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LFW: The Outfits

Just as quickly as it came, London Fashion Week has gone again, passing us by in a quick heart beat full of photographers, free champagne and Avant Garde fashion. This season we saw designers present their spring summer collections for 2018 and as always, I was in ore of the creativity and talent I encountered. Unlike last season, I attended the shows alone, and I found it a lot harder to mingle, be photographed and network than if I had a friend or sidekick-helper. This is evident in the amount of outfits I had photographed, I'd been lucky enough to source an extensive wardrobe of statement pieces to wear during the 5 days of shows, but in reality, many didn't see the light of day, and as I struggled to change outfits, run from one show to the next as well as trying to network and mingle, only a select few outfits got any attention. One of my most successful looks was a black jacket heavily encrusted with pearls and silver & gold beads. I knew this jacket was beautiful but I didn't realise it would attract as much attention as it did. With streetstyle photographers desperate to gain a photo as well as many other bloggers and fashion insiders, the jacket was a hit! The Balmain style piece was from Asos, by a brand called 'A star is born' and I not only wore it to travel to central London, but I wore it for the first few presentations and shows held during Friday afternoon. The jacket itself is extremely heavy which you can expect from so much embroidered details, but worth it for its standout yet totally wearable style.  

The next look was worn during Saturday morning, which was day two of London Fashion Week. The first show of the day was the Sabinna SS18 Runway Presentation, and as a huge fan of the brand, I decided to wear my navy logo'd Sabinna jumper. I teamed this with a statement jacket I purchased from Topshop, called the Sequinned Marabou Feather Jacket. The jacket was in black, with rows of black feathers teamed with rows of black oil on water sequins. I draped this over my very simple and rather casual outfit to add some texture, depth and sparkle to my look, which was also a hit with the streetstyle photographers as I walked to join the queue to the show.  

Later that day on the South Bank, London, I had two events very close together. One was a runway show and one was Sabinna's See now, Buy now after party at the OXO tower. I knew I wouldn't have time to change outfits between these events so I decided to wear something good enough for a show, but fun enough to party in. So I decided to team my black Vetements tee with a draped Topman denim shirt for some effortlessly chic style, which in reality isn't effortless as all I could think about was whether my shirt had fallen too low! I teamed this with a blue Gucci clutch and lots of sparkly silver diamanté jewellery, and I felt absolutely fabulous. 

Day three of fashion week, which was Sunday, ended up being a day away from the fashion set. I dressed in beige and black, teaming a beige jacket which was cover in Diamanté's and pearls from Asos with a matching pair of Beige trousers I picked up from Primark many moons ago. I added black shoes with a black shirt and black Dior Saddle bag to finish the look, and off I went around London to explore sites I'd yet to have been too. I ended up taking fashion to the Lego store, and they loved it! 

Sunday passed super quick, and the next thing I knew it was Monday morning again and time for a fresh new look. Today I not only had shows to go to, put I had an event at the Chanel pop up store on Bond Street for the launch of their new fragrance, Gabrielle. While I was close to Oxford Street I thought I'd pop into Primark to hunt for some limited edition Disney goodies too, so I needed an outfit that I could rock at each place. I was feeling a little ghetto, very Galliano for Dior Circa 2004, so I decided to layer a few pieces, throw on some sunglasses and hit all my events with a swagger in my step. I teamed a very floaty chiffon floral blouse with huge bell sleeves I purchased from Asos on top of a black shirt from New Look. I then added a ghetto denim jacket with cold shoulder cut outs, encrusted with pearls on top. My large bell sleeves ruffled up tightly around my wrist and draped down, floating as I walked from place to place. My bag was my black Dior saddle bag from the early 2000's and I kept it chic with black jeans and shoes.  

My second look of the day was a little simpler, but surprisingly was popular with other bloggers and streetstyle photographers. I kept all my black pieces on, and I took a River Island dress in a mink shade with black flocking detail and wore it belted as a long shirt. It was a simple look that I would usually wear in day to day life, so I didn't expect people to want to photograph it, but they did. For the last show of the day, I ended up bagging myself a front row seat at the Elephantasia show meaning the look was photographed far more than it would have been anyway... if only I'd worn something a little edgier!  

These were my main looks of the season, but once again I didn't really push the boundaries of fashion, something I always want to do during London Fashion Week. I also wore several more outfits that didn't get photographed due to tight scheduling and attending the shows alone. If I'd gone with a friend I could have asked them to take my photos, but as I was alone I relied on streetstyle photographers which meant if they didn't like my look, they didn't shoot it! This was my third season of LFW that I've attended, and I've once again picked up some tips and tricks for next season, so watch out, imma coming back, in even more fabulous fashions!