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LFW: Day 4 featuring David Ferreira, Vin + Omi & Irynvigre

David Ferreira I expected a strong collection from David Ferreira following his killer statement looks from last season, and boy he didn't disappoint. For AW17, Ferreira titled his collection 'The Freakball'. Inspired by the circus and freakshows, a stunning collection which was striking, unique and unusual was born. Models walked slowly down the runway in vibrant, tropical colours, giving onlookers plenty of time to gaze closely at the collection. Materials such as duchess satin, silk, tulle and Mongolian lamb glided in opulent ruffles, texture and exaggerated proportions. A collection that celebrates individuality, each garment stood out as a couture vision of Circus glamour of past years. Not for the faint hearted, these statement looks blur the lines between art and clothing. Tropical vibes perfect for summer events and avant garde red carpets unusually presented for Autumn/Winter are perfect for those people whom also posses strong individuality, power and confidence. You wear the clothes, they don't wear you.  

Irynvigre In a complete contrast to the previous David Ferreira show, Irynvigre presented a somber collection with vibes of city tribes wondering a futuristic deserted city landscape. The show was actually inspired by artificial beings in a futuristic human society. A future where technology leads to machines that demonstrate emotional intelligence. Machines that look, love, care and feel like us, but aren't us. The collection was presented in muted tones such as greys, blacks and white with pops of orange, green and red in select looks. We saw wool with raw edges, oversized coats, layering and an open knit dress to finish. The models were either barefoot or in heavy boots to go with the vibe of the collection, as if nomad city robots. The clever show, with a mixture of fear and curiosity showed 'robotic beings' walk the runway showing Irynvigre's vision perfectly. This was certainly a show that made you reflect and think afterwards... 

Vin + Omi At my last show of the season, Vin + Omi presented a vibrant, aquatic collection at the legendary Sanderson Hotel in the heart of London's west end. We arrived to seating outside, a very cold decision for mid February. My friend and I also had seating issues being placed next to an abrupt, bitchy **** whom felt the need to be loud, take other people's gift bags and insist on blocking everyone's view with her phone, not what we wanted for our last show. However, as per previous season Vin + Omi presented a collection full of statement pieces which I totally loved. For AW17, the collection had vibes of a tropical, underwater adventure featuring sea creatures and garments with spike detailing as if an unusual creature from 3000 metres below sea level. A mixed colour palette with garments containing lots of detail, the entire collection was quirky, well designed without being 'costumey' and edgy. The use of recycled plastic taken from the ocean, on necklaces as well as sustainable latex and wool in clothing also subtly added extra dimension to the killer collection of wearable art. Below are my favourite looks, but for more information on the collection, visit