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LFWM: The Outfits

London Fashion Week Men’s, or LFWM as it’s known came and went faster than my friend Deborah can eat a McDonalds burger, and that’s pretty fast! This was the first time that I’ve chosen to attend Men’s Fashion Week in London and as ever it was a fabulous experience. As always, I had a blast running from show to show, sipping complementary cocktails and dressing in our finest in the hopes of getting papped on the street, which me and my friends did, several times. I attended all three days of LFWM (I don’t know why they call it a week when it’s actually just a long weekend) and I managed to squeeze in 4 different looks as I sashayed around with my London Fashion Family. For my first season at the men’s collections, I wanted to take traditional menswear such as formal shirts & waistcoats and style them in a fashion forward and gender neutral way, in keeping with my personal style and aesthetic. For me, fashion is all about confidence, make someone feel fabulous with fabulous clothing and they can conquer the world... 

Day One: Day ones outfit needed to be versatile as I’d be travelling to the city in it, but also fabulous enough to wear at the shows. I travelled to London from my home city of Nottingham and went straight to the first show with my luggage in one hand, and a thirst for fashion in the other. I decided to wear a Vetements tee over a black shirt, a Topshop jacket in green denim with sequin detail and a pair of Missguided heels with Topman skinny jeans. I wore the Topshop jacket in a normal manner while I travelled, but as soon as I hit the shows I pulled the jacket down across my shoulders and belted it with an OffWhite brand belt in yellow.  

I picked the green denim Topshop jacket because I wanted something that would match my Louis Vuitton luggage and it’s gold tones. I knew I’d have my luggage with me at the shows so naturally my luggage had to be as stylish as my outfit and also match the look, so I consciously made choices that would complement each other. Day Two: For the second day of LFWM I had two outfits planned, for the first outfit I decided to create a sport-luxe look, which is an aesthetic I don’t often wear. This look was my own take on sport luxe which I thought would be a good fit for the tamer men’s shows, something I don’t usually play with, mixing sport elements and textures such as long gloves, utilitarian webbed belts and casually draped shirts. I elevated these using black heels and a mix of formal shirts worn informally and a killer pair of sunglasses.

This was my most successful look and was photographed many times by Streetstyle photographers. Not only was the look successful but it also made me feel absolutely fabulous as a strutted around The Strand, which is currently the home of London Fashion Week. This look consisted of a black New Look shirt under a draped marble print H&M shirt that was worn off the shoulder and belted with an OffWhite belt. My jeans were by Topman and the shoes were by Missguided, as for those killer gloves, they were by Alexander Wang from it’s H&M collaboration which have been sitting in my closet for over 2 years. I also wore my favourite Christian Dior bowler bag that was from Designer Exchange which I felt needed to have a fashion week moment, especially as Dior monogram is so on trend again right now, and the sunglasses were from Asos.

As 4pm approached, and I looked ahead at the evenings events, I decided it was time for an outfit change. As I’m such a planner, luckily I’d planned my second look of the day and had it carefully folded in my Dior bowler bag.  

I decided to jump on the Kim Kardashian bandwagon, something I very rarely do, and created a gender fluid look mixing menswear and womenswear together. This is something I usually do anyway, however in the style of Kim K, I took a woman’s waist trainer and wore it over a mans shirt from H&M which was in a grey washed denim style. Teamed with simple black Topman jeans and Missguided Heels the look was actually very simple, but elevated with the waist trainer creating a fun synched silhouette. I teamed this look with the same Asos sunglasses and Dior bowler bag I had used throughout the day, but I did style a beautiful black vintage clutch borrowed from @StyleGrimoires for a few shots outside the shows on The Strand too.  

Day Three: For the final day of LFWM I had another two looks planned, however due to feeling exhausted and the busy schedule I only managed to wear one. Taking inspiration from the Christian Dior SS18 Menswear Collection and using one of the collections broaches that I purchased back in February, I created an inspired menswear look. One that was slightly more formal than Dior’s relaxed creations that would fit my personal style better.

Above are some of Dior’s runway looks, below is the look that I styled and wore for the last day of the shows. I pinned my Dior piece to a New Look waistcoat that was grey with a black silk back with black trim & buttons. I teamed this with the same Christian Dior bowler bag from Designer Exchange and Missguided heels as the previous days, and I wore my trusty Topman Skinny Jeans. I also wore some amazing mirrored Asos sunglasses, perfect for clocking the off duty models as nobody could see where I was looking.

And as the last show closed (to huge applause may I add!) I strutted out of the show space, grabbed my luggage from the coat check at 180 The Strand, then made my way home with a mind full of fashion, a smile on my face, and a heart full of contentment... another fashion week over, well, till September!

All photos included were snapped, with patience and expertise by Saffy at @StyleGrimoires, a special thank you to you.