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Friendship: A festive collaboration ft @thisgirllikes2shop, @claudiaisfabulous, @stylegrimoires &amp

“They say nothing lasts forever …dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.” – Carrie Bradshaw (SATC)

As the festive season is in full swing, we often spend time celebrating with family and friends. While I’ve been really busy with PR events, work and now Christmas festivities, I’ve noticed something very special about my social media presence, mainly Instagram. A forum of expression that originally was created for myself and my own point of view. My small page that I first started in late 2014 has slowly expanded and grown, and now is something much more than ‘my page’. It’s a page of friendship, with people whom I’ve met on my Instagram adventures either online or in person. A page where mutual likes, follows and comments create happiness and spread joy. It helps bring likeminded people out of their shell and together, creative lasting impressions and touching hearts. As I look back and think of all the lovely people I’ve met, it shows that there are positives to social media. Positives that are not always broadcast on tv or in film, where social media can be portrayed as negative and used for sinister purposes. This little post is created with my new found friends in celebration, some whom I’ve met in person, some whom I’ve never met but exchanged beautiful gifts with, and some who I simply enjoy speaking with and sharing ideas. Friendship: the unexpected creation from Instagram. A post from Polly of @Thisgirllikes2shop:

‘Let's talk about Instagram the weird and fabulous world of photos, friendship, wackiness and all sorts. When Howste asked his followers to nominate themselves as a guest blogger on his blog page, I had no hestitation in replying yes me me me. The next question was what do you have in mind?….

I froze! Ooops! I hadn't thought that far ahead. So quickly I replied how about a blog about Instagram, well it seemed to fit since this is where I discovered the lovely world of the Instagram beauty community and Howste was part and parcel of this world. So here we are and here's my blog: Instagram love it or hate it, use it for publicity or fun there is no denying the far reach in audience who can view your profile and chat to you from all around the world. The Instagram beauty and fashion community is probably one of the nicest and most positive ones on any social media site for public sharing. Through the love of makeup fashion and skincare, there is a genuine happy honest and kind hearted community of followers who interact, help and advise on shopping and choosing the right product helping each other with honest reviews and feedback. People form friendships with others throughout the world through the love of fashion and beauty. Friends who you may never meet in person but who have a genuine positive impact on your life. For me my Instagram was always about keeping a log of all the makeup I bought, but that soon turned to chit chat and friendship over my phone. So what about the negatives? Lucky I've never come across any negativity, perhaps its due to the community on my Instagram. But sadly negativity does exist out there. The best way to deal with it is to either ignore block or go private. It's ultimately going to happen at some point but it's only a very small handful of people out there who will be nasty horrible or rude.  Let's talk about the friendships formed. From just one post, a kind heart can come into your life from just one nice comment left on a post. A reply soon turns to good conversation the more you post. 

The beauty and fashion community are always there to help assist with honest reviews and advice and make positive interactions even if it's just by reading someone's post or asking for advice.’ - Polly

Above: Polly and I at the Kiss & Impress Nail Launch with Pixi Lott. New found Instagram friends. Aaron from the page @HighStreetRichBoy is another friend who I’ve met online with similar interests and supportive nature. I asked him to be part of this post as he, like me and my friends have found Instagram to be a hub of friendship and networks. When asked about this he said the below statement: “I think friendship in the Instagram world is very important, as this world can be lonely, So its nice to have people who understand this world plus support them too, with hate plus love on there. I’ve met many people on Instagram who I talk too... I hope mine and your friendship lasts forever” - @HighStreetRichBoy 

The next insta-friend I have made is a blonde beauty from across the ocean. Claudia lives in the USA and has the Instagram account @claudiaisfabulous. Just like me, she loves make up and beauty and enjoys the finer things in life. A genuine, fun and generous friend whom recently have sent fabulous Christmas gifts to each other. Sometimes a smile can be from someone you’ve never met! “I have met the most amazing persons on ig I'm incredibly blessed that we share the same or similar passions that bring us together being in different countries also make me think & value different cultures and learn a little more with pjt travel the world is amazing how ig can be user friendly even for people like me that are not computer experts, so happy and full of joy” - Claudia at @claudiaisfabulous  

Another friendly face I’ve met through social media, Saffy is the outspoken beauty who ‘keeps it real on a fake ass platform’. I first noticed her killer outfit posts and took inspiration from those, and we quickly liked and commented on each other’s Instagram pages becoming friends in the process. Saffy isn’t just a silent face who posts outfits and glamorous clothing, she’s down to earth and freely speaks her mind on relevant issues in today’s society earning her a following of likeminded friends. Everything from the notion of white privilege to parliamentary and social issues have been discussed in a democratic and informative yet light way. She speaks what we all think while nailing a killer outfit in the process and that’s why she’s become of those people with whom I’ll gravitate too. She’s not just a blogger or social media personality that tells you what to wear or think. She’s someone who plants the seed by lightly discussing something and then lets you go and make your own informed decision. A fun and bubbly personality that I’m glad I’ve met, someone whom I doubt I would have found without social media.  

“In a world full of likes, bots & that dreaded algorithm it’s easy to feel lost, unappreciated & lonely. Blogging takes effort, it’s an extension of your passion & creativity so it feels very personal. But not everyone gets that. You have to be part of the blogosphere in order to really ‘get it’ I think..That’s why Insta friendships are so important. We stand united in our frustrations & celebrations! The support makes all the difference. We’re fabulous in numbers! Long may it continue...” - Saffy at @stylegrimoires  

So to all of my insta-friends out there that I’ve encountered spreading positivity and kindness, I wish you Happy Holidays, a fabulous bank holiday weekend, a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a fabulous start to 2018. 

A post by friends for friends, helping make new friends along the way...