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SJP Footwear is coming to Net-A-Porter... this Thursday!

The title says it all, and the fact I couldn't come up with a good tag line shows my emotional state of excitement. As a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex and the city, shoes and fashion in general, I'm fully aware of Mrs Parkers SJP line of footwear, which are currently only available in America. I've ooo'd and ahhh'd a few times over Instagram posts of very lucky, elegant New York women buying and showcasing their new SJP goodies. However, as a U.K. resident, I've yet to come into contact with a pair in the flesh. If you're a follower of my blog or Instagram, you'll know that Sarah Jessica Parker is my girl, and that I vicariously live through her Carrie Bradshaw character, a women so real, but sprinkled with enough TV magic to have become a fictional legend. A legend that now walks the pavement of many cities, in extremely expensive, but absolutely fabulous shoes. That's why it was not surprising that following her role as Carrie Bradshaw, Sarah Jessica Parker used her elegant New York City style to create a shoe line, of classic but quirky styles that are timeless enough to be worn for years to come. What was a surprise, is that today, along with many other people, I found out that Sarah Jessica Parker has designed an exclusive capsule collection for one of my favourite online luxury stores, Net-A-Porter. If that wasn't exciting enough, the 16 piece collection launches THIS THURSDAY (November 17th) so plan your shopping list and save your ankles from a lifetime of boredom. In Carrie Bradshaw’s own words, she may not know men, but shoes? Shoes, she knows....