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My interview with MMUK MAN...

In my last post I profiled the rise of male make-up products and expansion of the men’s grooming industry, if you haven’t seen it, please go and check it out as it’s an interesting and informative read! I also discussed my own experiences using make-up before introducing you to a fantastic brand of male-up products primarily aimed at men. A brand that was one of the first in the industry to recognise the market and create purposeful and high quality product accordingly. Since the launch of my article, MMUK MAN have published a small interview with myself discussing the topics. I have reposted this below for you to read, however please visit their website also at the link below for the article and to check out their products.

What Inspired You to Launch HOWSTE? I started The HOWSTE Journal back in 2014 as a forum to express myself and talk about fashion and lifestyle trends. I come from a small town so didn’t have many likeminded people around me, but since starting my journal and social media pages I’ve been able to meet many people who have similar interests and whom work in the industry. Originally it was just a forum for me to rant about what I felt was relevant and interesting to an audience of likeminded readers. Over the last year I’ve found it’s a perfect entry level way into the very competitive fashion & media Industry. Where Do You Think The Men's Beauty Market Is Heading? The market is certainly expanding, and it’s become a more accepted and widely available concept. I believe we are heading towards a more unisex vision of beauty. Where both men and women take care of themselves equally, however men will always do it in a more masculine, no fuss or frills way. What Do You Think Of Men Wearing Makeup? I think it is a positive step for the men who wish to wear make up. Make up can be a way of expressing yourself, but it can also be simple steps to boost confidence for people that are maybe insecure or suffer with anxiety. It’s not just about putting a little concealer on your face, it’s also about the confidence that it can give you for facing everyday life. I think it’s great that it is a more accepted practice in male grooming, and I really hope this is something that is continued. What Men's Makeup Products Do You Particularly Like? For myself, who suffers with breakouts and redness, I can’t live without a good quality concealer and often use a foundation. I really enjoyed using the MMUK MAN Pro Finish Foundation For Men as it covered all the problems with my skin without me looking caked in make up. The product went on nicely, was super quick and easy to apply, and left my skin looking naturally healthy and clear. Its a super easy to apply cream foundation that comes in a handy black case with a sponge applicator. This product starts as a cream in the compact and as I applied with the sponge I did wonder if it would be cakey and difficult to manage, however it was easy peasy as they say, and within two or three minutes I had finished my face. The product was a full coverage foundation, covering my redness, spots and any dark stubble shadows. It created a pretty good, natural finish which I was impressed with, having no nasty “I’m wearing make up” vibes in sight, just a healthy matte finish. Do You Think One Day We'll See Men's Cosmetic Counters For Men and if so, Why? I believe in the future we may see small counters aimed at a male audience at department stores. Some select larger brands are already stocking its small selection of male make up products at its counters, but those counters are still primarily aimed at women, and aimed at women buying for men. Men’s buying habits are different, we know what we want, so usually go directly to where we know we can get that. Men are more likely to shop online, and because of that I don’t see huge beauty halls being created aimed at our market, but there is a demand out there, and maybe small counters could be a reality in the future. Would You Feel Comfortable Talking About Your Makeup Routine With Your Friends? I personally do feel comfortable and confident enough to discuss anything I use on my face, and I believe I’m amongst a growing number of men that are, especially with a-list celebrities also openly discussing their habits. However due to the stigma of men’s grooming being seen as not a masculine thing todo, I can see why many men are still not willing to acknowledge such a concept. For women, sharing tips and gossiping about make up and skincare is a way of passing knowledge and learning new tricks, men are more likely to google and read online blogs and product reviews than talking with friends, and overall are usually less vocal about their habits. As the industry grows and the concept of men wearing make up products becomes increasingly accepted, men may open up more, and you never know, it may be locker room talk soon. If You Were Recommending A Friend To Try Makeup What Routine Would You Suggest? It would all depend on the skin of my friend, but I’d certainly recommend a really good concealer matched perfectly to their skin tone to cover any imperfections and a brow product. Brows are big business these days, and having a tidy brow can help make you look polished and smart. I also use a powder to help with shine, it mattes the skin and helps give you an airbrushed look in photos where a flash has been used, a little tip there! I would certainly recommend that if you’re putting anything on your skin, you should also be using a thorough cleanser to help prevent blackheads and spots, to stay looking fresh and sharp! What Does The Future Hold For Your Men's Blog and What's On The Horizon? I’m hoping to carry on working at the pace I have been over the last few months, creating fun and relevant content for my own site and social media as well as working with other brands and bloggers. I’ll be attending London Fashion Week again come February to help present and spread word of the new AW18 Collections, and with a new season usually comes new, exciting, and usually unexpected adventures....