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PreLoved Kilo Vintage Sale...

“I come for the Individuality of the clothes you can get here, I like sewing and reworking garments as I have an eclectic style, these clothes are perfect to rework into something amazing, the prices are great!”

Sometimes on the highstreet it can be hard to find special and more unique pieces of clothing to add to your wardrobe, items that you’ll love and treasure forever. For extra special pieces that are unique, or more unusual you have to avoid the mass produced items available at chain stores, and shop at more unusual places. This is an approach I have been taking for the last year or so, still following trends and remaining fashion forward, but often avoiding the mass produced highstreet to source my clothing. This tactic has helped me stand out and totally up my street style game, while collecting a beautiful and carefully curated wardrobe of special pieces along the way, instead of a closet full of the same old items everyone got from the same highstreet stores. 

(Above & below) Myself attending the Pre-loved Vintage Kilo Sale at the Nottingham Contemporary.

Oversized Green Blazer: Primark (a bargain at £5 from its sale rail in the women’s department)

Black Shirt: New Look Men Black Skinny Jeans: Topman

Waist Belt: New Look

Clutch Bag: New Look

Shoes: Boohoo

A few weeks ago, I heard that the Pre-loved Vintage Kilo Sale was coming to my hometown of Nottingham, and I instantly knew this would be the perfect event to hunt for special, harder to find and more unique items to add to my closet. The Pre-loved Vintage Kilo Sale is an event that travels across the county, hosting at two different locations every weekend! The concept of the sale is simple, they supply racks upon racks of pre-loved or vintage clothing and accessories, and you simply pay for what you have chosen by weight, at £15 per kilo. You are given a clear bag as you enter to fill up with whatever items you would like, and there was a fun atmosphere with people happily hunting for hidden treasure around the room. The concept was super fun, and when I arrived at the Nottingham sale I was also amazed at the amount of stock they had available, from denim to dresses, lots of menswear as well as women’s wear, plus accessories such as jewellery, sunglasses and bags were available. With hordes of people attending, the stock soon depleted, however the friendly staff were on hand restocking the racks with fresh garments throughout the day. 

“I come because I love the style of the clothes you get here, plus thrifting is my thing” “Lots of choice, less expensive than other places, a cross between vintage and retro”

As I sashayed around the room, selecting pieces I felt I could style well into my existing closet, I met many lovely people. As we got gossiping I purposefully asked each person the same question, “What attracts you to this type of event?” and I got many reasons as to why people attended, but there was one generic theme. People came for the fun of hunting, the wide range of different clothing of which many styles can’t be found on the highstreet, and because of the great value of paying only £15 per kilo. “I come because of the price, you just can’t beat it for what you get” “... I came again as I’ve been before, looking for something specific that I can’t get elsewhere, it’s also cheaper here. I think thrifting is on the rise, lots of people like me come and reuse the fabric to rework into new garments. Social media influences these kind of events and that’s why they’re so popular, I think anyway...” “We came for a good day out, and the bargains” I spent a good few hours at the sale in Nottingham, and after I had walked around the room several times selecting pieces I liked, I then took them to the weighing desk. At the weighing desk I saw mirrors and special sections created to try on clothes if you wanted to, as the main shopping area could get very busy! I selected 13 items, and after they weighed my bag I had 3.9 which amounted to approximately £58. Not bad considering one jacket on the highstreet could cost you that easily, and I was walking away with several! Overall the event was fabulous, the team were friendly and fun, and the vast array of stock at a great price makes the whole event worth a visit, not just because you can grab some fabulous finds, but because the whole experience was a great day out. Below are some of the pieces I walked away with styled amongst pieces I already had in closet. The theme for the shoot was ‘flashbulbs in the ghetto’ trying to style beautiful and elegant looks in raw surroundings at night, proving that hidden gems can be found anywhere, you just need to search from them… 

This first look above featured a blouse which totally looks Chanel inspired that I found at the PreLoved Kilo Sale. I wanted simple, classic elegance so teamed it with a white shirt from H&M, black skinny jeans from Topman and Boohoo boots. 

I got many jackets at the PreLoved Kilo Sale and this checked bomber above is perfect to just throw on over anything. If worn with all black the bomber jacket does all the talking. Teamed with a black New Look shirt, Topman skinny jeans and Boohoo boots. 

