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LFW Show Reviews ft Mimi Tran, Sabinna, Kristel Kuslapuu and Naya Rea

Mimi Tran On the Saturday of London Fashion Week, Mimi Tran presented her Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. The collection was called ‘Snowflake’ and was described as “drawing inspiration from an icy arctic breeze”. From start to finish I sat with my eyes wide open in awe of the beautiful red carpet ready gowns that walked down the runway. The soundtrack for the show featured Beyoncé Halo which I felt was fitting for the intricate dazzling dresses. Each dress contained carefully crafted embellishments which oozed sophisticated glamour without being too overdone. A mixed palette of colours were used including black with gold, deep pinks, whites and a variety of blue hues to match her snowflake theme. The gowns emulated the delicate beauty of a snowflake very well, with crystals and sequins embroidered onto the pieces which reflected flashbulbs of light as models walked.  

We not only saw an abundance of stunning gowns, but we did also see some separates, like the matching bandeau, skirt and jacket. The collection also contained a beautiful asymmetric playsuit in black and rose gold that glided down the runway with gown up elegance. Some of the pieces did step away from the snowflake theme with delicate flower embellishments, however each piece contained glamour, beauty, femininity and a lovely innocence in its design. An absolutely stunning collection shown in a stunningly elegant show. Congratulations Mimi Tran on your designs that empower femininity and are overflowing with allure, modernity and glamour. 

Sabinna Sabinna’s events are always a staple for me at London Fashion Week. A chic, fashion forward and interactive brand that I’ve fallen in love with, it’s a must for everyday pieces that you’ll wear and treasure forever. Heavily featured on my blog already, a fashion week article would not be complete without a mention of her new collection. This season, Sabinna did things a little differently, choosing to show new pieces daily in the run up to London Fashion Week with the help of influencers across the world. Each day a different influencer or media personality would style up and present a new look from the Autumn/Winter 2018 collection, and the pieces were available to pre-order and purchase following the brands intimate presentation at St Martins Lane Hotel in London.

The season 006 collection entitled ‘out of focus’ draws inspiration from finding balance in life. The collection explores a certain state of mind, a journey in finding yourself. Most people, especially in their twenties, know this out of focus feeling well, and I am personally one of them. The colours and textiles were inspired by sculptures by Johnson Tsung and artwork by Landon Metz, Sinta Werner and Nygårds Maria Bengtsson. The collection featured new flower prints in blue hues with yellow that were carefully placed onto dresses, silk scarves and top & trouser separates. We saw elegant yet quirky and absolutely chic striped suits in navy and brown plus checked yellow merino wool separates. Many designs had sleeves that contained gathered details on the upper arm which could be pulled together with a tie which elevated the looks. This season Sabinna also created blanket scarves perfect for winter to use as throws to keep warm, something that can help spice up your looks due to the grown up yet modern floral prints. The Sabinna aesthetic we have grown to love, but in modern and fresh colours, prints and cuts. Below are some of the photos at the event, a quick snap of me and Sabinna herself, plus some photos of the new collection from Sabinna’s lookbook.

Kristel Kuslapuu Kristel Kuslapuu presented her collection with Fashion Scout at Freemasons Hall this season, and it was a presentation that 10 minutes in really did make me look twice! Kuslapuu is an Estonian designer that draws inspiration from cliches and irony, creating pieces that are traditionally loud in design. She won Fashion Scouts ‘Ones to watch’ award and therefore got to present her collection at London Fashion Week. Kuslapuu says she is unafraid of pushing boundaries, sharing provocative messages and pushing gender boundaries. She says that putting a gender to a garment feels like a waste of energy that could be put to better use, and that’s something I personally love to champion. The collection that we saw at Freemasons Hall featured knitwear in bold colours with unique cuts and patterns, absolutely sticking to her own aesthetic. The AW18 pieces were inspired by dark secrets, phobias, social anxieties and traumas, yet with the dark inspiration Kuslapuu managed to present fun and colourful creations. The pieces speak of serious and inconvenient subjects through the highest level of self-irony, sharing provocative messages. Most pieces were also hand knit in a protest against fast fashion, a theme we saw across London Fashion Week. Using bold colours, unique patterns and art-like forms, the collection was fun, colourful and unique, but styled well amongst your current closet could create wearable yet statement looks. A fabulous collection presented in fun avant garde style. Can you spot the reason why I had to look twice 10 minutes into the presentation? One minute he’s sat down, the next he’s standing and facing the wall as the photographers start to scramble for a photo...

Naya Rea In the middle of the craziness of London Fashion Week, DyeLog PR gave me some much needed relaxation at its presentation of Naya Rea’s new Autumn/Winter 2018 pieces. Held at Pushkin House in Bloomsbury Square, designer Naya Rea showcased her new collection by forgetting traditional methods of a runway show or presentations, but instead she sold us her collection with a story. Rea teamed up with Russian artist Uldus Bakhtiozina to present her new collection in film. Entitled ‘One day of summer’ the film is an ode to the designers Russian heritage and the short summers of Siberia. Something that the UK can also relate to! The short film was showcased in a grand yet dark room with champagne and nibbles, guests stood and watched as the film depicted a mystical and grand home, in which three girls are awaiting the fleeting moment when summer arrives and they can wear their summer clothes. The film, which naturally featured models wearing the new collection, was a dreamy snapshot of anticipation that was dashed as the girls realised that summer hadn’t arrived after spending all day in anticipation. It was a beautifully shot film which I stayed and watched several times, soaking up the story line, the clothing, and the power behind the iconography and symbolism that featured.  

The collection itself was beautiful and romantic, just like the short film. We saw ruffles, prints, tailoring and free silhouette dresses. My favourite piece was the adorable, yet statement trouser suit in red with romantic white ruffles. ‘One day of summer’ was certainly a fashion statement which absolutely captured the soul and romance of the new collection. Below are some snaps of the clothing, but to truly fall in love please watch the video via the link below, as you’ll be transported to another world.  

Naya Rea X Uldus Bakhtiozina Presents ‘One day of summer’

With thanks to POP PR, Fashion Scout London, DyeLog PR and also HPR for giving me the opportunity to cover these amazing events. A special thanks to Saffy @StyleGrimoires for accompanying me this season, taking extra snaps and helping make it fabulous. For more information on the designers themselves, please visit their own Instagram feeds and websites.