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Gold Collagen: Can skincare really start with a sip?

Imagine a world where you could sip a little vial of goodness that gave you great skin, something I'm sure we've all wished for once in a while. It was London Fashion Week where the Gold Collagen brand, with such a product, first came on my radar. As a person that has always been unlucky with my skin, going from oily breakout prone skin to waking up overnight on my 25th birthday to small lines across my forehead, there has never been a time I've been in love with my face. 

Gold collagen is a brand that contains a range of 'next generation beauty products for skin, hair and nails'. The product I got to test out, were the Pure Gold Collagen drinks. They're a liquid beauty supplement that contains a vast array of skincare goodness to help give your body what it needs for healthy looking skin, hair and nails. The drinks have 11 active ingredients which are hydrolysed Collagen, hyaluronic acid, borage oil, biotin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and E, zinc, copper, Bioperine and N-Acetylglucosamine (wow, that's a mouthful!). These ingredients are to help support natural Collagen formation which in-turn helps keep skin plump and reduce the appearance of fine lines, help increase hydration of the skin, help increase skin elasticity and promote healthy hair and nails with it's added vitamins and minerals. Sounds great right? All of this in one little bottle, but the proof is in the drinking, could you actually see any benefits by taking them?  

Luckily for me, I got to sample the Gold Collagen drinks for over a month and a half, I posted on social media that I was testing them out and I got many messages with questions, so I thought I'd do a full review for you here on my blog. The Packaging: The first thing I noticed were how handy the glass bottles were. As a busy office worker, and Fashion blogger on the side, I'm always running around the city doing something. I found that on busy days, if I wasn't having breakfast at home, or I'd simply run out of time, I was able to slip the small bottles in my Dior clutch and take it with me. I found that the best time for me to enjoy mine, was over breakfast, or on my first morning break at work. You only need to have one bottle a day to get all the goodness your skin needs, so you don't need to worry about measurements and making the drink up yourself as it's all done for you.  

The Taste: I tried my Pure Gold Collagen drinks in several ways. I tried them straight from the bottle and mixed with several different fresh fruit juices. The drinks on there own have a very strong orange flavour, and yes, it really is a beautiful pure gold colour! I found that I enjoyed mine mixed with fresh orange juice every morning. The results: I had my drinks every morning for approximately a month and a half, I even managed to get two past security in my hand luggage on a recent trip to Rome. During the first few weeks, I kept checking my face in the mirror, looking for signs of improvement, hoping those new lines of my forehead would just disappear and I'd look flawless and fabulous, this wasn't the case. As I enjoyed drinking my little bottles of hope, the month and a half flew by, and it wasn't till I only had a weeks supply left that I had a moment of glory in the mirror. Like many people, I didn't notice the subtle changes to my skin at first, but one day as I was buffing on my new BeautyPie foundation, I noticed the change! My small and very modest lines across my forehead really did look different, they were still there, but far less prominent. I then proceeded to prod and poke my skin and it was this moment that I could tell that the Gold Collagen supplements really were assisting my skin to look the best it could. My skin seemed healthier and more plump, and this is the moment where I fell in love with the brand! 

Going Cold-Turkey: I noticed great differences while using the product, but sometimes the ultimate test for your skin is going cold turkey! When I like a product, and my skin seems to like it too, I often purposely stop using the product to see how my skin handles the difference, just to be sure that it really was that item that was helping my skin. So this is what I did, I finished my stock of Gold Collagen, and carried on with my skincare routine without the drinks. That was 3 weeks ago, and I'm writing this review with one eye on the screen, and the other firmly focused on my living rooms gold gilt mirror... the difference is evident! My skin doesn't seem as hydrated, and if I'm honest I look a little washed out, as for those lines, they're still there, and I notice them again, especially when applying make up.  

Recommendations: So what you really want to know is, do Gold Collagen drinks really do as they say, and would I recommend them? Well, I genuinely enjoyed drinking the supplements daily, and after just over a month of use I could see results with my own eyes, no scientific microscope needed! Plus after several weeks of not taking the supplements, I feel my skin really misses them. They're not an overnight skin fixer, but if you are serious in looking after your skin, on the inside and out, then these maybe that little boost you need to put your best face forward. 

Pure Gold Collagen: The skincare that starts with a sip... For more information you can visit or @GoldCollagen via instagram.