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Beauty Review: Cloud9 Lipstick

These days make-up seems to be bigger than it’s ever been, probably thanks to the likes of beauty bloggers and social media, it seems now that the standard of products available, application techniques and beauty knowledge is higher than ever. Women used to spend time focusing on how to simply do a nice simple liner and getting the correct shade of foundation but in this day and age, things have changed. Women, and now many men, are spending hundreds of pounds on premium products and have more lipsticks, contour pallets and highlighters than a small branch of Debenhams. There is no denying, that make up is big business.

I must admit, I have been slow to follow in the huge make up trends of late and it wasn’t till I received two small parcels from America that I realised how far behind I was. Unlike most of the population, I don’t follow a huge amount of beauty bloggers. Yes I like beauty, and I paint my face daily, but when I shop its usually for Louis Vuitton not Lipstick… however, I have found 2 brands that have relit my love for make-up, they’re Cloud9 Lipstick and Bitter Lace Beauty. Over the next two weeks I will be doing separate posts on new products that have changed the way I do my daily make up routine and changed how I feel about make up. The first brand I want to talk about is Cloud9 Lipstick.

Cloud9 Lipstick is a new, American brand of Lipstick which was created by my Instagram friend Karen, who has a love and passion for beauty and cosmetics, whom can be found on Instagram @grownupglam. As a beauty lover herself it's very evident she knew what she wanted, and after receiving her full range of lipsticks I can see she's achieved her goal, as she calls it, of "Mature Mattes". With shades for all skin tones in a comfortable, non drying formula that can be rocked by anyone, of any age! Now that sounds like heaven, right?

If you'd like to visit the Cloud9 store and view them for yourself, then I'll add all the details for you at the bottom of this post. I received the beautiful parcel of my own set of Cloud9 Lipsticks just before Christmas, and after spending much time testing them out, I'd like to give you my thoughts. You probably just want to know if they're worth buying, my response would be HELLL YESSS! They arrived in a plain black sleeve, and once opened are in a very classy, sleek black bullet. The packaging is of great quality and has a very reassuring click when closing, a sign that Karen truly has spent time in perfecting a great quality product, from packaging to the lipstick inside. The first shade I tested was Sophia. I don't usually go for bright colours, but it was Christmas Day and I wanted to feel festive and fabulous. The lipstick glided over my lips beautifully and it was a pleasure to apply, no dry dragging like with some Matte lipsticks (mentioning no MAC names here...). The shade to my surprise was beautiful and really suited my skin tone, I'm one for usually rocking dark, deep colours. So with my Sophia shade applied, I spent a very festive day with family, drinking wine and eating Christmas dinner. With many lip products, after your first class of Prosecco you'd need to do a touch up to ensure your lipstick was still looking perfect, however, my Cloud9 Sophia shade was still going strong and looking absolutely perfect. The formula left my lips hydrated and it stayed put no matter how many glasses of wine my lips encountered. I was deeply and truly impressed, especially as nearly all the lipstick products in the past I have tried have usually let me down. 

With my new found love for the shade Sophia, you can imagine how excited I was to try all the other shades. Cloud9 lipsticks currently offer 7 shades in total, the photo above from the Cloud9 website shows them all beautifully, my camera couldn't pick up the true to life colours as well as the above photo did. I've now become accustomed to using Cloud9 lipstick daily, and change my shade depending on my look or where I'll be going on that day. My favourites? As mentioned I adore Sophia (below), a true classy red that can transform you from girl, or in my case boy, to a true old Hollywood star! 

My next favourite shade out of the 7 is Lauren. Lauren is a deep, seductive yet gothic brown shade with a very slight hint of violet, well on me anyway. A shade with a hint of mystery, fantastic for nights out or events where you want to have an air of seduction or suspense about you. My next chosen shade is slightly lighter than Lauren, and she's called Julie. A more wearable shade for day, but still a deep kinda berry-brown, a shade that could be dressed down for the day or dressed up for events. One thing you'll notice with any shade you choose is the moisturising texture, and staying power of the formula. 

As I said, I usually look better in more deep, statement shades, however this collection has a colour for everyone and contains some lighter, nude shades if that's more your style. Kristen is another favourite of mine, a lighter, dark nude shade that on me and my colouring looks fresh but perfectly made up. I'd describe this as a mature dark nude, for the woman who does it all, she works during the day, attends to her children by evening and then see's the girls for cocktails by night. A perfect daytime look without the boring plain Jane shade. As for all of you who adore a pure nude, with no hints of dark colour, that stay well away from statement lips, there's a beautiful shade called Daphne, she's a little light for me and that's probably why I didn't notice that she's made her way into my friend Megan's lipstick case. A true nude, that lasts all day long, without the nasty drying effect that can make your lips look washed out and cracked.

Now I could sit here and talk about all the different shades and fantastic quality all day long, but I'm sure you want to explore the shades I haven't mentioned for yourself. So visit to view all the shades, and for more details on shipping, as I've mentioned the brand originates in the USA however, thankfully for us beauty lovers, they do ship globally and are already very well priced! I also suggest following Karen on Instagram @GrownUpGlam and the Cloud9 page @Cloud9Lipstick, as these pages often contain discount codes to use! Though, if you're like me, you may be still not be convinced and want a second opinion. So feel free to also visit a blog and fellow friend who has also discovered and reviewed my new favourite lipsticks. Lipsticks can come and go, but good quality products can make your lips feel as if they're on Cloud9...