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Rome: The Outfits

I recently took a mini break to Rome, Italy. I'm someone whom usually travels light, and takes a small amount of pieces that will mix and match with each other, to be able to get as many looks from a small amount of clothing as possible. This trip, like my previous trips, was no different. I wore my signature black skinny jeans and a pair of black suede dress shoes, both from Topman, with a few options to wear on top to change up my look, but remain chic. I must admit, I still packed too much clothing as I didn't wear all the pieces I took, but below are the handful of looks I wore, mixing high street and high end designer pieces together. Pack light, but pack well is the motto, and be chic wherever you are! The first look featured Moschino, and after traveling in all black and a blue blazer, I felt I needed some colour. I wore my red Moschino jumper from the fast food collection (remember when Jeremy Scott made this a thing?!) with a Louis Vuitton scarf and Christian Dior saddle bag. My glasses were from the Alexander Wang X H&M collab.  

Day two featured a less bright piece. I wore a cute logo'd Sabinna jumper with yellow flower detail, again with my Dior Saddle bag to view and explore the sights of Rome. Usually I go back to the hotel for outfit changes. However, as with life, we didn't have the time, so unusually for me I stuck to the same outfit the whole day. 

The next day I was hoping the weather was going to be warmer than it was. It had been lovely and sunny, but today we woke to a slight breeze that left a chill in the air. So really, my light cotton outfit wasn't ideal, but I wore it anyway. I teamed a bargain find I picked up from Primark, and as always, teamed it with all black (yes I know I need to wear less black!). I've been wearing lots of longer lengths recently, buying cute pieces like this green wrap dress. Something that's unexpected as it's a dress, but totally acceptable as men's fashions are increasingly playing with texture, different non-traditional lengths and fabrics. I also belted this piece to give myself some shape, giving it a little extra edge. Under the green wrap dress I did wear a H&M burgundy high-necked jumper for added warmth and to polish off the look with a little bit of layering.