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Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Masterclass...

If you follow me on my social media, then you probably would have been able to guess that this post was coming with the amount of times I have referred to, tagged, or shared photos of the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty brand. It’s a brand I have known for a while and in recent months have increasing become fond of. The brand, Joan Collins Timeless Beauty was created in 2014 by Dame Joan Collins, a glamourous film star, author, socialite and columnist. Throughout her career during Hollywood’s golden age, she picked up many great tips and tricks that she adapted and used for herself from backstage make-up artists on shoots, TV shows or film sets. These little snippets of knowledge, and her elegant and timeless glamour have been developed and infused within her new range of cosmetics. Recently I was lucky enough to attend a fabulous event in London with Dame Joan Collin’s personal make-up artist Alyn Waterman. The event was to show us the products in action and pick up special tips and tricks from a professional who knew the brand and the products capabilities. As I sashayed into the brightly lit salon in Aldgate, London wearing a navy H&M Studio SS16 drawstring suit, I was greeted by Allyn, offered a glass of champagne and took a front row seat ready for the masterclass. In my own true PR style, I had a gossip with all the girls around me, many had used some of the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty products before and were equally as excited as I. During the presentation, as fellow bloggers, writers and press were sipping on champagne and nibbling on tasty snacks (yes I am telling you this to make you jealous, is it working?) Alyn demonstrated the products by creating two different looks on a beautiful competition winner, who’d won a glamourous make over on social media. Alyn created firstly a daytime look, talking through each step and showing little tricks as he went, he then showed us how to take that daytime make up and tweak it to become a more fabulous evening look, fit for any red carpet. We got to talk through each product used and watch how they performed as Alyn skilfully applied them to his model. I must admit, I could have sat there for hours, sipping champagne and learning about the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range. It was a fun process hearing of Joan’s inspirations, beauty tips and Alyns extensive knowledge. Following the masterclass, I got to mingle and gossip while looking at the range of products the brand has to offer up close and I even got a little goodie bag to take home with me, and with my goodie bag, I hopped, skipped and grinned all the way home.

Since the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Masterclass, I have been practicing and testing out the range, from items I already owned and purchased myself, and items that I received in the amazing goodie bag. My first thoughts? WOW! A collection of make-up that you MUST go and explore! Below are some of my favourite items and how I use them, as I am a huge fan of the brand you may have seen some of these items featured by me previously, but I have included some new goodies that I’ve only just discovered, and we all know that finding a new favourite beauty product is like uncovering the holy grail, right?!

Paparazzi Ready Compact (Compact Duo) If you know me, or even have met me briefly, you’ll know that this compact duo has become my most prized and favourite compact in THE WORLD!! A few months back I had my bag stolen, and this was the only item I was upset over losing, which kinda’ says it all. The compact is beautiful and absolutely perfect for everything from your desk at work to red carpet events. The handy compact has touch up powder on one side teamed with a lipstick in the other side all in one compact with a mirror. Not only is the compact useful and great for your Fendi clutches, it is stunning too with gold metal vintage style detailing encasing its matching gold lipstick. At the event I found that Joan’s mothers vintage evening bag was the inspiration behind the art deco compacts. I cannot explain how fabulous I feel using this, not only is it so damn handy, but it feels extravagant and as it's unusual it is a piece that makes many people jealous - This is a must have!!

(Compact Duo is usually priced at £34: Powder compact £16 + Lipstick at £18 when purchased separately) First Base Foundation I’d been on a hunt for a new foundation recently as my high street favourite decided to change its formula and therefore completely ruin it! That hunt is now over after using The First Base Foundation. My shade is Cool Extra Fair which is the PERFECT shade for me. The colour choice in this Foundation is great, as the brand has a broad spectrum of shades and takes into account warm and cool tones that can occur in the same shade, great for you if you do struggle on the high street. The website describes First Base Foundation as "youth promoting skin care and a foundation in one.  It creates a smooth, flawless complexion with a radiant, natural finish, whilst it charges the skin with youthful energy to help increase collagen.  In addition, Hyaluronic Acid moisturises and fills fine lines." I found my colour choice to be Perfect for me giving natural but totally full coverage and it blended quickly and easily leaving my skin feeling soft and comfortable, like a "perfect second skin" as the website said it would. The liquid foundation glides over any imperfections I have which I’m grateful for, covering them fantastically. I find the First Base Foundation has a very slight gel like texture, only very slightly before you all get intrigued, and because of this formula I find it’s fantastic for not only young skin, but for people like me who have a few little lines. I’m only 25 yet have developed a few creases in my forehead, and with some foundations they accentuate the lines, however this with its texture does not, and that’s why it’s now a make up staple in my beauty cases!

(First Base Foundation is usually priced at £25) I Am Woman: The Fragrance During the masterclass with Alyn, many products got passed around the room of bloggers, press and make up fans. Traditionally I dislike any fragrances that are dark in colour, therefore as this was passed to me, I passed it right back. Within seconds I learnt my lesson to not judge a book by its cover as they say, as the fragrance wafted around the room and I realised how wrong I was. The scent was absolutely divine, a classic, sophisticated and totally timeless. I made sure the fragrance was passed back to me for myself to test, and with that I found another new favourite. This is a fragrance I would use for events and nights out rather than everyday use. A reflection of Joan’s personality, the ‘I AM WOMAN’ which is a Eau De Parfum has the presence and the power to inspire and seduce in equal measure. Oh and don’t forget the beautiful art deco bottle that would be an elegant addition to any dressing table! The fragrance is feminine and embraces citrus top notes, a sensual musk and wood base with romantic floral scents at its heart. ‘I am woman’ takes ownership of the power and strength of femininity and is a powerful yet wearable fragrance that I adore. When I think of the fragrance I get visions of Joan Collins and the presence she demands as she enters the room, this is how powerful and fabulous the scent makes me feel!

