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LWF: The Outfits

It's Saturday 25th February and I'm exhausted, my feet hurt, and all I've eaten over the last 5 days is extra strong mints and cans of Pepsi between shows. It's been London Fashion Week, and as the last shows took their finales on Tuesday the fashion set are migrating to Milan ahead of Milan Fashion Week. I'm being left behind, in a haze of fierce fashion with many stories to tell.

This season I set up camp at the Mecure Hyde Park Hotel and spent the whole weekend running, posing and pouting from show to show as I crammed in as many events as I could. As you can imagine, I had many outfits planned, but as this season was so busy, many barely got to see the light of day. Before I dive through press releases, videos and the many photos from LFW to give you my reviews and favourite picks, I'm going to present my outfits. The items I wore off the runway to see what would walk down it...

Day One:

Friday 17th February marked the start of London fashion week, showcasing the Autumn/Winter 2017 collections. The day started off rather crazy with travel delays and drama, because of this I missed Fashion Scouts Ones to Watch show (as previously mentioned on my blog) and Billie Jacobina's fabulous presentation, therefore I stuck to one chic outfit to carry me through the rest of the day, or what was left of it, as I didn't want to miss anymore by changing outfits.

My outfit consisted of a chic, all black look with a men's shirt from New Look and black skinny jeans & shoes from Topman. My faux fur jacket was a piece I picked up during January from Dorothy Perkins, and my bag? An absolute classic and legend, my black 35cm Hermes Birkin.

Day Two:

Day two consisted of shopping and shows and I started the day by running to the Bond Street store of Christian Dior to view new creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri's new collection. For this a wore a bargain piece picked up from Primark's sale for £5. A denim style belted dress, teamed with my 2003 Dior Saddle Bag and my now signature black skinny jeans and shoes, both from Topman. Oh, and I felt totally fabulous!

I wore this outfit for my first shoes of the day also, then I quickly whipped it off to reveal outfit 2 of the day. Again, wearing all black, but placing a see-through lace top with stitched embroidered wildflowers over my shirt. I loved this little piece, picked up from NEXT's winter sale, it got many nice comments and was photographed several times by street style photographers. 

My third and final look for Day 2 of LFW, again was a quick change. I wore my statement black but removed the NEXT piece and replaced it with another wrap dress. This was another high street find from River Island, I fell in love with the black background and wildflower print. I didn't belt or button this piece and wore it open, so when I ran from one show to show the light fabric trailed elegant behind me.

Day Three:

Now on day 3 I must admit I loved my outfits. The first show of the day was Apu Jan, and as I noticed I had a little gold star on my ticket I was super excited. Why? Because that meant I was front row and fabulous! I spent the whole day away from black and wore stone coloured Topman jeans with complementing brown suede Burton Menswear shoes. In the latter part of 2016 I'd picked up a see-through plastic jacket with white cotton trim from Topshop. I wanted to be slightly fashion forward so I teamed this jacket with a layered look grey polo neck jumper, also from Topman with a short sleeved, cotton shirt over the top. The shirt had a floral pattern with a cream background and was from H&M. I styled this look up with my pink 2004 Christian Dior Messenger bag to add a pop of colour, worn across my shoulder. As I look back at the photos, I'm glad I wore lighter colours as I stood out more on the front row with everyone around me wearing mainly black, plus I felt fierce!

Following my front row experience at the Apu Jan show I quickly changed my jacket and made my way to the Halumious presentation. I switched the see-through plastic Topshop piece with another bargain sale find that I picked up from Primark. The jacket was, believe it or not, £5 and was silver with black trim and a silver zip. I wore the jacket over my shoulders and used my Dior bag as a clutch. Plus I wore white lace gloves, something I've had in my closet for years!

As I left the Halumious presentation I switched my outfit again for a new look. I took off my draped jacket and shirt and replaced it with another wrap dress, this one was purple. This season, as men's proportions were exaggerated I was able to pull off many longer lengths than traditionally allowed for men, but let's face it, I'd have worn them anyway. This piece was also from Primark, showing you no matter where you shop, you can pick up some killer pieces. 

I spent the rest of the evening wearing my purple wrap dress, running from show to show before I went back to my hotel located near Hyde Park. However, that wasn't my last outfit of the day. For dinner, myself and friend Megan switched looks again, I kept all my pieces but changed into a faux fur jacket, the same piece I wore on day one of fashion week. This time I belted the Dorothy Perkins jacket with a Dior beige and burgundy belt and used a burgundy clutch bag to match. And with that, day three of London Fashion Week was complete. 

Day Four:

By day four I was exhausted and this was reflected in my outfit choices, but my thirst for fashion kept me going. Before I left for my first show, I decided I'd wear all black and planned to change my top between shows from one logo'd tee to another. However in reality, as the schedule was so busy, this never happened. I started the day wearing all back, with a Balmain Logo'd top purchased from Net-A-Porter, and this is how I dressed throughout the day, even though underneath I was wearing my treasured early 2000's Christian Dior logo'd top.

And as the last show took its finale, I packed up my suitcase and left for home. As I review my photos I've realised that, although I dress very chic, I don't push the boundaries of fashion, and that's something I'm working on... this season I was chic, next season I'll be outrageous, and trust me, that's a promise!

Stay tuned for my show reviews and fashion week gossip coming soon to my blog...