about the importance of this key protein. Why not try LQ Skin Hair and Nails it contains 7,000mg of high-grade collagen, as well as 8 more key active ingredients that have been scientifically formulated to help maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.