(I Am Woman Fragrance EDP prices range from £15 to £50 depending on size) Divine Lips A luxurious, creamy and actively hydrating lipstick that cares for the skin as well as providing beautiful and lasting colour, sounds great right? The Joan Collins Divine lipsticks are formulated to actively hydrate the skin, so lips are softer, fuller and altogether more luscious. They have been tested and shown to improve hydration levels in the lips after 30 days so they are not only fabulously beautiful items to team with your Compact Duo but they are result led cosmetics that work! At the masterclass event we learned that Joan herself calls lipstick the “Queen of cosmetics” and we also found out that her first ever lipstick was a Rimmel Red. For her own range, Joan has created a fabulous selection of colours all named after characters she has played. I currently own two shades in Sabina and Lady Joan. Sabina is a rich brown in a cream finish, a fabulous colour that moves with ease from business to pleasure, always elegant, always sophisticated and totally my favourite. Lady Joan is a more fuchsia shade with a hint of pearlescence, describe online as a luscious raspberry pink to give lips a look that is oh-so desirable! I’ve worn these lipsticks on and off for a good few months and have never had a problem with them, they last most of the day and don’t seem to move at all. Great quality in fantastic packaging!

(Divine Lipsticks retail at £18 each) Eye Shadow Quad Playing with eye shadow is fun and the 4 shades in the Timeless Beauty Eye Shadow Quad can create a wide variety of looks that can enhance the eyes and balance the face. I was lucky enough to get the little palette at the masterclass event, and I’ve been using it as my everyday shadow selection as you’re able to create not only daytime looks, but glam evening and party eye looks too. I got the palette with the brown and gold shades called ‘The Moody Browns and Gold palette’. It’s suitable for all skin tones with shades from cream to brown and gold. The cream shade works perfectly on the lid or brow bone while using the mid brown at the outer edge of the lid to widen the eyes while the dark brown, applied to the hollow, will open and enlarge the eye. For a night time look with more drama, build the colour intensity and add a brush of the mid or dark brown under the bottom lashes. I also add my favourite Kiss false lashes at night for extra glam!

(Eyeshadow Quad £25) Class Act Mascara Put aside the fact this product, like the whole Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range, has beautiful and elegant packaging, the product itself is great! It’s a volumising, growth boosting and thickening mascara which is available in black or brown. I’ve personally only tried the black but I’d totally purchase and have a play with the brown shade in the future. The perfect pairing of brush and active growth boosting formula achieves beautifully defined, full and long lashes with a lasting natural curl. I found this was the case as I’ve been using it for work in recent weeks. It gives my eyes a naturally defined lash, with subtle thickening and lengthening. I’d certainly say this won’t give you a false lash look, it’s a mascara for natural and elegant lashes and for me it’s perfect for daytime glam or work.

(Class Act Mascara £20) Glorious Gloss Now one of my favourites for wearing daily, this gloss in ‘pearl’ is a lovely everyday shade, described as a “million dollar sparkle in a lightly iridescent high shine gloss!” It’s pretty on its own or over other lipstick shades to give a little va-va-voom! The gloss was a lovely texture that certainly wasn't sticky like the glosses of my childhood, it felt lovely on my lips and gave a beautiful pearlescent shimmer with hints of pink, a stunning shade to wear alone or to be worn over maybe a darker lipstick at night or for events to enhance a lighter colour or soften a darker shade. In one word? Fabulous!

(Glorious Gloss retails at £18 each) Nail Lacquer I’ve purchased this item in the shade ‘Pearl’ myself when I spotted the brand on QVCUK. The polish is also a fantastic item that I’ve loved using. It’s chip resistant with up to 6 days wear for me, super fast drying and it went on easily with a nice texture. The long, tapered brush and the angled bottle shape have been designed to make application as easy and precise as possible. The formula is highly pigmented and fast drying so that perfectly painted tips take no time at all! The colour was a soft pearlescent shimmer which I've worn for work many times and had lots of great complements on. As this shade is a clear varnish with flecks of beautiful unicorn glitter and shimmer it can also be worn over other colours so well worth having in your collection. The packaging as other items also felt fantastic and sturdy, it was great quality and slightly edgy with its pointed polish cap and gold colour. (Polishes retail at £13 each)

From previous experience, I have found celebrity endorsed cosmetics to be a let-down, and I have never been a big fan. If you are like me, you may be apprehensive about trying a new brand by such a well-known, world famous beauty, but you need not be! I have personally tested many of the products now, scrutinised them, put them through their paces as you will, and each time I was left extremely impressed. The products certainly deliver, and offer a touch of luxury and glamour with its high quality, art deco gold packaging. A brand that merges old school Hollywood glamour with modern day, result let cosmetics. And if products like the Paparazzi Ready compact can make you feel as glamourous as it makes me feel when I use it, then it is worth every single penny… 

For more information you can visit the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty social media pages or visit, you won’t be disappointed!