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I Predicted the return, and Dior agreed: The Saddle Bag

Remember the early 2000’s? When the “it” bag first created year long waiting lists and fashion was fun, colourful, and defined by eccentricity? I’m talking the likes of Galliano’s Saddle bag at Dior, Multicolour monogram at Vuitton, the Spy bag followed by the B bag at Fendi, and the now forgettable Chloe Paddington. It was a time where bags got weird, more expensive, more embellished and far more desirable than ever before. It was a decade that changed the accessories market forever, and personally a decade in fashion that I’ll always treasure. Mainly because it was the decade that has defined my love of fashion. I started secondary school in 2003, and spent my teenage years lusting over the “it” bags of the time, and spending endless hours online researching the Multicolour line at Vuitton and who was carrying it. 

That was then, now fast forward a decade and you’ll no longer see a Chloe Padding anywhere nor would you find anyone that would openly admit to carrying one. The high-streets are now void of all Fendi B Bags and even Louis Vuitton Multicolour pieces, that still have a strong following, are hardly seeing the light of day. I have always been a fan of these items, minus that ugly & extremely heavy Paddington, and because of this, have been collecting the odd piece to add to my collection. I must admit, with the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Dior bringing back its monogram and more quirky pieces in the last few seasons, I have been increasingly using my carefully chosen vintage finds within my everyday wardrobe and receiving many complements. It was at St Pancras station a year and a half ago that I first noticed that something was happening. A business women, in a black dress & 3 inch patent heels ran to make her connection, she was late twenties/early thirties and fabulous, with long brown hair and skinny size 8 waist. As my eye glanced down I spotted a silver CD under her arm and the silhouette of a legend. She was carrying a black leather Christian Dior saddle bag with silver hardware. It was the first time in many years I had seen the saddle bag being worn with pride among today’s fashionable proportions. Three months following my chance encounter at St Pancras station I have noticed that the Saddle Bag really is growing a following. It’s being featured more on Instagram and street style stars like DJ Mazurbate and Chaelin Lee are sporting the Saddle Bag. News that vintage stores and designer consignments are selling out of the Saddle bags just as quickly as they are coming in shows that the love of the 2000’s Galliano creation isn’t just something I have felt, its reiterated around the fashion world. After a quick google I noticed that Vogue earlier in the year also mentioned the rise of the saddle bag, but why? 

Maybe it’s because the quirky bags fit the current trends and feeling of the moment, maybe it’s because people are bored of todays all leather selection at Dior. Or maybe because people like me, who have grown up loving these items through childhood now have the disposable income to buy the pieces they once lusted over and still adore. Either way, long after they were discontinued, the Christian Dior Saddle Bag is just as popular as ever. I followed upon this by writing an article on my blog last year, stating that the saddle bag was on its was back, and everyone that commented agreed with me, little did I know that I was feeling the moment and predicting something great.

A year and a half later, I sit with a cup of Earl Grey to watch the The Christian Dior AW18 collection walk the runway under the helm of Maria Grazia Chiuri, who’s been reviving the the brand since she was appointed in 2016. As we all predicted, the obsession with millennial monogram is already in full swing with Dior reviving it’s own archived monogram on a selection of bags and accessories. I sat back to watch, and I had the biggest fashion moment of the season... amongst the colourful creations I spotted it, the legend, the Galliano creation that captivated the fashion world in the late 90’s and early 2000’s... a saddle bag!

At first I wasn’t sure, quickly trying to scan the accessories on the models and see if I was mistaken, looking for saddle shaped leather and the classic CD handle, but they were there! Maria had done the unexpected, a perhaps controversial decision to recreate a design by disgraced designer Galliano who was fired from the brand for anti-Semitic rants while under the influence of alcohol. But the fact the bags have reappeared after almost a decade is proof that my prediction was correct, and Dior agreed. The bags themselves seem to have had a slight redesign with an added crossbody strap which is removable but the classic piece remains the same, with a varied range of designs from a monogram print piece to colourful beaded pieces. We also saw two classic black leather saddle bags among the collection styled in different ways.

So, as we now wait for the collection to hit stores I do ask the question: will the new saddle bags be affordable? And will they remain a stable for the next few seasons? Well unfortunately I have a feeling that they will be rather pricey, at an estimated cost for £1,700+ and as for the longevity of the saddle bag, only time will tell, but for now I’m enjoying the moment. Long love the saddle bag.... 

Check out some of the other bags that featured in the show below, personally I’m obsessing over them all!

A special thank you to my friend Jade for helping me with these killer editorial shots, the best shoot to date!