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My tip for luxurious relaxation: Owen Drew...

As I sit at my laptop dressed as Carrie Bradshaw circa 2000, ready to create my post fashion week show reviews, I realise how exhausted I am. London Fashion Week has come and gone so quickly this season that I genuinely don’t know how I’ve managed to fit so much work in such a small space of time. For people that don’t attend the shows or have jobs in the industry, it can be hard to fathom the amount of work, and sometimes anxiety that can go into fashion, and how you need to be on the ball and fast acting to remain relevant in the industry. With two months of preparation work for the 5 days of constant activity, work, press and PR mingling with some fashion-fun on the side completed, it’s time for me to take a few days out to relax. It’s a well known fact the fashion industry, no matter how supportive it can be, with its constantly work and pressure can also be very exhausting and a cause of stress and anxiety, so it’s important to take some time out for yourself to ensure your health and wellbeing are looked after, not just your look. Over the last month during the craziness I’ve encountered, you may have noticed on my social media that I’ve been having some downtime just before I go to bed. A little classical music, a slowly burning candle, a relaxing warm drink, and a gentle spritz of a sleep mist just before I nod off. This has been a conscious effort to ensure that I not only relax and wind down, but I have a great sleep ready for the next day, plus it just simply feels fabulous. For my follow fashion fans out there who are probably in need of the same treatment, and for anyone who wishes to have more relaxation time, I have a small tip for you, in the form Owen Drew products. 

Owen Drew Luxury Candles I’ve mentioned the brand Owen Drew on social media and I’ve become a huge fan of their luxury products. Originally the brand started with a small selection of candles, which when I first tried them blew me away with their classy, sophisticated and luxurious scents. Forget harsh synthetic ‘smells’ as these were nothing like tradition candles, or even popular Yankee Candles. These were fragrances that truly could alter your mood, from seductive fragrances to gentle relaxing scents, I’ve never tried an Owen Drew I didn’t like.  

I usually burn my Owen Drew candles in my living area of my apartment, which has an ornate gold theme, and they fit in perfectly. The wax is beautiful and was soft and clean to burn, plus each candle has a wooden wick that gently crackles which adds atmosphere to any room, a feature that I loved. Not to mention that the soy wax and wooden wick burnt beautifully and it doesn't leave any soot or smoke like lots of other candles do, which means I can burn them freely in any room without worrying about leaving smoke marks on walls. My favourite scent is the White Linen & English Lavender, it’s so relaxing and calming that I often burn it just before bed. 

Owen Drew Wax Melts Wax melts are my most used item from the Owen Drew range simply because they are so versatile. Don’t have time to burn a candle? Want a quick hit of fragrance? Or maybe you have pets and don’t like an exposed flame? Then wax melts maybe perfect for you. The wax melts are small blocks of wax that are infused with the high quality Owen Drew fragrance formulations, that you can melt in a melt warmer using a small tealight candle. The beauty of the melt warmer is that the candle is enclosed inside the warmer, so its slightly safer when you have pets or children and you’re concerned of an open flame. I also find that the beautiful melt warmers not only look elegant but it releases the fragrance slightly faster. 

Another little tip, like the candles, is that you can create fragrance in any part of your home. Moving the melt warmer to either the end table like I have above, or the kitchen table perhaps like I have below for dinner parties with friends, or to simply mask cooking smells. The melt warmer I have is from the Owen Drew website so it perfectly complements the melts. I have a beautiful grey colour, which when has a tealight inside emits a lovely glow from the two small holes on either side, adding ambiance as well as beautiful fragrance. Perfect for my post fashion week zen time. 

Owen Drew Sleep Mist I’ve tried a few sleep mists in the past but always found them either to strong in scent or very herbal in fragrance, both of which I didn’t like. As I trust Owen Drew’s quality, I didn’t hesitate in trying the newly launched Sleep Mist and now I feel it’s a luxury I won’t be going without. It’s simply a light fragrance made from pure essential oils featuring English Lavender and Patchouli. Lightly sprayed over your bedding it creates a gentle, soft aroma ready for a restful nights sleep, and yes, it works! Team this with a select few other pieces in the range you’ll be constantly relaxed and you won’t ever want to leave your home, and for that, I’m forever grateful.

Owen Drew products are available at You can also follow them on Instagram @OwenDrewCandles Price current range from £7.50 to £75.00 with new pieces coming into stock all the time.