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Dress Gang...

Today is the start of London Fashion Week, and as I sashay into the city carrying the enviable Chanel Boy Bag for my first runway show of the season, I thought I’d spill the gossip on a fabulous London based brand I’ve fallen in love with: Dress Gang. 

If you follow me on social media you may have seen me quickly tootle down the Kings Road in Chelsea and emerge carrying a stunning black Chanel Boy Bag with beautiful gold hardware. It certainly wasn’t a case of treating myself to a new bag, as at a cost of £4,500 to purchase from the Chanel Boutique, my current MasterCard simply wouldn’t allow such a splurge. However, for a cost of £90 I can sashay and strut with such a coveted and prized designer bag on my arm, enjoying the madness that is Fashion Week, why? Because it’s rented. 

Remember the fabulous Sex and the city days? Mainly in the first move when Carrie Bradshaw was seeking an assistant. It was this scene that first introduced me to the notion of designer bag rental, as Jennifer Hudson’s character revealed that despite being cash poor, she lavished her arms with designer goodies by renting them. At the time (believe it or not that was 2008!) the idea of renting a luxury good was still fairly new, and very much an American commodity. Now we’re in 2018, renting designer pieces is a well known tip and many people are doing it.   

Dress Gang runs such a website, where you can rent a designer bag for either 2, 5 or 10 days for a fee. The brand Dress Gang, are advocates of an ‘access economy’ where single use ownership is unnecessary. Why spend several months wages on a bag when you can rent one and send it back when you’re bored of it, or it’s no longer the “in” item? Through their online platform they aim to create, enable and support a sustainable fashion future. They have a team of curators and fashion experts that carefully select the coolest brands and the latest trends in high end fashion, selecting “it” bags that you can rent. They’re a new company on a mission to take the fashion industry to a whole new level…

So how does it work?

The concept is super easy to fall in love with, visit the website at where you simply select any items you want to borrow by adding them to your basket. All costs involved for the loan are clearly shown and you check out as normal. They then deliver everything to you on the day you have selected, Perfect! You can then ooh and ahh over your beautiful borrowed bag for 2, 5 or 10 days, plus you can always extend the rental period of anything you have by re-ordering on the website. Once you’ve finished, put the item, or items, in the provided bag or box and DressGang will pick it up from the same location on the agreed day. With easy access and an amazing selection of desirable pieces, why bother saving thousands of pounds for a Chanel Boy Bag when you can just loan it, at a tiny fraction of the cost, and send it back when you’re finished with it. DressGang is perfect for a Fashion Week native like me, who loves to change up my outfits. I can commit to a look featuring the bag of the moment without committing to the price tag! For that, DressGang is now my favourite not-so-secret secret for events when I simply want to kill it! Below are some of my favourite pieces that are currently available to loan, are you going to borrow one? 

For more details on loaning a bag visit or their Instagram @Dress_Gang

You can also visit my Instagram page @HOWSTE to see how I style up my loaned Chanel Boy Bag & to witness all things Fashion Week. 

You can also keep checking back on my site as on the last day of London Fashion Week I’ll be uploading a new post featuring all my Red Carpet & Street Style looks of this season featuring the Chanel Boy Bag from