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LFW: My Make-Up

As I sat front row at the Simon Mo AW18 runway show an idea popped into my head. As a person well known for wearing make up and trying different beauty products, why not run you through my London Fashion Week Make-up? My Fashion Week make-up has to be on point from 9am to 1am the following morning (well, I can’t say no to an after party!) and not only does it need to be hardworking it has to be fierce, with good coverage and red carpet ready within a minutes notice. So below I have pulled together all my fashion week worthy products that this season accompanied me from red carpet to runway show to afterparty over and over again.  

Lola Balancing Oil Free Foundation This season I really struggled to pick a foundation to bring with me to London. I have 3 that I switch between and really love, but it was the Lola Balancing Oil Free Foundation that made the cut. It was the perfect shade for my winter skin and I could build the foundation to full coverage yet it still felt lightweight on my skin and never went cakey. It helped me also build confidence, not just give better looking skin. Below is a photo that Lola Make-up featured on their page of me & the foundation. 

Mally Flawless Finish Transforming Foundation I first purchased this product from QVCUK as one of their ‘Today’s special value’ offers. When it arrive I found it was very easy to apply but very heavy for an all over foundation, but it soon struck me that although as a foundation it was too heavy and cakey, but as a concealer it was perfect! I used this over any problem areas, under my eyes and around my chin and jaw line, this is usually where I have problematic skin. I used it over the top of my Lola foundation and lightly blended it in. The result? An absolutely perfect and flawless finish!

New Look Pressed Powder I’m obsessed with this product and would happily say that it’s the best quality powder I have used in years. Not only is it fantastic quality but the highstreet drugstore price tag is just the icing on the cake as they say. New Look have had a beauty range for a while now, as as I’ve tested all the products the stand out star is the face powder. I use this everyday all over my face to finish off my foundation and matte my skin. The powder doesn’t cake, clog pores or oxidise and helps leave a perfect, matte finish with no horrible powdery look. A super high quality at a low price! I used this over the two foundations I have blended on my face and left me looking great. One reason that I always use a face powder is that during the shows when I am photographed, or papped on the street as I was several times a day this season, the powder helps airbrush my skin when a flash is used, helping me look flawless and blemish free. 

Beautypie Brow Powder I’ve mentioned this product before also, and it was my only brow product I used during the fashion week. A powder that is applied using a stick applicator, it helps fill in any gaps in my bush brows to help them looked groomed for a full brow look. I opened a brand new powder for LFW and did find it went all over the desk, so be warned! However this is the easiest way to fill gaps, line and add colour to big bushy brows like mine. 

Seventeen Contour This is a simple palette featuring two colours. A white powder and a darker tan bronzer powder. The bronzer doesn’t contain any shimmer or glitter so is perfect for contour whether you do a simple and natural look or you carve your cheekbones till they can slice butter, either way it’s perfect! However, I have heard from certain PR ladies that the brand maybe being discontinued, so if you’re interested then SHOP FAST!

Winky Lux Lip Pills These were a new product to me just before I packed to go to London for Fashion Week. I have many lip products and really struggled to pick what to take, however due to their super cute size and high quality when I tested them I knew these were my top pick. The lip pills are in Winky Lux’s favourite lipstick shades and I used almost every pill during the shows. I’d wake up in the morning and pick the lipstick pill that matched my outfit best, the popped it in my Chanel Boy Bag for touch ups throughout the busy day. They were super cute, everybody loved them, and they gave my lips killer colour without any bleeding, drying or smudging. I also only needed to top up once during the day as the colours seemed to last for ages which was great. My tip is to add some colour from the pill to your lip and use your little finger to rub and glide the colour over your lips creating a gentle, perfectly painted lip for natural colour. If you want you can even add a gloss over the top!

Winky Lux Highlighter This was also a new product that I took to London. I knew I’d be photographed a lot, and that the shows would have lots of strong lighting so a killer highlighter was needed. This really cute sized Winky Lux highlighter is the stuff of shimmery dreams. Giving that killer white aurora glow that I used to highlight my cupids bow, chin, along my nose and above my contour on my cheeks. Serving killer highlight from show to afterparty without a care in the world!

Kiss Lashes Yes I wear Kiss lashes, blah blah blah. I know I say it over and over on my social media platforms but the fact is, when you’ve found the best, why wear anything else? This season I wore the Kiss Products Mink Lashes from the Lash Couture range in Midnight. I teamed this with black smokey eyes and black eyeliner everyday apart from Sunday when I was hungover so I just did a small brown shadow. For both looks the lashes looked amazing, they were easy to apply, super long and thick plus they helped frame my eye line making me look wide eyed, awake and flawlessly seductive. During the Stories from Arabia event on Monday hosted by POP PR, I even had a designer come and ask my what I’d don’t with my eyes as they looked beautiful, I proudly told her they were Kiss and totally fabulous. 

Joan Collins Timeless Compact This is the perfect small powder compact for touch ups and quick hair checks between shows. Not only is it super stylish in its gold metal Art Deco casing, but its super high quality too. It features a blotting powder and sponge with a mirror perfect for checking how you look on the front row, oh and touching up your make up of course! But not only that, it has a killer high quality lipstick that once applied will last most of the day and due to the lipsticks technology it won’t dry out your lips. The unusual compact is also a conversation starter as everyone will want one! I popped mine in my Chanel bag during the shows and felt fabulous every time I used it to touch up my powder or check my hair. 

Dior Nail Polish in Yacht In the past I used to wear nail varnish most of the time, reapplying new shades every Sunday for the week ahead. In recent months however, as trends have changed and I’ve grown up with a busy job and time constraints, I find I wear nail polish less and less. Due to fashion week being so full on, and the need to be red carpet ready at all times (those damn paparazzi are everywhere, and you never know who you’ll meet in the queues or what party you’ll be invited to at the last minute) I decided that I’d paint my nails for a manicured, well put together look, to finish off and elevate my outfits. I picked the Dior Nail Polish Shade Yacht, a very light nude mocha shade. I find Dior polishes to be great quality and they are self levelling so apply really nicely also. After two fast drying coats my manicure was complete and it lasted the whole week.