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LFW: Fashion Scout’s Ones to watch…

Its currently 28 days till the opening day of London Fashion Week and it’s that time of year again that I turn my attention to all that is new. For those that don’t know me well, I like to champion new, up and coming designers. Their work is usually more Avant Garde, its fresh, new and they often champion new materials, textures and play with silhouettes far more than establish commercial designers. This year, Fashion Scout (whom I have mentioned previously on my blog) have announced 4 more fabulous ‘Ones to watch’ for next season. The ones to watch designers are elected from a long list of new emerging faces by a panel of industry experts and insiders. Fashion Scouts one to watch show is one of the most anticipated shows during the London Fashion Week Schedule and is known for showing new emerging designers on a global scale. According, previous winners include Georgia Hardinge, Phoebe English, Han Wen and EDDA (who I totally loved last season!) This year, the ones to watch list includes Joanna Berling, Krashimira Stoyneva, Orange Culture and RU (RU Chen).

Fashion Scout founder and creative director Martyn Roberts commented on this seasons Selection: “This seasons ones to watch truly demonstrates what the award was created to showcase. The diverse nature of cultures and styles exhibited by our winners this season will come together in the highlight of the autumn/winter schedule…” -

Joanna Berling

This season I was excited at the release of who has been named the ‘Ones to watch’. After looking at all the designers and their design aesthetics I am super eager to see what they show in February (who knew textiles could get you so excited?!) . Joanna Berling who is one of the named few, is a graduate of the London Collage of Fashion. Her designs explore the intersection between bad taste and beauty and encompass both girly charm with dark undertones. Personally I am a huge fan of her design exploration, mixing good and bad taste with something feminine yet with dark undertones. Below are a few photos of her work, I adore the texture which is allowed from the materials used and the use of colour, pinks and purples fading into a deep plumby-black. The first piece shown has a deconstructed romance yet some of the darker pieces, which still have feminine qualities has a more gothic undertone. I’m personally very excited to see what Joanna Berling has planned next for us and look forward to seeing her collections.

Krashimira Stoyneva

Another designer that excites me, that is listed as a one to watch is Krashimira Stoyneva. I have been following her Instagram page and have fallen in love with her fabulous use of colour and texture. Stoyneva has become well known, if not iconic for using synthetic hair in her contemporary designs creating beautifully bold looks which has help elevate her to become globally recognised.

Fashion Scout’s website states “Her innovative use of unique materials continuously pushes the boundaries of art and fashion rewriting the limitations and possibilities of clothing, a true testament to luxury fashion.”

"My aim is to make an ultimate luxury alternative of fur by using synthetic. Using hair allows me to create an endless possibilities of colour and texture varieties in my garments. I believe that hair with all its potential will become new material to be used within the fashion industry. I would love to be one of the pioneers that made that possible.”

Krasimira has a motto of #WearHairNotFur and this is her signature technique. I personally love that she is championing new textures and fabrics to produce fabulous stand out pieces, below is a selection of photos that showcase some of her work. Pieces I’d adore to wear that are not only bold and unique, but will remain statement garments to be worn in years to come.

Orange Culture

The first thing I want to say is, I LOVE THESE PRINTS! Orange Culture is a menswear brand designed by Nigerian designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal. He designs for men who are self-aware, expressive, art loving namads. He combines classic and contemporary western silhouettes and his designs are full of print and colour teamed with classic styled pieces that mix proportions for today’s modern and fashion conscious man. Below are some of the pieces which I adore and would happily incorporate into my wardrobe. I am looking forward to seeing what he does next, certainly someone to watch for the future.


Clothing designed for strong and independent women, now that’s something I can support all day long! RU is said to consider clothes as architecture around a woman’s body, she uses different deconstructed materials and techniques to create something visually inspired by cracking buildings and architecture that will uniquely empower a women. Sounds good right? Having looked at her pieces I can really understand her aesthetic and love the unique detailing in her designs.

The ones to watch designers will present their new collections in a catwalk showcase as well as being part of the Fashion Scout London exhibition during London Fashion Week. Ones to watch is designed to support emerging designers, develop business internationally and generate maximum media and buyer attendance. So if you are like me, someone who loves fashion and championing new fresh talent then check out Fashions Scouts One to watch designers on the links below and follow them on social media for live updates on new collections, you won’t be disappointed.