Above is another vintage style jacket I got at the sale. I find it so easy to style up a jacket, it looks chic when worn with all one colour like black, and leaves the jacket as a statement. Teamed with a black New Look shirt, Topman skinny jeans, a Prinark bag and Boohoo boots.

We’ll move away from jackets, and show a t-shirt I picked up in the sale. I don’t know why I wanted this, but I liked the yellow and the ghetto Adidas printed logo. Styled with a black New Look shirt, Topman skinny jeans and a Primark knuckle-duster for some extra ghetto sass.

Ok, so back to a jacket! PreLoved Kilo had many army pieces available and I couldn’t resist picking one. This is large on my tiny frame so I’ve belted it, unfortunately it looks far better in person than the photos portray. However, it just shows that to be chic, less is often enough to serve style. My jacket is teamed with a black New Look shirt, Topman skinny jeans and Boohoo boots with a New Look waist belt to synch the oversized jacket. 

I am absolutely living for this look seen above. The jacket itself is from the PreLoved Kilo sale, and I’ve belted it with a New Look waist belt which is currently very on trend, not only for women but in menswear also. I’ve teamed this with a white H&M shirt, H&M white trousers and blue thigh-high boots by Truffle Collection that I got from (and yes, the boots were £5!!!!) I totally loved this look, and I think it might be put away to be worn next season at London Fashion Week. 

I got the above blouse at the PreLoved Kilo sale as I loved the detail on it. Rose buttons, a cream base and floral print throughout. However this was the last shot we took during the shoot and you can tell we’d lost steam. The photos didn’t translate and the look wasn’t elevated. I teamed the blouse with H&M trousers, Boohoo boots and a New Look shirt. Next time I style this up I’ll team it within a fabulous look that it deserves. The blouse shows that the PreLoved Kilo Sale’s do contain quality stock with detail and craftsmanship. 

Next up is this Jaeger blouse that I spotted and bagged before someone else could grab it. I adored the vintage print in deep brown & green shades that you’d struggle to find these days on the highstreet. The blouse is cotton with puff detail sleeves, and once again, I teamed it with all black so that the blouse does the all talking.

Ahhh another look that I am living for! This dress looks like a 70s work uniform, perhaps for a school cook, but who knows. When I saw it at the PreLoved Kilo Sale I grabbed it, it didn’t look much on the hanger but I knew it could be given some life once again. It would be almost impossible to find something like this on the highstreet and that’s the joy of the sale, you really can pick some amazing pieces you can’t get anywhere else. I’ve styled this with all black, skinny jeans were from Topman and the shirt was from New Look. The New Look waist belt synches the dress to my body and as I crouch the gown opens up and flows around me. Peeping out are my amazing Public Desire shoes. I love how these shots came out, and I’m hoping I can style this up for London Fashion Week next season. 

Last but absolutely not least, and maybe one of my fabulous favourites, is this white denim floral print jacket, which has embroidered beads on some of the flowers. Another killer piece that would cost a lot on the highstreet, if you could find it. However at the sale, you pay by weight at just £15 a Kilo! The jacket photographed great but really does look like a statement in person. I teamed the jacket with all white, keeping my base clothes all one colour to help the jacket be the statement and look elevated. White shirt and white trousers were from H&M and my denim heels were from Public Desire. A beautiful find that I’m extremely happy with. 

Overall the sale, for me, was a huge success as I managed to bag some amazing items I’d struggle to get anywhere else. The whole event was a great day out, plus the prices you pay for what you come away with is fantastic! An amazing event that I can’t wait to attend again, and if they’re holding one in your area then I urge you to go and check them out. They stock tonnes of PreLoved, vintage and retro clothing so you’ll be sure to find treasure you’ll love forever. They visit two cities every weekend and below is a list of the cities they’ll be coming to soon. Please follow them on Instagram and Facebook @PreLovedKilo for more information of when they’re in your area.

PreLoved Kilo visit Coventry, Leicester, Dundee, Glasgow, Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Preston, Middlesbrough, Durham, Wimbledon, Hackney, Ipswich, Norwich, Guildford, Nottingham, Northampton, Bristol, Swansea, Cardiff, Bath, Brighton, Birmingham, Cambridge, Colchester, Reading, Portsmouth, Stoke, Carlisle, Southampton, Newcastle and Liverpool.